Ryobi Vs. Black And Decker Cordless Drill

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The problem with the increasing number of cordless tools these days is that it also gives rise to the probability of getting the wrong, or worse, underperforming tools.

To avoid such case, this article aims to walk you through two known brands of quality power tools – the Ridgid and DeWalt brands.

The Ridgid-branded tools are another production line under the American manufacturing company founded in 1923, the Ridge Tool Company. Ridgid hand tools are targeted at the construction, plumbing, pipe fitting, and HVAC services.

Founded in the same year as the Ridge Tool Company, DeWalt is also an American company that produces and manufactures power tools and hand tools for manufacturing, woodworking, and construction industries.

In the next sections, let’s get to know more about these brands of cordless drills.

Ridgid Fuego R86008 Vs DeWalt DCD771C2 Comparison Summary

Out of the hundreds of tools these brands have produced, let’s focus on these two particular cordless drills – Ridgid Fuego R86008 and DeWalt DCD771C2. Their specifications are given in the table below.

SpecificationsRidgid Fuego R86008DeWalt DCD771C2
Size8.6 x 3.5 x 9.1 inches13.9 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches
Weight3.7 lbs3.64 lbs
Battery18V Lithium-ion20V Lithium-ion
Torque535 in-lbsN/A (Power Rating: 300 UWO)
Speed0 – 450 / 0 – 1,650 RPM0 – 450 / 0 – 1,500 RPM
Chuck Size½”½”

After having seen the specifications, do you have the right cordless drill in mind now?

Well, if you are still making up your mind, read on to be able to decide which cordless drill to go for.

Ridgid Fuego R86008

Ridgid Fuego R86008 is a reliable, compact, cordless drill driver that is designed for wood drilling. It can also be utilized in some metal drilling tasks.

This cordless drill stands 9.1 inches tall and weighs only 3.7 lbs which makes it suitable for projects involving tight spaces. Ridgid Fuego R86008 is powered with an 18V Lithium-ion battery which provides the user more work and fewer trips to the charger.

Ridgid Fuego R86008 comes with a detachable side handle that sits perfectly on its top. This inclusion only makes this cordless drill easier to maneuver when both hands are needed to execute drilling. Its handle is textured with rubberized hex molding for added comfort. Plus, it has a built-in LED light that automatically turns on depending on the user’s preference.

The Ridgid Fuego R86008 is designed to deliver a powerful torque of 535 in-lbs while drilling or driving fasteners at a speed of up to 1,650 RPM. If you ever wonder how to control this thing, Ridgid has taken the initiative to fabricate 24-position clutch settings and a two-speed gearbox for the users to take control of its torque and speed conveniently.

  • It dispenses a peak torque of 535 in-lbs with a speed of up to 1,650 RPM.
  • You can adjust its 24-position clutch settings and two-speed gearbox for maximum torque and speed control.
  • It is most effective on wooden surfaces.
  • It provides a detachable side handle for added comfort and an LED light to illuminate dark areas.
  • It cannot keep up with projects involving metal drilling.

DeWalt DCD771C2

DeWalt DCD771C2 is a powerful, cordless drill driver that you can mainly use for home-related tasks and some other projects.

With the product’s dimensions, 13.9 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches, it can be used in enclosed work areas. Plus, it is lightweight at only 3.64 lbs, so you can handle it without having to feel unnecessary discomfort.

DeWalt DCD771C2 is easy to grip because its handle is textured, and its rubber bumpers, in a strategic location, add sufficient friction. Like Ridgid Fuego R86008, this cordless drill driver also comes with LED lights to illuminate the work area when needed.

This cordless drill is powered with 20V Lithium-ion batteries. Not just one, but two batteries in one drill driver. This is so you can continuously work on your task while the other battery sits out for a quick recharge.

DeWalt DCD771C2 has no specified torque capacity, but it has a power rating of 300 UWO (Units Watts Out) which makes this cordless drill strong enough to carry out most drilling and fastening jobs.

It is equipped with 16-position clutch settings and a two-speed transmission so you can conveniently select between speed ranges: 0 – 450 RPM and 0 – 1,500 RPM.

  • It has a high power rating of 300 UWO and a speed of up to 1,500 RPM.
  • It has 16-position clutch settings and a two-speed gearbox for a more precise torque and speed control.
  • Its batteries are fast-charging.
  • It is a well-balanced and easy-to-use portable drill.
  • It comes with a sufficiently-bright LED light.
  • Its chuck tends to loosen a bit sometimes.
  • It lacks a battery life indicator.

Product Comparison

These cordless drills surely make it challenging for DIYers to choose. So, to address that uncertainty, let us further compare the two models in each category.

Size and Weight

Both cordless drills show how compact and light they are, making them ideal in a wide range of drilling and fastening jobs.

Winner: Both


Ridgid Fuego R86008 operates on one 18V Lithium-ion battery.

DeWalt DCD771C2, on the other hand, boasts of two 20V Lithium-ion batteries in a drill driver so users can have more working time than sitting time.

Winner: DeWalt DCD771C2

Chuck Size

Both cordless drills can cater up to ½” chuck size to handle more drill bits.

Winner: Both


The two models are furnished with smart LED lights that can be operated automatically. They also have textured handles for added comfort and ergonomics.

Winner: Both


Ridgid Fuego R86008 can deliver a powerful twisting force of 535 in-lbs and can accomplish the drilling and fastening jobs at a maximum of 1,650 RPM. It also comes with 24-position clutch settings and a two-speed gearbox to take full control of its torque and speed depending on the type of project.

DeWalt DCD771C2, on the other hand, has a power rating of 300 UWO and can drill and fast screws at a speed of up to 1,500 RPM. It also has 16 clutch settings and a two-speed gearbox to allow users to select the fitting torque and speed for the task.

Winner: Ridgid Fuego R86008


Indeed, choosing the right cordless drill for your project seems to become more challenging these days. But, if ever you’re feeling anxious about which cordless drill to buy, you may add these two models to your list of prospective power tools.

You will definitely get good value for your money with these items.

Ridgid Fuego R86008 and DeWalt DCD771C2 are both suitable for light DIY or maintenance works.

Ridgid Fuego R86008 is observed to be not as strong when applied in metal drilling, while DeWalt DCD771C2 sometimes struggles in holding its drill bits in place. But, to avoid such situation, users suggest not to push the drill too hard. It all narrows down to how we use the drill driver. So, one must take time to read the product’s manual carefully before using the tool.

If what you’re looking for in a cordless drill is more on its ease of use and more battery life, DeWalt DCD771C2 is the right tool for you. It has a good balance and an ergonomically-contoured handle that also consists of rubber bumpers to provide necessary friction.

But, if what you’re after leans more towards power and speed, then Ridgid Fuego R86008 is the tool you must go for. It can get the job done faster than DeWalt DCD771C2.

Now, which cordless drill do you think you’re going for? Is it Ridgid Fuego R86008 or DeWalt DCD771C2? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below.

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