Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 VS Dewalt 20V MAX XR Impact Driver

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Are you perhaps confused whether to take Milwaukee or DEWALT impact driver? Well, choosing between these two prominent brands is actually easy.

Here’s the tip. Make sure to highly consider your needs or the requirements of your jobs or projects when deciding between the two. One is ideal for lighter task while offering impressive features that the other can’t, while the same thing can also be said to the other.

But then again, both of them are from known and trusted brands so whichever you choose won’t really be a loss but a good investment.

If you want to know what these prominent brands can offer, then read on!

Milwaukee Vs. DEWALT Impact Driver Review

Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 18V Hex Impact Driver

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For driving hefty fasteners such as thick screws and lag bolts, everyone must have a powerful impact driver.

Milwaukee offers the power you need with a compact, simple design that can consistently outperform the competition out there. The 2656-20 impact driver from Milwaukee comes with the essential feature that makes a successful power tool. A powerful motor which is controlled by a variable speed trigger that can generate up to 3,450 IPM, more than enough for a vast variety of workplace projects.

Its LED lighting system and its textured handle aid users to work in dark and slippery environments without any issues at all., giving them accurate control over an evenly-lit work surface. Its electronic parts in the power tool communicate with the M18 batteries that power it, minimizing the risk of overloading or overheating, or worse burning itself out because of overuse. Combine that with its ambidextrous belt clip and its compact size, and you are looking at a power tool that you can bring to most workplaces and find some utility form.

Which Task This Impact Driver Is Suitable With?

No matter what the job is, a Milwaukee by your side can make sure that it is done right. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts and construction people swear by the name of Milwaukee since it is one of the world’s leading producers of premium and high-performing power tools.

Their M18 lineup delivers state-of-the-art innovation and ergonomic design. In fact, the Milwaukee M18 265-20 is one of those included in this line up, and rightly so.

Furthermore, the impact driver comes with various features that can certainly assist users in their DIY tasks at home or for heavy-duty and tough jobs around the workplace. One of the most lightweight and compact impact drivers in its category, its power to weight ratio will certainly impress you. Aside from that, with its affordable price of less than a hundred bucks at Amazon, this product is really a good deal.

Sold as a simple bare tool, users must purchase the charger and batteries that are sold separately. Nonetheless, if you already have any of these tools on the M18 lineup, this won’t be an issue at all since the batteries are compatible with the other power tools. This impact driver would also be a welcome addition to the user’s tool arsenal of Milwaukee power tools.

Ergonomic Design

Now, in terms of design, the 2656-20 is ergonomically engineered in order to be lightweight and compact, making it perfect for working in cramped or tight spots. Even those awkward or difficult angles will be easy to work on with its easy to maneuver operation. Weighing just 3.1 lbs. and measuring only 5-1/2 inches, its small size won’t cause any stress on the user’s wrists, hands, or arms when used double time.

Another beneficial feature of this product is its integrated LED lighting system that can illuminate your workplace for exceptional visibility. This implies in easy maneuverability particularly in tight spots and poorly-lit workplaces. This also gt rids of the need to bring a flashlight with you that can actually take up more space in your toolbox.

Its ¼ inch hex quick connect chuck allows you to replace bits quickly and easily with just one hand. This particular feature proves to be very advantageous when you’re on top of a ladder or when you’re working on overhead spots.

Power and Performance

If you’re a pro contractor seeking for a high-powered impact driver to work on your heavy-duty tasks on a regular basis, this is actually one of the best tool for you. Made with the same high bar as all Milwaukee power tools out there, the 2656-20 impact driver is loaded with 1,500 inch per pounds of maximum torque. Driving those thick or long screws and fasteners into durable and dense materials will surely feel like a breeze.

The impact driver’s speed of up to 2,750 RPM makes this best ideal for driving lag bolts, woodworking, metal fabrications, or working on drywalls. In addition, this impact driver is also ideal for those home improvement and repairs jobs such as installing CCTV cameras or mounting that TV. It’s also suitable for just about any project that will need repetitive fastening and screwing even for long period of time.

This power tool’s four-pole frameless motor adds to its high performance. Working with less resistance and friction implies longer operation and time and lifespan. Milwaukee’s proprietary advanced technology known as the REDLINK Intelligence protects its motor from overloading and overheating from intense working settings. This is a great safety feature that users would certainly appreciate.

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DEWALT DCF887D2 20V MAX XR Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit

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If you are a professional, you must not settle for less than a brushless motor because they are the most ideal choice if you want extra efficiency, power, and durability. They also last longer; they operate quieter and cooler, and get more done on a single battery charge only.

That said; let’s now take at the DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver that is featured in this combo kit. It also weighs only just 2.65 pounds without any battery and only measures 5.3 inches front to back. Already, you can see that it is much lighter and smaller compared to a regular drill. But its size won’t really dictate its power.

Furthermore, the brushless motor puts out an incredible 1,825 inch per pounds of torque at speeds up to 3250 revolution per minute with 3600 impacts per minute. It also comes with three-speed transmission and a variable-speed trigger for accurate work. In addition, if you’re looking for a serious precision work, put it in the first gear and take it slow with toque up to 240 inch per pounds.

Is It a Good Deal?

Aside from that, the 2nd and 3rd gears range between 0 to 2800 revolution per minute and 0 to 3250 revolution per minute, with up to 1500 inch per pounds of torque in 2nd gear, and 1825 inch per pounds in 3rd gear.

If you have a lot of sheetrock to hang, and need to sink three inch deck screws into redwood, then this impact driver will become your favorite tool in terms of putting together 2 by 4s and the like. Its chuck on the DCF887 is a ¼ inch hex chuck so users can only utilize bits with hex shanks. On the side note, changing bits is really convenient. Simply slide back the sleeve, pop in the bit, and you’re good to go. You can also do that with just one hand. This impact driver will accept bits as tiny as 1 inch long.

Around its chuck, you can spot 3 LED lights. They eliminate of shadows where you are working much better compared to earlier units that come with only one LED. These work on a twenty-second shutoff delay. They operate on the same battery pack as the driver does.

Aside from that, its batteries have a 2.0Ah capacity. That doesn’t imply they can operate for 2 hours straight. Also, if you didn’t know, 1Ah means a device using one ampere of current can operate for an hour if under ideal conditions. If your driver wants more than one amp of current, it can run for less time. Doubling the capacity of the battery pack doesn’t really mean that it will operate for twice as long but it will just have about 30% enhancement.

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Now, if you’re looking for an optimal operation time and power, then you must opt with one of Milwaukee’s impact drivers in these two combo kits – you should get the Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 kit.

On the other hand, if you don’t really mind the smaller capacity batteries, but still desiring the most power, then get the DEWALT DCF887D2 kit. If lighter and smaller is better for you, then again DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver is a much better option.

Well, to sum it up, make sure to consider your needs on your job or projects before choosing between these two renowned power tool brands.

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