Porter-Cable Vs DeWalt Cordless Impact Wrench | Which Is Better

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) household projects are now made easier through the help of user-friendly and quality-assured power tools.

One of those power tools is the newly-modeled cordless impact wrench ​- ​a tool that will make twisting and turning bolts and nuts effortless.

However, now that a sea of brands is already in the market, you may find it challenging to choose which among these power tools  is worthy of trust, and of course, of money.

The Porter-Cable PCC740LB and DeWalt DCF889B are two of the most availed cordless impact wrenches in the market today, and they are both well reviewed.

If you’re facing the dilemma of choosing between these good brands, this short review can be a gentle friend to rely on. It will provide a detailed look at how these two power tools compare and hopefully help in choosing which brand to pick.

Porter-Cable Vs DeWalt: Which Brand To Pick?

When it comes to power tools, Porter-Cable and DeWalt are brands that you probably have thought of.These brands have been around for years, and users trust them  because they consistently set the standard for quality, performance, and reliability.

These brands are both made in the USA. Porter-Cable was founded in 1906 in New York while DeWalt originated in 1924 in Pennsylvania. Both are currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker Inc., a Fortune 500 American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware.

In short, these brands are pretty popular because they offer products with astounding features.

You’re about to learn more about these features below.

Porter-Cable PCC740LB Vs DeWalt DCF889B Comparison Summary

To help you more, here’s a side by side comparison of the Porter-Cable PCC740LB and DeWalt DCF889B cordless impact wrenches.

FEATURESPorter-Cable PCC740LBDeWalt DCF889B
Impacts per min (IPM)2500 IPM3600 IPM
Max Torque330 FT-LBS400 FT-LBS
No Load Speed0-1650 RPM0-1500 RPM
Tool Length (inches)9.9 IN10.8 IN
Tool Weight (pounds)6 LBS2.77 LBS
Battery20V Max battery pack20V Lithium-ion battery

Read more to know how these brands compare given these features.

Size and Weight

One of the primary reasons why people look for cordless wrenches is to experience less hassle in dealing with bolts and nuts. Moreover, people want a lightweight tool that can easily help them accomplish their jobs.

In short, size and weight are a great deal in choosing a cordless wrench.

Recently, Porter Cable announced the extension of its Get Linked system of tools with the launch of the Porter-Cable 20V Max Impact Wrench. The PCC740LB is the first cordless impact wrench of Porter-Cable. It’s 9.9 inches long and weighs 6 pounds.

The DeWalt DCF899B impact wrench is among the excellent performers in its class. It’s 10.8 inches long and 2.77 pounds in weight, and is a great fit for light-duty automotive use and driving hex head fasteners.

Both can be considered lightweight, which makes them good options to pick from. Both also have built-in LED lights to illuminate work areas, but being the lighter option, the DeWalt DCF889B can fit into tighter and smaller spaces.

Winner: DeWalt DCF889B

Battery Life

One may think that cordless impact wrenches are not as powerful as their corded counterparts, but that’s not always accurate.

The Porter-Cable PCC740LB is powered by a 20V Max Lithium-ion battery pack, and the DeWalt DCF889B has the same voltage.

Price-wise, Porter Cable is a little bit more expensive, but let’s see if the extra dollars are worth it. 

Read on to know more.

But in this criteria, the DeWalt DCF889B is a better choice since it comes at a cheaper price than the other, and you still get the equal voltage that Porter Cable PCC740LB also offers.

Note, though, that the DeWalt sells the batteries separately.

Winner: DeWalt DCF889B

Torque and Speed

Aside from its physical features, the thing that must be checked upon looking for the best wrench is its performance in terms of torque and speed.

More on this below.

The Porter-Cable PCC740LB delivers 330 FT-LBS of torque for heavy applications and 0-1,650 rotations per minute (RPM) for speed of application.

The DeWalt DCF889B, on the other hand, comes with a maximum torque of 400 FT-LBS and 0-1,500 RPM speed.

For basic torque tasks, both drills work impressively. But if one works on some high-speed wrenching, the DeWalt DCF889B may be a better choice. At only 8.9 inches long, it’s able to produce a higher maximum torque.

However, the Porter-Cable can be good, too, because while it has a lower fastening torque, it does offer a higher maximum speed.

Winner: Porter-Cable PCC740LB

Other Features

The Porter-Cable PCC740LB comes with a 1/2″ hog ring for ease of socket change and a full variable speed trigger for added control. It also includes over-mold grips for comfort during use.

The DeWalt DCF889B has a brushless motor for maximum run time and durability. It also has three mode settings including Precision Wrench for control in a variety of applications. This tool also comes with a belt clip. Also, the noise level is on the lower end of the scale at 94 decibels.

Surprisingly, both of these brands give away their cordless impact wrenches with a three-year warranty​, ​one-year free service​, and ​a ninety-day money-back guarantee​.

Winner: DeWalt DCF889B


After this short review had lobbied the features of the cordless impact wrenches introduced by two of the most popular brands of power tools, it seems that both have strengths and weaknesses of their own.

Both are user-friendly and can definitely pass for use on your DIY home projects.

But if you are dealing with bigger projects that demand speed-working on metals and other hard materials, then the DeWalt DCF889B might be considered as a better choice. Its speed options are suited to this type of job and come at a considerably lower price.

Also, it’s about 50% lighter than the one from Porter Cable, so it’s a lot easier to use especially if you’re a first-time wrench user.

This review wishes you to succeed on your DIY projects. And if you’re in the hunt for the perfect cordless wrench, we hope this review helped you!

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