Milwaukee Vs Ryobi Cordless Impact Driver [How To Compare]

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Are you new to impact drivers? Which one is better between Milwaukee and Ryobi impact drivers? These are the most common questions most impact driver buyers would have on their mind. Since both brands are good at what they do, then sometimes it can be hard to make up your mind.

In this article, we look at the similarities and differences in the different impact drivers from the two brands. At the end of the article, you will have a clear understanding about which model is ideal for which project.

Quick Summary

The Milwaukee 2753-20 and Ryobi P237 impact drivers are both good at providing you with multiple speed settings. The Milwaukee model provides you with up to 4 settings, which is more than what you get with most models in the same category. Both have LED lighting so that illumination over your working space is better.

They largely differ in terms of price and a few features here and there. On overall, the Milwaukee model is for those who need to handle tough jobs while the Ryobi model is for household projects and for anyone on a budget.

Milwaukee 2753-20 And Ryobi P237 Impact Driver Reviews

Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel ¼ Hex Imp Driver

If you ever want to handle home projects on your own, then buy the Milwaukee 2753-20 impact driver. It is a decent and reliable tool worth every penny spent on it. Check out more of its features below.

The power and performance

This impact driver is good at producing the best torque for various projects. The maximum torque it can produce is 1,800 in. lbs. For such a torque value, it is among the powerful models in its class. You will get this impressive torque at a speed of 3000RPM. If you need to drive screws faster, then the power generated by the impact driver should be enough.

Battery technology

Being cordless means that the battery should be better to make it worth investing your money in it. This impact driver comes with an 18V Red lithium battery. The battery technology is still exclusive to this line of impact drivers.

The Red Lithium batteries are improved as compared to other types of lithium batteries. For this type, it comes with more battery life per charge leading to less downtime per day. The charge can also live up to your power and speed needs out of an impact driver.

Drive modes

To make it stand out, the tool comes with up to four modes in terms of speed settings. Considering most models would only have 3 speed settings, then this one is better. With four modes, it is easy to choose the one that will be great depending on your needs. The speed varies from 850 RPM to 3000RPM.

Mode 3 and 4 both run up to 3000RPM. It can be confusing to some people to see two modes having the same speed, but rated as different. This is because the last mode is a self-tapping screw mode. This means that it reduces the waking, breaking, overdriving, and stripping of your screws.

Size and Weight

We find that this model is compact and lightweight. At 5.25 inches in terms of length, it should fit in most toolboxes. With a weight of 2.1 pounds, it is ideal for anyone who needs to keep carrying the impact driver to different job sites.

What We Like

  • Impressive maximum torque of 1800 in. lbs
  • Multiple speed modes to choose from
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Impressive battery life for more time working on a project

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery takes time to fully charge

The Solution: The time it takes to charge any battery varies from one unit to another. It is best to have two batteries to solve this problem. With two batteries, you can continue with the job as the other charges.

Ryobi P237 Impact Driver

The Ryobi P237 impact driver is one of the top options to buy right now for working on various projects. Based on its features, you will find it being ideal for people of different skills. Let us see what the driver has more to offer.

3-speed gearbox

The speed gearbox for this model comes with up to 3 speed settings. The speed varies from 0 to 3200 impacts per minute. For such a high speed of driving, the unit can be ideal for working on tough jobs too. The various controls are easy to reach and make the changes.

As for the torque, the model can deliver up to 1800 in. lbs torque. It might not be the highest ever, but it is enough to handle the various tasks you need to accomplish.

Tool-less bit change

Many also find that the model is easy to use. This is because it offers a tool-less bit change for the users. This special chuck also means that it does not take long before you can switch out the bits. Since it is a one-hand operation, you should find it easy to use even as a newbie to impact drivers.


The grip of any impact driver is essential for any user. The model is designed in a way that offers a better grip. The grip area has a rubber overgrip with special notches to promote a better grip on overall. Even if you are working in slippery conditions, the tool will still be easy to control because of the grip.

LED lighting

The LED lighting is good to illuminate your job space. Anyone who is working in a poorly lit environment, such LED lights come in handy. They are bright and do not drain your battery even if you keep using them more often.


The tool does not need any special maintenance. You should make sure that it is cleaned pre and post usage. Charge the battery to full after using it so that the next time you can use it without worrying about the battery life. Do not overload the tool with extremely hardcore tasks. That could hamper its overall performance with time.

What We Like

  • More powerful than its predecessor model
  • It is sturdy for durability
  • The Tri-Beam light is good for illumination
  • Offers an impressive amount of torque

What We Don’t Like

  • The power output could be better for the toughest tasks

The Solution: The power you get with the unit is enough to handle various tasks. As much as it might not be the highest in the class, it is still enough for multiple projects you might have to accomplish.

Which Is Better?

Milwaukee and Ryobi models in this guide all have a lot to offer a user. The best part is that they are both affordable, however, Ryobi is the cheapest. They can both work great for various projects you might have in mind, but it is best to opt for the Milwaukee model to handle tougher jobs as it has more power. As a result, we find the Milwaukee 2753-20 model to be the best among the two.

Final Thoughts

If you are in search of an affordable impact driver, the models mentioned above are your best bet. They are within the affordable range and they have so much to offer for the money. We find the Milwaukee model coming with more technology, making it outstanding for multiple projects. For most people, either model will be ideal for them.

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