Milwaukee Vs. Bosch Cordless Drill: Who Comes Out On Top?

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A cordless drill uses rechargeable batteries and does not have the power cords that usually get in the way. This feature of the device makes it more convenient and easier to use.

Although some may say that corded drills have more power, modern cordless drills offer just the right capability to handle simple to complex jobs.

What To Consider

Buying a cordless drill seems easy. Getting a colorful and attractive one with a nice case may be the easiest way to do it. However, getting the perfect power drill is not that simple. You will need to consider a lot of factors before finding the right one.


As a power tool user, you want a device that does not quickly lose its cell power. It helps you work on more tasks and focus on the job instead of charging a battery very often.

Some prefer batteries that load quickly. It saves time when you need to do multiple projects within a limited period.


First-time buyers of a cordless drill frequently choose the one with the highest voltage. However, not all drill users will need the same power. Remember that high-powered devices are suitable for large jobs wherein hardwood and concrete are involved.

For simple home improvements and DIY projects, a drill with low to medium volts will be enough to finish the job.

Extra Features

Some additional features of drills may appear unnecessary, but you might find them very useful in the future. A simple belt clip seems to be inessential, but if you work for a long time, you will find out that it will be better to have your drill near your body where you can quickly get it.

It can save you a lot of energy and time, especially if you are working alone. Other extra features that can make your work a lot easier, like the LED lights to illuminate dark corners and dust extras that can keep your work area clean for better work visibility.

Let’s Compare

Both Milwaukee and Bosch offer reliable power tool products. Bosch is a German brand famous in European countries, while Milwaukee is a household name in the United States.

Although Bosch has been around longer than Milwaukee, these two are the leading brands in power tools and accessories. Let’s look closer to what sets these two famous companies apart.

Milwaukee M12 Drill Driver (2407-20)

If you are out looking for an affordable drill driver that offers enough power for your daily home woodworks, then look no further. The Milwaukee M12 2407-20 cordless drill is a potent machine that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Compact and Lightweight Design

This Milwaukee drill driver is small, only a bit longer than seven inches, and weighs 2.1 pounds. Its lightweight and compact features make it very to hold and feel comfortable in your hand. The contoured and rubberized handle provides a good grip and lessens the possibility of slipping out of your hand.

This ergonomic design is essential for power tool users, especially when you have to work for an extended period every day.

All-Metal Chuck

You will be impressed with its all-metal locking chuck design, which provides a reliable performance all the time. It perfectly holds the bit saving you time and effort from re-tightening the device more often than necessary.

With the maximum speed of 1,500 RPM and a peak torque of 275 in-pounds, you can easily handle light to medium applications and household projects.

Added Convenience

The built-in LED light, and the battery fuel gauge is just two of the best features of this power drill. These qualities make each drilling, fastening, and driving a lot quicker, more comfortable, and enjoyable. On top of these, this Milwaukee cordless drill is backed with a five-year warranty.

Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver

The Bosch PS32-02 is an exceptional power tool with a brushless motor. Running with a 12V Lithium-Ion battery, you will like you are holding an 18V drill with the power it delivers in every application.

You get the worth of your money that you spend on this drill with the performance and extra features that come with the product.

Efficient Brushless Motor

This power drill has a brushless motor and better-quality electronics and gearbox, providing an extended tool life two times longer than other devices.

The brushless motor also allows for an increased running time even when working on heavy applications. Plus, it is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal tool for overhead projects.

Auto-Lock Chuck

Its auto-lock chuck feature can tighten and loosen a bit without using any tool or your hand to hold the chuck. It has 20 clutch positions that can provide precise drilling utilizing a variety of screws. Moreover, the clutch lock setting will enable you to drill in hard materials like hardwood and steel.

Extra Accessories

This kit includes two lithium-ion batteries, a charger, a four-piece bit tip set, a magnetic bit holder, and a case. These added accessories provide convenience to users.

The battery life indicator is smartly placed on the side of the tool to make it easy to see when it is time to charge and change batteries.


You might still have some questions in mind before making that final decision to buy a cordless drill. Below are three of the frequently asked questions about Milwaukee and Bosch power tools that might help you make that crucial decision.

Which Is Better, Bosch Or Milwaukee?

Milwaukee and Bosch both manufacture reliable power tools that you will not regret buying any of these two products. Picking a better choice will be hard since each brand has its advantages.

Bosch is known not only for its power tools but also for its home appliances. The company controls companies worldwide that produce a variety of products, from spark plugs to kitchen appliances, power tools, and aviation radio controls.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee, like Bosch, also belongs to the multi-billion-dollar multinational corporations. This American home brand offers quality tools worldwide. Therefore, choosing between Milwaukee and Bosh drills will depend on what you need and your personal preference.

Are The Batteries Of Bosch And Milwaukee Interchangeable?

Some might think that the 12V batteries of Milwaukee and Bosch are the same since they almost look alike.

However, you cannot use these batteries interchangeably since they are made differently. Hence, each battery cell is especially suitable only for its product brand.

What Company Makes The Best Cordless Drill?

Most DIY enthusiasts and professionals have Milwaukee and Bosch as two of their trusted brands when it comes to power tools. Bosch is one of the oldest brands in the world that offer quality tools at competitive prices.

It focuses on mechanical and electrical engineering for its battery technology. Thus, Bosch cordless tools are expected to deliver optimum performance.

On the other hand, Milwaukee has consistently improved in the manufacture of its products. It is the first to incorporate lithium-ion technology into their products. Their leading product lines are the M12, M18, and MX Fuel, known for their robustness and reliability.


Milwaukee is famous among many professionals for the solid warranty the company offers for its products. Meanwhile, Bosch is a trusted brand when it comes to top-quality cordless tools. Generally, both provide durable products that give a premium-quality performance.

Most users love the robustness and efficient customer service of Milwaukee. On the other hand, Bosch enthusiasts praise the brand’s quality and battery lifespan. One can never go wrong with choosing any of these two trusted power tool brands.

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