Metabo HPT Vs. Makita Cordless Drill: Which Is Best?

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Cordless drills are powerful electric tools that use rechargeable batteries. Some workers carry spare battery packs they can charge while drilling and easily swap them in case the cell runs out of power.

However, current cordless drills have improved lithium-ion batteries, which replaced the nickel-cadmium ones. These modern batteries offer longer running time and faster-charging features. Additionally, Li-ion batteries can last for years as compared to nickel-cadmium that only has a maximum lifespan of four months.

What To Consider

Using the right drill can let you accomplish more woodwork. Hence, finding the perfect device that suits your needs is required for you to work efficiently. Here are some of the things you need to consider to find the best drill that will work for you.

Power Drill Capabilities

Having the right power drill capabilities can make any work a lot easier. There are drills available in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch-sizes, which tell the size of the drill’s chuck.

The chuck is the one that holds the bit to know the maximum diameter of the bit shank that will fit the device. The larger the size of the chuck is, the more potent the machine becomes for heavier applications.

It is wise to get a drill with variable speed to give you more versatility in drilling various materials. This way, you can use a broader range of bits without the need to change the tool.

Also, a drill with a keyless chuck can make the bit changes and adjustments quicker. You can perform bit adjustments and switches with a single hand.

Design And Comfort

More than the looks of a drill, it must feel comfortable and secure in your hand. It should give the same comfort after many hours of drilling and driving. Hence, it would help if you considered the tool’s power and its weight at the same time.

A light drill may be convenient to use but may not have enough power to work on more massive tasks. On the other hand, a mighty device allows you to finish your job quicker but may strain your hands and shoulders after extended use.

Finally, the design of the handle can also affect comfortability. A drill with a T-handle style evenly distributes the weight of the tool for more balance. Meanwhile, a pistol-grip design lets users work in tighter spaces like corners and angles.


Since cordless drills run on batteries, it is imperative to look for a tool with efficient battery power. These essential features will ensure that you can finish multiple jobs within a shorter period. Quick-charging batteries are also helpful, especially if you need to work on many projects that require long hours of labor.

Let’s Compare

Metabo HPT, formerly part of the Hitachi group, offers the same high-quality tools, only under a new name. The company’s over 70 years of engineering experience earned them a reputation in the development of lighter and more efficient machines.

Another global brand, when it comes to a power tool, is Makita. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, their products are known for innovation and durability. Let’s find out more about the cordless drill products of these two power tool leading brands.

Metabo HPT Cordless Driver-Drill Kit (DS18DGL)

Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill Kit is worth your every penny. With all its amazing features and added qualities, you can never ask for more from a power drill. This tool has a new brand name but still has the same Hitachi characteristics.

Two-Speed Gear Setting

This driver drill kit has a two-speed gear setting to match the required application appropriately. Its responsive variable-speed trigger enables users to have complete control over the device. This drill speed is supported by 18 volts and 23 watts of power.

Multiple Torque Settings

The Metabo HPT DS18DGL has a 1/2-inch keyless Chuck with 22 torque settings. These features allow you to use the device with ultimate precision and control while working on a variety of tasks.

With its 400 inch-pounds maximum torque, you can easily accomplish even the toughest jobs. Although it’s not as powerful as other professional tools, you can quickly finish general DIY and home projects with this power drill.

Lifetime Tool Warranty

With its reasonable price, you get two Lithium-Ion batteries and a carrying case. The cells are lightweight and can fully charge within 35 minutes. The drill also has a lifetime warranty on tool, a two-year warranty on the batteries, and one-year for the charger.

Plus, it features a LED light to help illuminate your workspace when working in dim settings. Weighing 3.7 pounds, it offers a balanced weight for secure handling and use.

Makita FD07R1 12V MAX CXT Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

The Makita FD07R1 is a sure hit if you need a compact and lightweight, yet functional cordless drill. This ergonomically designed cordless driver drill kit offers enough power-efficient drilling, driving, and fastening. Its long-lasting battery allows you to work longer compared to other devices.

Designed for Comfort

This compact and ergonomically designed drill measures only six inches with a weight of 2.3 pounds, including the battery. This lightweight feature lessens fatigue on the hands, arms, and shoulders of users. It makes the FD07R1 an ideal compact tool for use in tight spaces.

It has a built-in LED light that illuminates your work area. Further, the convenient 3/8-inch keyless chuck allows you to change bits quickly. This brushless motor drill fits comfortably in your hand.

Efficient BL Brushless Motor

The BL brushless motor of this power tool can deliver a maximum torque of 280 inch-pounds. It also eliminates carbon brushes, allowing the engine to run for much longer.

Additionally, this is a two-speed brushless drill with a variety of power for different drilling and fastening needs.

Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery

With Makita’s 12V MAX CXT Lithium-Ion battery, you get a running time of up to 50% more than other devices. It allows you to work on numerous tasks in a single full charge.

It also includes a LED charge level indicator for added convenience. This Makita tool boasts of battery technology and motor efficiency.


Here are some more facts about cordless drills to help you decide in choosing the perfect tool for you. Some of the possible questions you might have been presented below.

Are Metabo HPT Power Drills Any Good?

The Metabo HPT 18V drill shows the company’s commitment to quality and reliability. It is versatile and offers more speed than other tools. Aside from these great features, Metabo HPT’s advanced battery system delivers long-lasting power.

Is Makita A Dependable Brand?

Makita’s more than 100 years of history in manufacturing high-quality power tools is a solid proof that it is a reliable brand. It is known worldwide for its wide array of devices with star protection technology to prevent overheating and overloading. The company also has a variety of accessories that are compatible with Makita power tools.

What Does LXT Mean On Makita Power Drills?

Lithium-ion Xtreme Technology or LXT is a Makita drill’s feature that allows the charger to communicate with the cell to control its voltage, current, and temperature.

It keeps the batteries and charger cool even while charging for faster charging time. This feature also makes the battery life last longer.


If you are torn between Metabo HPT and Makita cordless drills, you are not alone. Both of these brands are known in the power tool industry to produce quality products. Metabo HPT is famous for its affordable yet powerful drill.

On the other hand, Makita offers compact devices that have the most efficient battery pack. Hence, whichever you choose between these two featured power tools, you can be sure that you will be able to accomplish any DIY and home projects effectively.

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