Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Drill Impact Driver & Wrench

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When we think power tools couldn’t get fun-sized, Milwaukee turns around and produces a batch of some the lightest and most compact impact drills, wrenches, and drivers on the planet.

This is hardly surprising since Milwaukee has always been big on innovation since the company’s inception in 1918 and it’s the creation of the 5 lbs power drill at the request of Henry Ford.

Today, Milwaukee continues this tradition as you’ll see in the tools we’ll be looking it. Milwaukee has not only made excellent design decisions, but it also slashed the weight factor by 2 lbs.

Let’s get at these tools now.

Quick Summary

All of the tools appearing in this review weigh in at below 3.0 lbs but pack in decent torque to complete most jobs.

The Milwaukee 2404-20 hammer/driver will serve as the perfect companion for home renovators who need to do some light drilling or fastening around houses.

If you want more power, the Milwaukee 2453-20 brings around 1,200 in-lbs of max torque for woodworking or house-building projects.

The 2554-20 is a snub-nosed beast despite its small footprint and will help remove lug nuts or the bigger screws from tight places.

Which Lightweight Power Tools Takes The Cake?

Milwaukee 2404-20

The Milwaukee 2404-20 will help you fasten projects in and around your home. It’s the perfect drill for DIYers or renovators who want something fast and powerful.

Power and Durability

The Milwaukee 2404-20 comes equipped with a frictionless brushless motor that boosts power output while eliminating wear from inside the machine. It revs up to 350 in-lbs of nut-busting torque and performs up to 25,500 blows per minute or BPM.

Long Runtime

This hammer drill and driver combo can equip any of Milwaukee’s Redlithium battery packs. Milwaukee combined smart electronics to monitor energy output, superior chemistry for the battery juice, and tough pack construction to ensure power that keeps 2404-20 up for long jobs.

Light on the Hands

At 2.8 lbs, the Milwaukee 2404-20 is easily one of the lightest hammer/drills in the market. Users can easily hang this on their belt clip, climb up ladders, and then use this tool to reach ceilings easily and puncture them for home projects.

What We Like

  • The tool punches above its weight. It can drill a 3.5/8 hole through drywall with no problem.
  • Compact 1/2″ inch chuck allows the drill to enter tight places.
  • Good plug and play with a range of Milwaukee battery packs from 2.0 AH to 6.0 AH.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bare tool may feel unwieldy or top-heavy.

The Solution

It’s just a matter of inserting the battery to equally distribute the weight across the tool for that well-balanced feel.

Milwaukee 2453-20

For contractors who need a compact tool with superior torque for their lighter projects, the Milwaukee 2453-20 will do the job and exceed expectations.

Variable Speed Control

Two-speed modes allow users to apply power according to their discretion to prevent stripping screws and to finish jobs in record time.

Power in a Small Package

The Milwaukee 2453-20 rests at 6 inches long but the tool itself packs explosive power. Its no-load impacts per minute reach up to 3,550 and its no-load speed works up to 2,650 in-lbs with a max torque of 1,200 in-lbs. 

Power Protection

This power tool has been outfitted with an integrated electronics system that facilitates data communication between the motor, batteries, and charger to manage power. The power management system makes charging faster while preventing the tool from overcharging and overheating.

What We Like

  • The tool weighs only 2.01 lbs, reducing stress and fatigue weight brings on users.
  • The mount gives users an easy time when it comes to replacing bits.
  • It has a belt clip that allows the tool to hang from the hammer loop of most tool belts.

What We Don’t Like

  • The chuck may not hold the bits as tight as you’d want it.

The Solution

Try re-inserting the bit and check if the magnet will hold it better. Otherwise, you can call the closest Milwaukee service center for troubleshooting and replacement.

Milwaukee 2554-20

A snub-nosed wonder of a power tool, the Milwaukee 2554-20 will go very narrow confines with you to bring bestial torque where other bulkier tools cannot.

Compact and Lightweight

The impact wrench gets its stubby adjective from its short and snug 4.8 inches. You can bring the tool for reassembly work in small tight spaces like the underside of cars.

Unparalleled Control

4-mode settings allow users to use different impact speeds for the perfect torque for the job. Its 4th auto shut-off mode stops the tool from overturning fasteners or bolts.

Amped-up Power

The Milwaukee 2554-20 maxes up to 250 ft-lbs of max torque to remove stubborn fasteners.

What We Like

  • Allows attachments like a swivel adapter or a 3/8 hex adapter for removing different types of fasteners or nuts.
  • The cordless tool saves space by removing the need for wires and air compressors.
  • Good run time even on a 4.0 AH battery.

What We Don’t Like

  • The tool may appear to be underpowered for certain applications.

The Solution

Try switching to a higher AH battery if you’re working with the 2.0 AH.

Which Is Better For Your Money?

If we’re going for a tool we can maximize on a variety of applications while sporting impressive power, we’ll go for the Milwaukee 2453-20.

The 2453-20 sports a decent 1,200 in-lbs of nut-busting torque. Although the Milwaukee 2554-20 beats it at this category, it’s hardly a contest since the Milwaukee 2554-20 is an impact wrench.

You’ll be able to use the Milwaukee 2453-20 on more diverse applications beyond the garage or the heavy industrial workshop.

At 2.01 lbs, the Milwaukee 2453-20 is one of the lightest tools in the market, lighter than even the 2404-20 which rests at 2.08 lbs..

For versatility and more than enough torque for completing complex projects, the Milwaukee 2453-20 is it. 

Final Thoughts

Each tool in this review is the perfect power tool for specific environments so buy the one that’ll fit your project area. The Milwaukee 2404-20 is good for light jobs at home while the Milwaukee 2453-20 will serve you for mid-sized projects like carpentry work. The Milwaukee 2404-20 will be your go-to tool in the garage or machine shop. Just keep in this mind when you’re thinking to buy any of them.

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