Ridgid Vs Ryobi Cordless Drill | Ultimate Battle

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Regardless of how much time you’ve spent planning on your projects, without the proper tools, you won’t get the output you desire.

Luckily, Ridgid and Ryobi are there for you to get the most out of your DIY and even professional works.

The Ridgid brand is owned by the Ridge Tool Company which is an American manufacturing company founded in 1923 known to produce and distribute durable hand tools worldwide.

Ryobi Limited is a Japanese company founded in 1943. It is now known as a manufacturer of components such as for automobile, electronics, and telecommunications industries despite the fact that they started the production of power tools in 1968.

Both brands of cordless drill will be helpful in your pursuit of executing your work plans.

So, read on to find out more about these cordless drills.

Ridgid Fuego R86008 Vs Ryobi P277 Comparison Summary

In this cordless drill review article, we are going to compare specific models from each brand. For Ridgid, we’ll have Ridgid Fuego R86008, and for Ryobi, we will have Ryobi P277.

Below is a summary of their specifications.

SpecificationsRidgid Fuego R86008Ryobi P277
Size8.6, x 3.5 x 9.1 inches6.3 x 3.3 x 8.3 inches
Weight3.7 lbs3.1 lbs
Battery18V Lithium-ion18V Lithium-ion
Torque535 in-lbsN/A
Speed0 – 450 / 0 – 1,650 RPM0 – 440 / 0 – 1,600 RPM
Chuck Size½”, keyless½”, keyless

Now that we’ve had a glimpse of their features, let’s look into them one by one, and in the next section, let’s find out which one is a better pick – the Ridgid Fuego R86008 or the Ryobi P277.

Ridgid Fuego R86008

Ridgid Fuego R86008 is a compact yet sturdy cordless drill specifically designed for most wood drilling applications. It can also be used on metals but not intensively.

This cordless drill stands 9.1 inches tall and weighs only 3.7 lbs, making it easy to use in narrow work areas. Ridgid Fuego R86008 has a built-in LED light at the base of its grip to illuminate your working area at any time of the day. This LED light can be turned on manually or automatically with the help of a secondary trigger, located just below its motor trigger.

This cordless drill allows you to take greater control of it by providing a detachable side handle that you can connect on top of the drill itself. Plus, its grip is lined with rubberized hex molding for added comfort.

Ridgid Fuego R86008 runs with the use of an 18V Lithium-ion battery. And with this substantial amount of juice, it can deliver a peak torque of 535 in-lbs at a rate of up to 1,650 RPM. What’s more exciting is that you can make use of its 24-position clutch settings for proper torque control.

  • It delivers a maximum of 535 in-lbs of torque with a speed of up t0 1,650 RPM.
  • You can conveniently adjust its torque using its 24-position clutch settings.
  • It is most effective on wooden surfaces.
  • Its grip is lined with rubberized hex molding and also comes with a detachable side handle for added comfort and ergonomics.
  • It is not advisable to be used on intensive metal drilling.

Ryobi P277

Ryobi P277 is another reliable cordless drill that can also be used on light drilling that does not require much torque.

Ryobi P277 stands 8.3 inches tall and weighs just about 3.1 lbs which is fit enough to access tight spaces. Its handle is lined with notched rubber for a better grip.

At the base of its handle, there is a magnetic tray to hold your spare drill bits or screws. This is thoughtfully designed for you to be able to focus more on your task.

This cordless drill, just like Ridgid Fuego R86008, operates on an 18V Lithium-ion battery. But, if you have purchased some older NiCad cells from Ryobi, you may set it aside and use it for this drill driver.

Sadly, the item has failed to specify the amount of torque it can deliver, but it is equipped with 24-position clutch settings to adjust torque according to the project you are working on. It also has a two-speed gearbox, which allows you to choose between 440 RPM and 1,600 RPM so you can drill holes or drive screws at either low or high speed.

  • It is compatible with some older NiCad batteries from the same manufacturer.
  • It is furnished with a 24-position clutch for torque control.
  • It comes with a two-speed gearbox for speed control.
  • It has a built-in magnetic tray to hold bits and screws.
  • Its magnetic tray cannot keep up with bigger bits and screws.
  • The drill bit sometimes loosens and falls off from the chuck.

Product Comparison

In this section, let us further assess which between Ridgid Fuego R86008 and Ryobi P277 does better in each category.

Size and Weight

Both cordless drills display notable size and weight that make them handy when working in overhead and tight workspaces.

However, between these two cordless drills, Ryobi P277 proves to be more compact as it is smaller and lighter compared to Ridgid Fuego R86008.

Winner: Ryobi P277


When it comes to their batteries, both cordless drills are powered with an 18V Lithium-ion battery, which is environmentally safer than NiCad cells.

However, Ryobi P277 can also work with some older NiCad cells from the Ryobi brand, giving its user more options on which battery to use.

Winner: Ryobi P277

Chuck Size

Both cordless drills handle ½” keyless chuck for a quick and easy bit change.

Winner: Both


Ryobi P277 has a magnetic tray that can hold your spare bits and screws in one place. Its handle is textured with notched rubber making it suitable to use under any weather conditions.

Ridgid Fuego R86008 comes with a detachable side handle which is advantageous if you need to control the drill with both hands. The drill handle is lined with rubberized hex molding for a more comfortable grip. Plus, it comes with an LED light that you can use in dim jobs.

Winner: Ridgid Fuego R86008


Both cordless drills use 24-position clutch settings for a more precise torque control.

Ryobi P277 has no specified torque value but it can perform at a speed of up to 1,600 RPM.

Ridgid Fuego R86008, on the other hand, can deliver a maximum torque of 535 in-lbs at a rate of up to 1,650 RPM.

Winner: Ridgid Fuego R86008


After an in-depth review of these products, it is safe to say that both of them are at par with each other and prove to be functional and practical to use to finish the work or project you’ve been planning.

However, there are limitations as to what they can accomplish as they are both designed to be utilized only in light works.

So, if you are looking for good entry-level power tools, these two can be your go-to cordless drills.

But, if you are looking for a more powerful tool without compromising your comfort and ergonomics, you must go for Ridgid Fuego R86008. Its added features, such as a detachable side handle and an LED light, render it more helpful in any form of activities.

Which one did you pick? Is it Ryobi P277 or Ridgid Fuego R86008? Leave us a message or comment down below if you have concerns.

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