Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Drill Impact Driver & Wrench

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When you think power tools aren’t going to get any better, a company crafts innovations into them and releases tools that redefine what these products can do. This is the case of the tools we’ll be reviewing today.

It’s hardly surprising that these tools all come from Milwaukee. The company has been around since 1924 but after falling through hard times and being bought by Techtronic Industries, the company returned to its inventive roots.

After the employees went to various job sites to research and worked side by side with contractors, carpenters, steelworkers, they came up with advanced solutions for their customers. Milwaukee was the first company to develop and release lithium-ion power tools way back in 2005.

The hammer drill, impact driver, and impact wrench we have today have been gifted with Milwaukee’s disruptive innovations on power tools. Let’s go and take a look on each one.

Quick Summary

All the tools in this review appear to be the next-wave of Milwaukee tool in terms of their advanced design and features.

The Milwaukee 2804-20 is perfect for professional contractors or craftsmen who need to perform drill work on a long prolonged period. It offers sustained high torque while working for sustained lengths of time.

For contractors or home users who will be working in a home environment, the Milwaukee 2760-20 offers noise-free operation thanks to its hydraulic powertrain system.

Finally, for industrial workers and fabricators who need to work in cramped spaces while removing lug nuts and stubborn fasteners, the Milwaukee 2767-21 can make their lives easier.

Milwaukee 2804-20 Vs 2760-20 Vs 2767-21: Which Should You Buy?

Milwaukee 2804-20

The Milwaukee 2804-20 cordless compact hammer drill can be your perfect companion for projects that require professional grade precision and speed.

Beautiful And Functional Design

The power tool comes in Milwaukee’s 50s red retro design look. Aside from the cosmetic appeal, the Milwaukee 2804-20 adds ergonomics to the mix with its 6.9-inch compact frame for getting into those tight spaces and a nice overmolded handle.

Amped-Up Power

Milwaukee outfitted the 2804-20 with a Powerstate brushless motor that enables the power tool to run cleaner, faster, and cooler. The Milwaukee 2804-20 revs up to 2,000 RPMs while giving the tool an edge with 1,200 in-lbs of torque.

Long Operational Life

The power tool’s brushless motor guarantees a longer working life for the tool since there are no brushes to wear the motor out from within. Aside from this, the tool comes with Milwaukee’s patented Redlink Plus that protects the tool and the batteries from overcharging or overloading.

What We Like
  • The Milwaukee batteries allow you to work non-stop thanks to long run times per charge.
  • Light weight tool allows users to carry them to project areas without hassle.
  • The chuck is made of corrosion-resistant metal which increases the strength of the bit grip.
What We Don’t Like
  • The tool can overheat like other power tools.

Users need to practice extra-care and take breaks while using the tool to allow it to cool down.

Milwaukee 2760-20

Users looking for a quiet power tool to drive in their fasteners will find it in the Milwaukee 2760-20. The tool’s rather noise-free operation boils down to its hydraulic powertrain system.

Built To Last

Aside from the Milwaukee 2760-20’s tough casing, the company used a hydraulic system for the tool’s powertrain, limiting the contact of the motor’s metal pars on one another. This feature limits wear and allows the motor to endure for more years of service.

Energy-Efficiency And Safety

The Milwaukee 2760-20 sports the company’s Redlink Plus Intelligence system to avoid overloading, overcharging, and overheating. It’s an onboard electronic system that allows the battery pack, the motor, and the charger to communicate with each other for better energy management.

Quiet And Vibration-Free

Despite the Milwaukee 2760-20’s power, it offers a 50% noise reduction compared to other power tools of its kind. The hydraulic driver’s minimization of metal upon metal contact during operation also reduces overall vibration, leading to better control and lesser user fatigue.

What We Like
  • The tool maintains its powerful sustained torque of 450 in-lbs longer than standard motors.
  • There’s a self-tapping screw mode that enables the tool to sense when a screw reaches the bottom and the tool will stop by itself.
  • Precision controls allow workers to use fasteners on thin sheet metal without problems.
What We Don’t Like
  • The tool may halt or stop on impact while working on a project.

This impact wrench boasts of a light touch but good power. Users should try to increase the impacts per minute by going to a higher setting.

Milwaukee 2767-21

The Milwaukee 2767-21‘s power and compact form makes it an ideal candidate to replace your air impact tools. It can get into tight spaces while removing stubborn lug nuts with ease.

High Torque And Power

The 2767-21 M18 impact wrench busts those rusted nuts and bolts with a 1,000 ft-lbs of torque and 1,400 ft-lbs of maximum or nut-busting torque. It’s literally twice the performance that other impact wrenches in the market promise.

Better Precision And Control

The high torque impact wrench offers better control options, allowing users to define the strength of application on the fasteners they’re using. Users can trigger the impact wrench to work on 0 to 550, 550/1400, 1400/1750 RPMs. plus a bold removal mode for those hard to remove stubborn pieces.

Good Ergonomics

The tool is relatively compact for a heavy industrial tool at 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. Its molded plastic handle provides a good grip and hand feel that allows users to ease into the job with less stress.

What We Like
  • Quick charging battery that allows you to get to work around half an hour after energy from a battery pack depletes.
  • Since it’s cordless, it allows users more mobility while removing use of miscellaneous attachments like an air compressor.
  • It plays well with Milwaukee’s battery packs whether they’re 5.0 AH or 9.0 AH.
What We Don’t Like
  • The tool is around 6 lbs and is not very well-balanced.

Users should take breaks if they feel the tool is fatiguing them or find supports to prop their hands on for longer jobs.

Milwaukee 2804-20 Vs 2760-20 Vs 2767-21: Which Offers The Best Value For Your Money?

If we’re going to base it on usefulness, power, and what it offers to the buyer, we’ll pick the Milwaukee 2760-20 for this round.

We love how quiet the tool is and it’s rather small footprint. It’s lighter and obviously more compact than the 2767-21 kit. If you’re not out there busting a lot of lug nuts, you’ll want this one instead of the impact wrench kit.

It’s equal to the power of the Milwaukee 2804-20 hammer drill, but the Milwaukee 2760-20 doesn’t overheat as much as the former. It’s a good tool to have while working continuously on those long jobs.

If we have money to spend on one tool kit, we’ll gladly part it for the Milwaukee 2760-20.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a big fan of Milwaukee power tools or you’re just beginning to invest in them, you can’t go wrong if you choose to buy all of the kits in this review. The Milwaukee 2804-20 offers good value if you need to drill more than drive fasteners.

If you need to remove and put in screws and bolts, the Milwaukee 2760-20 will do the job and blow other drivers out of the water. For heavier industrial jobs, you should go for the Milwaukee 2767-21 kit.

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