Milwaukee M18 Fuel Vs. DEWALT 20v MAX XR Impact Wrench

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We all know that impact wrenches are one of the most valuable power tools out there that professionals or even do-it-yourself enthusiasts or woodworkers and home renovators can have on their tool arsenal.

Impact wrenches are engineered to provide impressive amount of torque by simply storing up energy then sending them in sudden bursts. If you have ever seen a pit crew changing tires of a race car in just mere five seconds, then you will know the amount of power that these particular tools have. Obviously, even pro craftsmen will not need a Thunder Gun, however for driving screws or attaching fasteners in the thickest of wood slabs, impact wrenches are must have tool.

Now in this article, we’re going to compare and review two models of impact wrenches from two prominent power tool brands which are the Milwaukee and the DEWALT Company. Many consumers know how reliable and trusted brands these two companies are. Their products come with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

And that’s why many experts suggest that power tool buyers out there must highly consider first their project or job needs before engaging on any purchasing process. By simply doing this, prospective buyers won’t waste a single penny on their wallet but acquire a great investment that can last for many years.

Well, without beating around the bush, let’s start comparing Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 and the DEWALT DCF899HB 20V impact wrench.

Milwaukee Vs. DEWALT Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

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This impact wrench from Milwaukee incorporated with friction ring get rids of the need to use pneumatic power tool for those rusted and stubborn bolts by providing 1,000 feet per pounds of fastening torque and 1,400 feet per pounds of nut-busting torque.

With its two times faster removal speed, consumers will be able to get their task done much faster and be more productive throughout the day. By giving the industry’s most compact cordless high torque impact wrenches at 8.39 inches length, this power tool lets for more access in tight spaces.

Its four-mode drive control with bolt removal mode provides users the most control over their fasteners. Bolt Removal mode provides consumers more control when getting rid of fasteners by slowing to 750 revolutions per minute once the fastener has been busted loose.

Moreover, this power tool gives quick, tool-free socket changes with a ½ inch friction ring anvil. Its high-quality rubber over-mold material can provide users ultimate comfort during prolonged operation while lasting longer against corrosive materials out there. Aside from that, its motor can generate up to 2100 impact per minute.

After the bolt has been removed, its IPM-count lessens down to 950 IPM and below. This aids the unit save power, providing it a much longer operation time and minimized downtime.

Does It Offer More?

Furthermore, this impact wrench also features a brushless motor that generates less heat output and needs fewer maintenance and repairs. ON average, Milwaukee’s 18 volt battery can give up to 45 minutes, though certain verified consumers reported being able to finish multiple tasks before even considering recharging their tool.

On the side note, when it comes to Milwaukee, you’re left in the dark. You either want to restrict your work to illuminated workplaces or take an external source of lighting with you when operating under the hood of your vehicle.

Also, this impact wrench is also quite heftier compared to DEWALT’s impact wrench featured in this review. Although it is a comfortable power tool that is easy and convenient to use, some consumers have observed that its weight may lead to premature strain on the hand when working overhead.

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DEWALT DCF899HB 20v MAX XR Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench

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This impact wrench from DEWALT features Hog Ring Anvil that comes with a brushless motor which is engineered to give superior durability, performance, and operation time.

It comes with a heavy-duty impact mechanism with a optimal torque at 700 feet per pounds for best-in-class torque output with the most demanding applications out there. Also, this impact wrench features a three-speed selector switch that lets users for application specific drive/torque control.

Moreover, it comes with a LED work light with twenty-second delay that can give visibility when working in dimly lit spaces. Even though this power tool is ergonomic and compact, it can manage a 6 to 8 feet drop and is resistant to cleaners, grease, and chemicals.

On the other hand, its hog ring offers easier and quicker socket changing for consumers who swap sizes most of the time and don’t need optimum retention. Aside from that, its breakaway torque must be significantly more powerful compared to tightening torque since you are trying to loosen static bolts.

Is It Powerful Enough?

The DCF899HB from DEWALT can give up to 1,200 feet per pounds of torque for breaking stubborn bolts. Then it minimizes its torque to 700 for loosening or fastening applications.

Apart from the torque-delivery, it is crucial to learn how many impacts per minutes the impact wrench will give. Basically, impact per minutes measure how many hammer blows the power tool can give to aid in loosening and fastening bolts and nuts.

This impact wrench from DEWALT come with an optimum impact per minute rating of 2,400 so there’s actually little doubt that this power tool won’t get even the toughest of projects done.

Furthermore, both the Milwaukee and the DEWALT impact wrenches run off of rechargeable li-ion batteries so having a good battery implies lesser downtime. The average consumer could get a round 45 minutes of work done with the DEWALT before needing to recharge. The extended operation time is primarily because of the unit’s brushless motor.

There are also instances when users must take an impact wrench to poorly-lit workplaces. When operating in these kind of places, you must rely on a source of light to give correct vision without really blind you. The DEWALT comes with an integrated LED light that comes with twenty-second delay when the trigger is released.

Like any essential power tool, you don’t really want the weight of the impact wrench to weight your strength down, causing strain in only a few short moments of use. The DEWALT is quite confusing in this regard. It is a rather hefty unit but this added weight can really give the balance, even when operating it at awkward angles.

And lastly, make sure to remember that there is actually two different models of this kit sold at Amazon which are the Detent Pin and the Hog Ring. Make sure to get the Hog Ring after a little bit of researching since it would most likely work best for you. Hog Ring is much convenient to get off, while on the other hand, the Detent Pin you should have a screw driver or a particular tool to utilize it.

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If you are confuse on which of these two power tools to buy, then we want to tell your right now that the DEWALT impact wrench is the power tool to get, though its superiority compared to the Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 is almost not relevant.

When it comes to top performance, you would be getting marginally better torque-delivery as well as impact per minutes, though the Milwaukee impact wrench would be enough for all the same users that the DEWALT is targeted for.

Now, the two primary aspects that put the DEWALT DCF899HB just a little step higher compared to Milwaukee in our own humble opinion are its weight and its LED lighting system. This power tool with LED lighting allows you to see what you are doing when working in dark spaces, while its weight really keeps the tool balanced in your hand, even when driving screws at awkward angles.

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