Tiny Love Meadow Days Walker Review

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Wondering if Tiny Love Meadow Walker is the right one for your baby? In this review, you’ll discover the features and safety measures Tiny Love has taken to make it safe for babies. 

What’s more, I’ll dive into the technical details of the walker, the assembly process, and what you get in the box. You’ll also find out all the benefits and what other parents are saying about this walker.

Let’s start!

What’s included in the Package:

  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • Foldable, easy to store
  • 360° degree movable seat
  • Push along handle
  • Five attachable toys
Technical Details:
Dimensions7.63 x 28.5 x 24.5 inches
Weight‎13.14 pounds
BatteriesNo Batteries required
Manufacturer’s recommended ages6+ months

Key Features:

Value for money4.7/5
Best for ageSix months and above

Assembly and Storage:

The Tiny Love Meadows walker comes neatly packed in its most compact form, with all parts detached. If you open the box, you’ll find:

  • A top and bottom frame
  • Adjustable seat
  • Push along handle
  • Five attachable toys
  • Colorful keys

The three legs hold together the top and bottom frame. In the middle of the top frame of the walker goes the adjustable seat. The five different toys can easily be attached on the top frame.  

There is also a rear handle for the push-along mode on which you can hang the colorful keys. It will take five minutes in the whole assembly process and there’s also an instruction manual in the box in case you need help.

All of these pieces can easily be detached and nested together for storage.

The 4 in 1 Activity Centre:

The best part about Tiny Love Meadow Days walker is that it can grow into exactly what you need it to be without purchasing another item. The walker can be configured in four different ways allowing it to match your baby’s needs and keeping them entertained in different ways.

  • Jumper: The bouncy jumper mode allows the baby to freely bounce up and down in the walker while supporting the baby’s movements. This functionality provides the baby with plenty of exercises to strengthen leg, back, and neck muscles.
  • Walker: The walker mode is a bit sturdy with stiff wheels to limit the baby’s free movements, but with practice, the baby would get around it. This mode is recommended for 12 months and up.
  • Walk-behind/Push Along Mode: This feature is for 14-month-olds and up. When the baby starts taking their few steps, they can use this walker by pushing it along using the handles and develop their motor skills.
  • Stationary Activity Centre: The activity center features five engaging toys, including a cute hide-and-seek rabbit, a bouncing bird, a stimulating hedgehog bead ball, an intriguing rotating bee, and a playful mirror with a bead tree.

360 degrees rotating seat

The 360-degree rotation seat allows the baby to fully explore the surroundings and be a part of the fun. 

Safety Mode 

There is also a stationary activity mode which you can use to lock the wheels if you need to walk to the next room without worrying that your baby would scoot away! 

Some parents say that the walker is too sturdy to move over the carpet, but it works well on other floorings.

Adjustable Heights

The upper frame can lift up and down, depending on how tall the baby is. There are three adjustable heights which means the walker grows as your baby grows.

There are three adjustment buttons on the walker’s leg which you can use to adjust height settings according to your baby’s needs.

Easy to clean

The seat can be removed, and the toys can also be adjusted to clean the walker. The seat is machine washable, making the maintenance of the walker easy and quick.



  • The 4 in 1 activity center
  •  Colorful Design
  •  360-degree movable seats
  •  Five different toys
  •  Detachable seat and toys for cleaning


  • It can be too sturdy to move around
  • Not collapsable, take time to pack all pieces
  • Switching from jumper to walker mode can get difficult


The Tiny Love Meadow Days walker is  Amazon’s Choice with a net 4.6 rating through  4500+ reviews. It is a visually adorable walker with colorful toys and four different functionalities, keeping the baby entertained. The wheels and the stationary lock feature is an excellent addition to ensure the baby’s safety. 

Another benefit is the detachable seat and toys, which ease the cleaning and maintenance process of the walker. Also, the adjustable-height is an excellent functionality, so you don’t have to purchase a  new one as your baby grows.

However, due to its bulky and study design, the walker can be hard to move about.

If you get these concerns sorted, this walker can be your baby’s first step to independent walking!

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