Safety 1st Walker Review

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Do you want your child’s first steps to be playful, safe, and effortless? Then the Safety 1st Walker is the ideal one for your little bundle of love. This sound and light instilled Discovery Baby walker promise a blissful experience for your little love. This isn’t your ordinary walker; with this one, your baby can play music all day long or watch their favorite toys glowing in the dark.

Not only does this walker assure incredible fun while your baby takes the  golden steps, but also it prevents accidents and injuries. Moreover, storing and cleaning this walker has proven to be a breeze for most buyers. With its durable material, it also provides you the value for your hard-earned money. 

While this walker promises fun and safety, it isn’t completely free of problems. Buyers have faced installation issues and some have even complained about the height of the walker. 

So should you buy it?

Read on to find out a detailed review of the Safety 1st Walker, with all its pros, cons, and features explained to you – basically everything you need to know before you end up buying this walker for your toddler. 

What’s Included in the Package?

  • The base of the Walker
  • An  assembly Tray
  • A Partially assembled fabric seat
  • 2 front casters
  • A Seat  support
  • The Left and right activity trays
  • A Spinner palm tree and a baby dinosaur toy.

Key Features

Safety and Convenience

  • A  renowned brand well known for its reputation of creating safe toys for children, Safety 1st’s aim behind creating this walker is to make the first few years of your baby’s life joyful and convenient. 
  • The Safety 1st Sound n’  Light Walker is fitted with four base wheels next to the grip strips that prevent the wheels from tripping on uneven surfaces. The wheel’s reduced movement means that your child can play safely even in a patio or in a garden without hurting themselves. Many buyers have praised this exclusive feature of the walker.
  • This walker is designed with a sturdy base and a colorful top, thereby, keeping your toddler safe from landing into any serious accidents, while also keeping them engaged and happy. 
  • The wheels move smoothly on all the bare floors and carpeted surfaces.
  • The wide and extra stable base of the walker also saves your baby from falling off the staircase.
  • For every new parent, keeping everything that touches their baby hygienic is significant. Thus,  to clean the Safety 1st walker, all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. This enables the immense convenience factor for working parents too.

Entertaining for Kids

  • One of the most-loved features of this walker is that it has multifarious toys that are interactive and keep the child entertained. These toys spin, rattle, light up, and crinkle, fascinating your child all day long.
  • The music selection of these toys is not limited either,  there are 12 melodious songs that are ready to play on-demand as your child practices walking. This wide selection of music is loved by several buyers.
  • The two activity trays with colorful toys can swing out instantly, to create a larger play space area or acts as a food tray to serve your baby with some snacks: it’s up to you to decide what you do with it!
  • The rich colors of the toys on the activity tray are also an instant attraction for your baby’s curious eyes.


  • The seat of the Safety 1st Walker is padded. This means that your toddler can sit comfortably while playing or eating.
  • However, the padded seat is never a hassle as you can easily detach and machine-wash it anytime.
  • The Safety 1st walker comes with adjustable height, which is a well-loved feature because buying new walkers for a growing toddler, every year, is just not feasible for any parent. The height can be adjusted to three different levels, making the walker very versatile. 


  • This walker is extremely easy to store. It folds and compresses, so you can just put it away in the trunk of your car next time you head out for a family vacation. 

Warranty and Regulations:

  • To ensure trustworthiness, the makers of the Safety 1st walker have included a 1-year warranty that ensures you don’t lose your money if there is a manufacturing defect.
  • The walker also meets all the federal safety regulations, making it easier for the buyers to trust its authenticity and safety. 
Value for money5/5


  • Since this walker can play music and has toys that light up, it  promises an entertaining time your toddler.
  • To feed your toddler, you can easily turn the swinging activity tray into a food tray.
  • The padded walker seat is a machine washable one.
  • The  adjustable  height feature  allows you to use this walker for  a prolonged time as your baby grows in height.
  • Easy to store.
  • Moves smoothly on both  carpet and the ground.


  • Some buyers have complained that the adjustable height proves too tall for their babies.
  • Hard to assemble.
  • Lack of a seat belt in this walker makes the safety of this walker slightly questionable. 

Is This Walker Worth Your Money?

While the walker may have a few downsides, most parents remain extremely satisfied with its overall function.

The Safety 1st Walker is one of a kind in the fact that it can play  sound and light up. This keeps the toddlers entertained while they learn to walk. It helps your baby’s physical and motor growth, while also easing your worries about their safety. 

The walker also alleviates a range of problems for new parents: its seat is easy to clean, it lasts long, moves easily across both carpeted and empty floors, and gives them a convertible food tray. Although its assembly might seem a bit complex one at first, the user manual will do an excellent job of helping you.

Overall, the Safety 1st walker with all its exciting features will surely be a great investment in your child’s future growth. 

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