PORTER-CABLE PCCK607LB Vs. PCC608LB Cordless Drill Driver

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Porter-Cable is currently owned by Stanly Black and Decker. Now when it comes to Porter-Cable power tools, they are kind of considered as an intermediate between professional and consumer-level.

These tools have decent quality, great prices, and will surely fit for those consumers who don’t have a very demanding works or projects. You’re rest assured that they’ll perform most tasks that requires a good drill.

Well, let’s not beat around the bush and review two of the most reliable drill driver of Porter-Cable. Read on!


PORTER-CABLE PCCK607LB 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Drill Driver

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What You Will Get With This Product?

If you’re seeking for a pro grade power tool that’s also compact then the Porter-Cable PCCK607LB is the right call for you. This certain product from Porter-Cable’s line up of 20 volts max brushes tools is primarily aimed for the use of contractors. Its brushes motor can give you up to 50 percent more operation time. It also comes with a mode collar that will deliver you the ability to interchange between fastening and drilling modes without losing your clutch settings. Also, take note that it’s a pro grade tool which means that you’re required to at least invest a little bit, but still the performance of this unit will surely worth be the price.

This unit comes with a no-load speed of 0 to 450 and 0 to 1800 RPM with a torque of 270 inches per lbs. and its optimal power is up to 370 max watts out. Its design is intended for demanding tasks which will only cause a minimal stress. The unit weighs around 3.3 lbs. with its battery included and comes with a length of 7.4 inches. Porter-Cable says that this unit comes with a ½ inch capacity for steel and a 1” capacity for wood. This can be acquired by utilizing the low-speed setting, so drilling smaller holes would certainly be commendable. Its ½ inch ratcheting chuck is more trustworthy for bit retention and would fit bits that measure up to ½ inch in size.

Now when it comes to extra convenient features, this unit comes with a belt clip. You have the choice to mount the unit on the side of the power tool you want, so whether you’re a righty or leftie, you’ll have no issues with where you’ll hang the unit on your tool belt.

On the other hand, its LED lighting system also comes very handy when you want to work on places with not-so-good lighting. The unit has been moved to a much better position, in its handle base where its battery level indicator is placed. This is a handier placement compared to recent models that come with their LED lighting system positioned below their chuck, which tend to make a shadow, thus, restricting the amount of light that reaches the dark work spot.

Its battery charge indicator is also very convenient when you’re always not sure whether you must charge its battery first before use or not. Its LED light indicator would also make it much easier for users to see the battery’s status in poorly-lit places. Thus if you want to work consistently without any disruptions then you better check the indicator first to prevent halting in the middle of operation.

Top FAQs On This Product:

Q:Does its charger shut off when the battery is fully charged?

A:That’s right. Its charger would go into standby mode once its battery has reached full charge.

Q:Does it come with a light

A:Yup! Its light is placed toward the base, just right above where the battery links.

Q:Does this unit come with a hammer setting?

A:Unfortunately, it’s not. 

What Take On This Product:

In terms of Porter-Cable 20 volts cordless drill, this unit is an easy-to-use and very versatile product. It comes with a lighter weight compared to many other cordless drills in the market today, and in fact one of the most compact out there. One reason of its ideal weight is because of the materials used to construct this power tool, which include nylons and high-grade plastics, instead of the pricier, durable, and heftier metals of competing manufacturers.

Furthermore, this unit comes with more torque compared to its many competitors at 1,540 inch per pounds, but at 1,800 revolutions per minute, Makita and DEWALT tend to cut above. Additionally, the brand’s exceptional warranty offer is ideal for repairing or replacing parts that are defective. A lot of drill kits do, nonetheless, they come with a carrying case which ultimately make storage and transport much easier. This would also significantly improve the appeal of the unit.

Overall, this unit is perceived by most consumers as suitable for those starting out in their power tool arsenal since it’s the ideal tool for lightweight do-it-yourself projects.

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Why We Like It

  • Comes with a mode collar to shift mode easily
  • Features two RPM options at 0 to 450 and 0 to 1800
  • Comes with two-speed settings
  • Can reach 1,800 RPM
  • Comes with an LED work light and a battery level indicator

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brushless Drill Driver (PCC608LB)

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What You Will Get With This Product?

Porter-Cable PCC608LB comes with two 20 volts li-ion batteries and a battery charger as well as a belt clip. Its charger comes with a compact size and includes a LED light indicator for its charging status. On the other hand, its belt clip can be fastened to whichever side of the tool that the consumer likes.

The unit also comes with a variable speed triggers and an additional LED light. This light is always a welcome sight because it makes working in tight spaces and poorly-lit rooms more decent.

The lighting is placed from under its chuck area to the base of the units handle, where the level meter of the battery is located. Due to the location, the light tend to generate better illumination because consumers won’t need to deal with many plenty of shadows when finishing tasks in rooms with poor lighting settings.

Moreover, this unit is also quite balanced and lightweight. Its lighter and compactness weight makes it easy to use on for extended usage and overhead tasks. This unit is also actually more compact compared to most recent units from the brand.

It’s a nice beginner or entry-level brushless drill with a quality and durable feel. Holding the unit feels alright because of the incorporation of a rubber over mold. The rubber covers segments of the unit where the hands grasp the unit’s handle which make it more comfortable to utilize for both gloved and bare hands.

Top FAQs On This Product:

Q:Does this unit come with a variable speed trigger?

A:Yes. The unit comes with a variable speed trigger and 2 speed ranges.

Q:What size chuck does this unit have?

A:It has ½ inch chuck.

Q:Does this unit come with a support handle?

A:Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Q:Does this unit come with a hammer mode?

A:It does not.

What Take On This Product:

This unit is a reliable cordless drill driver that is worth considering as a good addition to your power tool arsenal. It comes with two 20-volt li-ion batteries that can charge quite fast but also tends to lose their charge faster compared to average. This unit’s torque output and its maximum revolution per minutes are also decent, but still, this unit will perform better than its specs would say.

It’s a good entry-level brushless drill-driver that comes with   decent quality and durability. Holding this model feels nice because of the added rubber over mold. Its rubber cover segments where the users’ hands grasp the unit’s handle make it more comfortable to use for both bare and gloved hands.

This unit’s chuck can accommodate bits of up to a half-inch. It’s also ratcheting so it can make a dependable hold for the bits. Additionally, the product comes with a drill and drive mode collar where users can alter from drilling to driving screws without even altering the settings of the unit’s torque.

And lastly, the power of this unit is more than enough to deal a vast range of drilling and screwing tasks and projects. The unit can put out 1400 inch per pounds of torque, thus it’s highly suggested for the majority of fastener demands. Another impressive thing about this product is that its ¼ inch hex chuck makes for hassle-free loading.

The inputting of a bit is made less hassle in this one because you don’t have to give much effort. All you have to do is place in the bit and it will lock in the right position. If its bits need replacement, then the bits can be released by simply yanking the rear of its chuck.

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Why We Like It

  • Excellent quality and durable unit
  • Lightweight and excellent for extended use
  • Brushless motor comes with lots of torque compared to brushed models
  • Comes with a compact, convenient size which is perfect for smaller spaces
  • Comes with powerful motor that provides exceptional output

What Is The Difference Between PORTER-CABLE PCCK607LB Vs. PCC608LB?

The Porter-Cable PCCK607LB operates on a 20 volts li-ion battery that comes with 27-watt hours or 15 amp hours. The use of li-ion batteries for cordless drills is also known nowadays. Many power tool brands are opting for the lighter weight but more powerful li-ion batteries over heavier choices and less powerful NiCad batteries.

Li-ion batteries simply come with more power output. These batteries operate with no memory effect, lighter weight, and less loss. Being able to give more energy, this implies that power tools utilizing this type of battery technology can get more work done before the battery drains out. And the lighter the weight of these types of batteries the minimal the strain and stress on the users’ hand that is normally caused by heavier power tools.

Opting for li-ion cordless power tools will surely save you significant amount of effort and money by regularly needing to replace your low performing battery powered units.

On the other hand, the PCC608LB comes with a reverse and forward lever are placed in similar locations that majority of powered drills come with. Verified users only have to make use of just one flick of a finger, and its direction can be shifted.

Another pro of this model is that its new motor advancement doesn’t only give sufficient operating time and speed but also let the unit to fully utilize its convenient and compact size.

This unit is just so versatile and powerful. In fact, it’s said that it trumped older units from the brand in terms of power and speed. At low-speed settings, the unit can deliver impressive results driving augers into heavier material without even stalling. Nevertheless, you should keep both of your hands on the tool to prevent any sudden injury. 


There are a whole lot of prominent power tool brands out there nowadays, thus the competition is quite high. These brands strictly compete with their pricing, their features, warranties, and so on. In short what they can give to their prospective and recurring customers. Porter-Cable is one of those brand that highly value quality and of course their price. Obviously, it’s not the most famous power tool brand. However, the thing is that their products certainly pack a punch. Two good examples are PORTER-CABLE PCCK607LB and PCC608LB on which we’ve already reviewed above.

One primary takeaway of this article is to enlighten you that when choosing a product or power tool, brand is not completely the basis of your purchase, but your needs or the demand of your tasks or projects. Well, why don’t you comment your thoughts or feedback below so we can discuss this topic further and hopefully help the community along the way?

Happy shopping!

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