Milwaukee 2767-20 Vs. DEWALT DCF899B Vs. 2863-20 Impact Wrench

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Impact wrenches can be unfathomably helpful equipment in the arsenal of any DIY people or home mechanics. All things considered, we have officially all experienced that consumed jolt that just won’t move needs us to supplant and expel around 15,000 jolts.

Nonetheless, there is a superior method to manage these sorts of employments that doesn’t bring about fits, tears, draining and cleaned knuckles, and wrenches tossed out the windows. Clearly, the solution to your petitions is none other than an impact wrench.

Impact wrenches has never met a jolt that it couldn’t release. Also, to come clean, in case you’re splendid enough to put resources into the wager cordless impact wrench you can, you may consider how you’ll have the option to get by without it.

Presently, the inquiry here is which equipment is the best for your needs? On the off chance that you need to know, read on!

Milwaukee 2767-20 Vs. DEWALT DCF899B Vs. Milwaukee 2863-20

1. Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

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What You Will Get With This Product?

The 2767-20 M18 FUEL High Torque 1/2 inch Impact Wrench with Erosion Ring disposes of the need to utilize a pneumatic device for those obstinate and rusted screws by conveying 1,000 ft.-lbs. of affixing torque and 1400 ft.-lbs. of nut-busting torque. With 2X quicker evacuation speed, clients will most likely take care of business quicker and be increasingly gainful consistently.


By giving the business’ most compact cordless High Torque Impact Wrench at 8.39 inches length, this apparatus takes into account more access in tight spaces. 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL with Screw Evacuation mode gives clients the most command over their clasp.

One confirmed client said” I utilize this wrench in the homestead whit overwhelming equipment from a tractor to a truck and everything between. In addition an old greyhound transports. The thing I like the greater part of this apparatus is that have a severe torque power that makes the most relentless rusted jolts turn out quick.

Material Quality

In addition I likewise like the vibe of the grasp, the material give off an impression of being strong and resistant. The things I don’t care for about the instrument is the way that is somewhat substantial and following two or three hours you truly feel the weight .In addition to the red shading is a lot extreme I wish it was somewhat darker.

In the event that you are an equipment/administration technician who’s been in circumstances where you cannot get your truck/air hose near what you’re dealing with, at that point this is for you. This high yield fuel rendition has all the power my Ingersoll rand 1/2 titanium composite impact has. This impact runs flawless on the batteries and doesn’t appear to run them down any longer than the 1/4 impact does.


  • Incorporated with LED light to illuminate the work area
  • Features a friction ring for quick and easy socket changes
  • Most compact cordless high torque impact wrench
  • Provides optimal productivity by removing stubborn and high torque fasteners
  • Comes with REDLINK Plus intelligence for extra protection 


  • Need to use both hands to hold it
  • Very heavy and noticeably top heavy

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Is this the gen 2 or gen 1?

A: This unit is the newer version.

Q: What’s the difference between this model and the 2763-20 M18 Fuel?

A: This is the2nd gen of that product and has more torque for both directions.

Q: Is this the impact that you can use an app to adjust settings?

A: Unfortunately, it’s not this one. It’s the one with the “one key”. 

What Take on This Product:

The 2767-20 M18 FUEL High Torque 1/2 inch Impact Wrench with Disintegration Ring discards the need to use a pneumatic gadget for those unshakable and rusted screws by passing on 1,000 ft.- lbs. of joining torque and 1400 ft.- lbs. of nut-busting torque. With 2X speedier clearing speed, customers will in all likelihood take care of business faster and be progressively profitable reliably.

2. DEWALT DCF899B 20v MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench

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What You Will Get With This Product?

With regards to the universe of power tools, an imposing producer is none other than DEWALT. However, does this DEWALT DCF899B Brushless Impact Wrench convey the power you ought to anticipate from such a world-eminence organization?

We have investigated the unit, and it comes as an uncovered instrument, implying that it doesn’t accompany a battery or charger, a typical element in power tools from the producer with model numbers finishing off with letter “B.” It includes a hard core impact component fit for dealing with a maximum torque of up to 700 ft.-lbs. and a most extreme breakaway torque of 1,200 ft.-lbs. 

Speed Selector Switch

The impact wrench has a 3-speed selector switch for controlling drive/torque relying upon your application. A splendid LED light is additionally added to empower you to work in low light circumstances.

At 6.6 pounds without the battery fitted, the primary thing you will feel when you get this DEWALT device is its compact gathering and adjusted engine. Be that as it may, it isn’t the lightest of compact drills.

Power Output

The maker has attempted to manufacture this Brushless Impact Wrench into a little bundle that gives you unadulterated power. Inside a couple of minutes of powering up this unit and utilizing it around your shop, it will be certain that DEWLT has without a doubt ventured up the bar with regards to power.

The most extreme fixing torque of 700 ft. for each lb. and breakaway torque of 1,200 ft. for every lb. are the numbers you ought to anticipate from a 3/4-inch impact wrench. At this power, hope to utilize the 3-speed selector frequently.

At level one, you get a moderate 400 Cycles for each Moment (RPM) that is pleasantly conveyed for returning fasteners on vehicles in a way that you are in charge. Without utilizing the hammering, you can focus the haggle only enough to put a touch of weight on a tire as you completion off establishment with a torque wrench.

Quality Feel

DEWALT has gone the additional mile to implant an extremely strong feel into pretty much the entirety of their power tools. The elastic over form include on this model is a natural sight that you would expect in numerous DEWALT drills.

A variable speed trigger on the impact driver is anything but difficult to control and exact, even at level three for your impacting applications – it is additionally simple to alter, notwithstanding when you are wearing overwhelming gloves. In any case, the LED is brilliant, perhaps too splendid particularly in the event that you are chipping away at cleaned chrome or aluminum. All things considered, the position is extraordinary since bigger attachments are probably going to shut out light on the off chance that it was put any higher or closer to the blacksmith’s iron.

Extra Accessories and Utilities

The LED work light is consequently activated once you discourage the trigger switch, and turns off 20 seconds after you discharge the trigger switch. On the off chance that you keep squeezing the trigger, the light stays on.

Forward and Invert Catch

The instrument includes a forward/turn around control catch for altering the course just as a lock-off capacity. The focal point of the catch kills the apparatus, and you have to guarantee that the trigger is discharged when changing the control catch position.

Who can utilize it? On the off chance that you are searching for an expert, hardwearing instrument, you can’t turn out badly with this DEWALT impact wrench model. It is intended to make a simple undertaking of your hardest activity with the 3-speed setting offering you full authority over your applications. You get more power when you require it, and more control once you turn it down.


  • Incorporated with LED work light
  • Comes with battery fuel gauge
  • Durable construction
  • Heavy-duty impact mechanism with max torque of 700 feet per pounds
  • Comes with 3-speed selector switch for extra control 


  • Doesn’t come with any charger or battery
  • Lots of power but a little bit heavy 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Can you use the 6Ah battery?

A: Yes, and it will work very well.

Q: Does this unit use a DCB204 battery?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Is this compatible with the standard 20V max 3.0 battery packs?

A: Yes, you can utilize any of the 20V batteries. But it will usually get much better operation time out of the 5.0Ah batteries. 

What Take on This Product:

This DEWALT impact wrench model is a very much adjusted and ergonomically planned unit. Things being what they are, what are the highlights that we became hopelessly enamored with in this unit? DEWALT offers us this mode with a decent stick. The detent stick blacksmith’s iron contains a holding pin that you should press to discharge any attachment from the impact driver.

3. Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench BT 2863-20 New

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What You Will Get With This Product?

The 2863™ M18™ FUEL™ w/ONE-KEY™ High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench with Grating Ring gives the Most Powerful, Most Compact, and the Most Repeatable Impact Wrench in the business! The POWERSTATE™ Brushless engine conveys up to 1,000ft-lbs of securing torque and 1400ft-lbs of nut-busting torque, giving clients a cordless arrangement that will dispose of the requirement for corded Impact Wrenches.

LED Light

A LED light is situated beneath the programmable drive controls. While this isn’t historic, it has progressed toward becoming fairly an absolute necessity have for every single cordless apparatus. The light is found genuinely low on the apparatus which lit the work territory well.

Propelled Impact Checking Sensor

What isolates the Milwaukee high torque impact wrench from their rivals is the repeatability of the torque esteems. Where non-pneumatic tools have recently failed is in the capacity to reliably convey torque esteems. This has led numerous specialist shops to really forbid their representatives from utilizing battery powered impact torques for risk concerns.


Milwaukee has meant to take care of this issue by utilizing a propelled sensor that can represent each impact and modify torque yield in like manner. This sensor, situated over the trigger, permits the Milwaukee high torque impact to accomplish repeatable torque esteems that are keeping pace with pneumatics.

So what does this all mean to the client? This implies nuts won’t be seriously finished or under-torqued. This does not imply that a torque wrench shouldn’t be utilized to accomplish last torque settings.

Programmable Drive Control

The Milwaukee high torque impact accompanies a basic, programmable drive control that enables you to rapidly change the torque and speed yield as indicated by the undertaking being performed. Situated underneath the handle, there are 4 modes, which are all adaptable. There is likewise a Bluetooth catch to interface the instrument to the free ONE-KEY™ versatile application.

ONE-KEY™ Innovation

What genuinely makes the most up to date emphasis of the Milwaukee high torque impact extraordinary is the incorporation of their ONE-KEY™ innovation? While the IOT s assuming control over the instrument world, genuine application has been to some degree suspect. This instrument changes that. The ONE-KEY™ innovation essentially builds the flexibility of this device.

At the point when associated with the ONE-KEY™ application, the client can change the drive settings to their ideal torque, speed and even to what extent the LED light remains lit up. This offer bunches of control of the instrument that can be redone to your specific work process.

Custom Drive Control

Gotten to through the Device Controls setting inside the ONE-KEY™ application, the Custom Drive Control menu offers the client the choice to change the maximum RPM’s, evacuation speed and torque relying upon use. There are a few alternatives including screw evacuation, (which at first gives most extreme impact to relax a latch and after that backs off to 750 rpm to abstain from stripping), trigger increase time, LED work light length and even the brilliance control of said LED light.

Solid Stay Control

In the Screw-In Solid Stay mode, you have another arrangement of choices that will naturally forestall over and under-fixing clasp. This avoids stripping out solid clasp which can be exorbitant and tedious. There are contributions for clasp length and distance across and again the increase and light controls.

Fastener Control

Ultimately for preset alternatives, there is the Fastener Control mode. In this mode you will discover alternatives for low (80-139 ft.-lbs.) and high (130-180 ft.-lbs.) torque. There is additionally a convenient arrangement of star example graphs for those curious about the best possible approach to introduce tires just as the previously mentioned trigger increase and LED light.


Avoid mincing words about it, the Milwaukee FUEL High Torque Impact Wrench with ONE-KEY™ is a flat out monster! This impact wrench offers up to 1400 ft.-lbs. of nut-busting torque and 1000 ft.-lbs. of securing torque. To finish it off, the majority of this power is bridled inside a compact body. This is altogether powered by Milwaukee’s POWERSTATE™ brushless engine.


  • It provides the most repeatable impact wrench in the industry as it is incorporated with ONEKEY technology
  • Customize, track, and manage tool’s performance and location because of ONEKEY technology
  • REDLITHIUM batteries deliver more work per charge
  • Incorporated with REDLINK Plus intelligence to prevent damage
  • Exceptional power delivery 


  • Very heavy and noticeably top heavy
  • Need to use both hands to hold it 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Is it really 1000 feet per pound of torque or only 750 inch per pounds?

A: It is definitely 1,000 ft. per pounds.

Q: What’s the difference between this model and the 2763-20 M18 fuel?

A: This is the 2nd generation of that product and thus it comes with more torque for both directions.

Q: Does this impact have light?

A: Yes, the light is located near the battery slot. 

What Take on This Product:

While this instrument is an easy decision for iron laborers and mechanics, I trust it merits the venture for different exchanges also. The ONE-KEY™ application offers the most flexibility in the market, all without being fastened by a string or hose. Despite the fact that I wish they would be somewhat more explicit about the torque esteems inside the application, the upside to this instrument is far more noteworthy. 

What Is The Difference Between Milwaukee 2767-20 Vs. DEWALT DCF899B Vs. Milwaukee 2863-20?

Extra Utility

The Screw Evacuation mode of Milwaukee 2767-20 gives the client more control when expelling latches by easing back to 750rpm once the clasp has been busted free – on which DEWALT DCF899B and Milwaukee 2863-20 can’t offer. This instrument offers brisk, device free attachment changes with a 1/2 inch rubbing ring blacksmith’s iron. Exceptional elastic over mold material gives you extreme solace during delayed use while enduring longer against destructive materials.

Run Time

When you incorporate a 5.0 Ah battery with this DEWALT DCF899B, the runtime you get is of an expert evaluation. The mix of a high-limit battery and the brushless engine offers you a machine that can productively run a whole day evacuating or fixing jolts. Unfortunately both power tools from Milwaukee we featured don’t offer the same run time.

The power feels reliable even as the battery depletes down. At 33 percent battery life, the impact wrench feels similarly as powerful as it was when completely energized.


Compared to both Milwaukee 2767-20 and DEWALT DCF899B, the Milwaukee 2863-20 is a full-size cordless instrument with genuine power. In spite of the fact that on the beefier side, the apparatus is all around adjusted and the elastic over mold adds to the general solace of utilizing the instrument.


Despite being less widely-known compared to other power tools such as the drills, impact wrenches sure proves to be a great help as well in your tasks, whether professional or DIY.

And, when it comes to power tools, you certainly won’t go wrong with both Milwaukee and DEWALT. Not only are they powerful enough to help with the tasks they are expected of, Milwaukee and DEWALT power tools are also almost indestructible.

Both brands offer many different impact wrenches that would suit the task at hand and your budget. Read through the specifications first to make sure that what you are planning to purchase can do the job.

If you have any thoughts or feedback about our topic today, please feel free to comment down below.

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