Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon Review

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Watching those squishy, tiny little feet trying to take their first steps is definitely a heart-melting moment for parents. And you must be keen to see your little one take those first baby steps!

If you have stumbled across this article, you are probably thinking of getting a walker for your little one. And Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is definitely worth a look.

Walkers can help babies learn the walking pose without needing much of your assistance. Also, as the baby scoots around the house in his walker, it can become an entertaining activity for you and the baby.

To get to know more about Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, you need to read this comprehensive review.

What’s included in the package?

  • Removable Wooden Sides
  • Sturdy design
  • Solid Wood Body
  • Resist ‘Push’ Walker
  • No-Scratch Bumper
Technical Details:Details
Dimensions22.44″ x 14.57″ x 17.13″
Weight10.41 pounds
BatteriesNo Batteries required
Manufacturer’s recommended ages1-4 years

Key Features

Value for money4.8/5
Best for (age), etc.1-4 years

Made keeping Baby’s Safety in Mind: 

Safety is the #1 thing you should consider while purchasing a walker. Walkers can become unsafe if they move too fast for the baby’s pace or too light to support the baby’s weight.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is designed to keep these concerns in mind. Its design is sturdy enough to support the baby’s weight, and it is sufficiently heavy so that the walker doesn’t flip over the baby or drag the cart over himself.

It also includes a resistance tensioner that controls the walker’s forward movements, which can be adjusted over time as the baby masters walking.

The walker’s wheels are made up of foam plastic with no slipping problems. Some users say that the walker movement sounds can be noisy on low resistance surfaces like tiles or vinyl floors. However, it’s not loud if used on a carpet or short mowed grass. 

Minimalistic Design and Versatility:

The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon has a minimalistic and classic design.  It has removable wooden sides which serve as multi-purpose.

These wooden sides, when attached, give a box-like space that can be used as a ‘container’ to place toys and blocks. This attractive feature can be used to store toys even past the toddling age.

Your baby can enjoy moving toys in and out of the wagon. The design is just the right size that it doesn’t come in your way if you place it in your living room.

Quick and Simple Assembly:

The Radio Flyer Classic Wagon Walker comes in parts but is very easy to assemble. It is delivered in a thick cardboard package with all parts thoughtfully arranged in a bubble wrap so that they don’t rattle around. The delivery comes with these parts:

  1. Four Wooden Panels (Front, Rear, Left, Right)
  2. 2 Locknuts
  3. A Hub Cap
  4. Hardware Clickers

The packaging also comes with straightforward and visual instructions that are helpful to assemble it. You might even enjoy putting it up together if you like building stuff. 

Baby’s Entertainment:

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon encourages free movement and can spark hours of fun and imaginative play. It does not force the baby into an unnatural or restricted position. 

It has soft plastic pins that are actually resistant clickers that provide sufficient resistance to prevent the cart from moving too quickly but not so much that your baby has to put too much effort into pushing it around. 

Once the baby masters walking, you can remove these resistance clickers as they make audible clicking noises when pushed, which might be intriguing for the little ones. 


The front axle rod, rear axle wheel, and wall connections are all made up of metals to achieve durability and longevity. The paint and wooden sides seem to be made of good quality, and they don’t give a cheap vibe.

Furniture Bumper: 

The walker comes with a furniture bumper so that your furniture and walls do not get damaged as your baby moves around, pushing the walkers against the walls or furniture. 



  • Multipurpose detachable wooden sides
  • Adjustable resistance for baby’s safety
  • Simple, minimalistic design 
  • Furniture protection bumper
  • Sturdy design to prevent flipping over


  • Needs supervision as it is not to learn walking
  • Free movement allows toddlers to push is quite far

Do other parents like the Radio Flyer Classic Walker?

According to an analysis based on 3000+ Amazon reviews, the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is a Best Seller with 88% 5-star reviews, so parents definitely love it!

The product has an overall score of 4.8/5  based on features like design, convenience, size, maneuverability, build quality and the value of money. 


Based on hundreds of Amazon reviews, it seems that the manufacturer takes pride in his work, and the final product is the result of several iterations made after feedback. 

The walker has excellent colors, minimalistic feels, a sturdy design and would keep the little one occupied! Considering all the features, it is definitely worth the price. 

However, it can further be improved by offering different stoppers so different resistance levels can be achieved based on the flooring in an indoor/outdoor environment. 

All in all, it is an excellent product for a baby’s path to independent walking.

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