Milwaukee 2598-22 Vs. 2597-22 Vs. 2596-22 Cordless Drill Driver

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Similar to latest technologies nowadays, many power tools are also advancing in order to make things more convenient for every consumer who’s into home maintenance and repair.

Those days that you need to put a lot of effort are gone. Simply drill into a hard surface with a hammer drill and your work will be much easier. You see, hammer drills are one of the most basic and required power tools that can aid many consumers with home maintenance and repair. Hammer drills have the power to drill into cement, block, or brick. In addition, hammer drills are one of the most versatile power tools nowadays because you can also use it as a normal drill.

However, with so many brands today competing with each other and proving who the best is for consumers; it’s a little bit challenging to determine what the best for your needs is.

And that’s the very reason we’re here. We’ve reviewed three Milwaukee drills that are among the top picks when it comes to hammer drills. That said, let’s dive in!

Milwaukee 2598-22 Vs. 2597-22 Vs. 2596-22

1. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2598-22 M12 Fuel 2 Pc Kit- 1/2″ Hammer Drill & 1/4″ Impact

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What You Will Get from this Product?

The evergreen Milwaukee original hammers drills and impact drivers have for long been an all-out manager. Being the most lightweight and compact devices, these rushed to turn into a professional’s pick. Be that as it may, presently, things have far superior.

The ‘M12 Fuel’ in the name speaks to Milwaukee’s 12V brushing engines. The organization has perpetually been main-stream for its brushless apparatuses. Each device houses a brushless engine running on the REDLINK framework. This innovation guarantees more power, sturdiness, and run time. Adhering to their devotion towards the 12V brushless apparatuses, Milwaukee thought of its second era of Hammer Drill and Impact Driver.

Much the same as the original, the Milwaukee toolbox is once more a 2 piece unit. It incorporates a Hex Impact Hammer and a Hammer Drill/Driver.

Hammer Drill/Driver

In contrast to the Impact driver, the Hammer Drill didn’t demonstrate much enhancement for execution. The new drill gives a similar torque (350 in/lbs.) and max RPM (1,700) as the original apparatuses. Be that as it may, the size is once more a distinct advantage. The length of the drill is stopped by an inch.

Attributable to its shorter length, the drill needed to bargain one of its highlights. The subsequent age drill has dropped the different ring to choose the mode. This ring gives clients a chance to make brisk moves between driving, drilling, and hammer drill modes in the principal gen apparatus. Presently the new drill clubs this capacity with the grasp which avoids the snappy movements. In any case, in the event that you intend to purchase the driver too, this won’t be an issue.

12 Volt or 18 Volt: Which is better?

The vast majority clearly incline toward 18V devices foreseeing a superior power. Be that as it may, the 12V apparatuses are turning into another pattern. The main motivation behind this change is the size. The littler battery chops down a great deal of these devices. The vast majority of the 12V apparatuses are an inch shorter and about an ounce lesser than 18V ones. With size such compact and weight such light, you’re genuinely going to adore these drills and drivers.

With regards to execution, the 12V instruments aren’t much behind the 18V as they used to be. These apparatuses give you enough control that you would require on most work days. It flops just on the off chance that you have to work with huge latches. Spare your 18V instruments for such days yet nothing is more helpful than these 12V devices for ordinary use.


  • Product is very easy to use
  • The head angle on both of these tools is a great feature
  • The ergonomics are very good
  • The bag is well-made and seems very durable
  • The impact driver also comes with an electronic clutch 


  • Speed needs to spin a little faster
  • Seems to be lacking torque.

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Can I plug the charger in 220V?

A: No you can’t. It’s a 120V charger only.

Q: Are these brushless motors?

Q: Yes it is.

Q: Are the batteries interchangeable?

Q: Yes you can use either 12V batter in either drill. 

What Take on This Product:

The Milwaukee model 2598-22 is a superb decision for clients since it arrives in a set rather than independently. One can get all their drilling necessities in a single spot with this one set which makes the activity simpler for a great many people.

The 4-Mode drive control is the thing that gives this toolbox its edge and what makes its upper adaptable. Circumstances, such as overdriving, or stripping or breaking, is a typical event with such gadgets, yet not with this one gratitude to the 4-Mode drive control.

2. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2597-22 M12 Drill/Driver, 1/2″

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What You Will Get With This Product?

Have you at any point experienced difficulty drilling openings in your dividers? All things considered, you are not alone. Probably the most serious issue a great many people face when drilling isn’t with the dividers, however with the gear.

Now and again we misunderstand the measured drills; once in a while they need more power for the dividers they are being utilized on or simply an inappropriate kind that chaotic heaps the whole circumstance up.

For a brisk arrangement, the Milwaukee 2597-22, a brushless cordless hammer drill and impact driver combo pack, is exactly what you need. Drilling openings made straightforward.


This combo pack is viewed as one of the most productive and competent in the market due to all its extraordinary highlights.

The hammer drill, with an all-metal hurl for the best grasp, is only the correct size for those little difficult to arrive at spots. The E-Cutch has steady repeatability. With 1700 RPM power state brushless engine it makes any work super-proficient.

The impact driver likewise has an extremely compact plan with its 5.1″ size, a 0-3300 RPM power state brushless engine, 1300 in-lbs. of securing torque, and 4-mode drive control.

The toolset gauges 8.73 pounds and is Lithium-particle battery driven. Its measurements are 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches. The 12 Volts make the whole work a ton simpler and quicker for whoever works this machine.

Another survey referenced that the purchaser is pleased with the exhibition of this drill pack. This purchaser likewise happens to have the gen1 variant, however have not been utilizing it since it is a lot heavier, while the Milwaukee 2597-22 is a lot simpler to bear.

Effectiveness and efficiency

They additionally referenced how much quicker and more effective it is than some other 12V instrument. This individual contrasted this instrument and his others from Bosch and prescribed this as better and progressively productive. He enjoys the electronic grip much in excess of a mechanical one. In any case, he specifies that it is touchy to high control.

From the audits, it very well may be drawn that this item is clear to use for the amateurs this quality has persuaded numerous different clients to attempt this. You won’t lament paying extra for delivery.

One of the drawbacks of this set is that this item isn’t dispatched wherever so a few people may experience difficulty with getting it conveyed to their doorstep, and still, at the end of the day it could have a traditions charge slapped on it.

The value point can likewise be irksome for certain individuals as it isn’t extremely low on generally sites.

Overall Performance

In any case, it is alluded to as a phenomenal item that the brand has discharged and is exceptionally prescribed by the clients. It is ceaselessly evaluated in the greatest, which discloses why it must be the best cordless drill decision. As previously mentioned, the transportation cost is inconsequential when the outcome is the conveyance of this delightful electric toolbox.


  • The product is M12 1/2″ Drill/Driver
  • Easy to use
  • Very durable built
  • Hard case is very protective
  • Has an exponential amount of power 


  • Doesn’t work with 220V
  • Doesn’t come with full warranty

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: On the impact driver, is it a ¼ inch hex or a 3/8 hex?

A: It is a ¼ inch.

Q: Does the battery charger work at 220V?

A: Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Q: Do you get the hard plastic case?

A: Milwaukee units come in a hard plastic case. 

What Take on This Product:

The Milwaukee model 2597-22 is a fantastic decision for clients since it arrives in a set rather than exclusively. One can get all their drilling prerequisites in a single spot with this one set which makes the activity simpler for a great many people.

These devices in the set are viewed as the absolute most skilled for their compactness. The compactness makes it extremely simple to bear which is an average issue with a great deal of apparatuses.

3. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2596-22 M12 Fuel 2Pc Kit – 1/2″ Drill & 1/4″ Hex Impact

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What You Will Get With This Product?

The Milwaukee 2596-22 M12’s 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL gives more prominent authority over yield speed and power for more noteworthy flexibility by conveying 0-1,300 RPM in Mode 1, 0-2,400 RPM in Mode 2 and 0-3,300 RPM in Mode 3

Mode 4 is Self-Tapping Screw Mode which is intended to lessen strolling when starting self-tapping screws just as decrease overdriving, breaking and stripping out screws. Accompanies free M12™ REDLITHIUM™ XC6.0 Broadened Limit Battery Pack

This thing likewise conveys a great deal of intensity. Try not to let the size trick you. This thing packs a punch and is the hardest hitting M12 Impact Driver to date. The manner in which it was assembled nearly makes you not have a genuine requirement for the included 1/2 inch Drill, in spite of the fact that I think the drill is a need for individuals with ordinary drill bits that don’t utilize a Hex Fitting.

It accompanies 4 distinct modes that are changed with a solitary catch on the highest point of the Impact Driver (close to the back end).

Different Speed and Self Tapping Mode

They truly prove to be useful and you can truly tweak the speed that you requirement for the activity. Utilizing one tapping mode, I have not stripped a solitary screw, even in more established units that have had their boards taken off much of the time enough to cause baggy screws. This is an amazing element.

It starts off delayed to start the screw, at that point impacts it hard, and afterward grips intensely to anticipate stripping.

In general, Heaps of intensity in a compact bundle. Very much assembled and functioning admirably in the wake of being utilized consistently. Fits into spots bigger apparatuses don’t and still has a lot of capacity to take care of business.


  • Excellent self-tapping mode
  • Mode 4 is self-tapping screw mode
  • Most capable and most compact 12V drill and driver, and impact driver combo kit
  • Comes with charger and tool bag
  • Very powerful drill 


  • Not ideal for tough tasks
  • A little bit pricey for the features 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Are they made in China?

A: Yes, they are.

Q: Does the drill have enough power to mix latex paint?

A: Yes, definitely!

Q: Is the 12V drill, a hammer/drill driver?

A: Yes of course. 

What Take on This Product:

The 2596-22 M12 FUEL™ 2-Device Combo Pack is the most fit and most compact 12V drill driver and impact driver combo unit available. Included is the M12 FUEL™ Drill Driver (2503-20), the most proficient, lightest weight and most compact 12V drill in the market. At just 6.6″ and 2.8lbs of weight it is the best drill to use in compact spaces.

It conveys the ability to do a wide assortment of uses at 1700 RPM’s and 350in.lbs. of torque. Likewise included, the M12 FUEL™ ¼” Hex Impact (2553-20), the quickest driving rate, most compact with 4-mode drive control impact driver in the market. At 3,300 RPM the impact drives swindles 20% quicker than contenders. At 5.1″ long it takes into account unrivaled access in tight spaces. 

What Is The Difference Between Milwaukee 2598-22 Vs. 2597-22 Vs. 2596-22?

Hex Impact Hammer

The ¼” Hex Impact Driver has gotten striking updates from the original variant. Size is the greatest positive for the new plan. The Milwaukee 2598-22 has peeled off an inch long and about 0.2 pounds in weight compared to both 2597-22 and 2596-22. Additionally, this driver is more dominant than its forerunner. The maximum RPM has one up from 2650 to 3300 and the torque from 1,000 in/lbs. to 1,300 in/lbs.

2598-22’s cutting edge impact driver offers more control for adaptable applications compared to 2597-22 and 2596-22. This time you get 4 methods of activity with the apparatus. There are 3 diverse speed modes and an extra self-tapping screw mode. Inside this new mode, the driver starts moderate averting the screw’s movements. Next, it goes to higher speeds and backs off again once the screw is set.  All things considered, you get a progressively compact, lightweight, and ultra-incredible driver with this new release.

Weight and Compactness

The Milwaukee 2597-22 is compact and lightweight which makes it a helpful rigging compared to 2598-22 and 2596-22. It has likewise been alluded to as very quick and ground-breaking. Its electronic grasp is an excellent element of this very release when contrasted with the mechanical grip adaptation. At the point when contrasted with Gen1 rendition, it is said to be moderately calmer.

The sack that accompanies it is likewise strong and increasingly agreeable to utilize. In any case, in spite of all these incredible highlights, grumbles about the handles being somewhat less agreeable when contrasted with the Gen1 fuel driver (which had thin handles on top) is likewise existent.


The 2596-22 M12 fuel 2-Apparatus Combo pack is the most competent and most compact 12V drill driver and impact driver Combo unit available. Included is the M12 fuel™ drill driver (2503-20), the most able, lightest weight and most compact 12V drill in the market. It conveys the ability to do a wide assortment of utilizations at 1700 rpm’s and 350in.Lbs.

At 3, 300 RPM the impact drives cheats 20% quicker than contenders; long it takes into account unparalleled access in tight spaces. The 4-mode drive control gives more prominent authority over yield speed and power for more prominent adaptability by conveying 0-1, 300 RPM in mode 1, 0-2, 400 RPM in mode 2 and 0-3, 300 RPM in mode 3. Unfortunately, both Milwaukee 2598-22 vs. 2597-22 won’t be able to give the same utility. 


With the above Milwaukee hammer drill reviews, you have evidently decided as to which of the two gives you the features that you need.

Try to provide yourself a favor by precluding strain from happening when working on your home maintenance and repair tasks by picking on the hammer drills above.

But be sure to consider the tips above when buying a hammer drill and always think of it as a great investment. It won’t only make your projects easier but it will also preclude strain.

Please feel free to comment down below if you have any feedback or opinions about our topic today.

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