Malwarebytes Vs. Norton 2020 Comparison

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Do you want to know which one between Malwarebytes vs. Norton is better? Then you’ve just come to the right place as we will show you which one is the best. Make sure to stick around and read every evaluations of our screening process which were professionally evaluated.

Now, for the most part, the significant threat of cyber-attacks nowadays looming over every user’s head on the web has made many AV software companies to make robust AV software of their own. That said, two of the most prominent brand to come out of this much-needed of AV software are the Malwarebytes and Norton.

In this review, we will compare these two prominent brands in different traits and factors to see which really the best is when it comes to making the life of the user easier. These aspects will be discussed along the way, and would include the protection ways, user-friendliness, pricing, and many more.

Stay tune and let’s see which one is worthy of your attention and effort.

Brief Rundown In Different Categories

We managed to gather stats and important data for this review based on the factors discussed below. If don’t have enough time to read through the whole article, then here’s a quick brief of all the essential factors of the features between MALWAREBYTES and Norton.

We hope that they help you in your decision.


Even though MALWAREBYTES is way inexpensive of the two, Norton offers more suites to its prospective users. So since we’re talking about price here and not features, then the winner for this round is the MALWAREBYTES. This brand will give you more licenses for less money, that’s why we chose it for bulk license pricing especially to get an activation code.


There was really no close-matchup when it comes to the protection factor of the two AV brands. After evaluation these two brands, they were able to detect improved and new malware, but still we declare Norton to be the top of this round as its shows better score on independent evaluations made by prominent security firms.


MALWAREBYTES’ features look quite one dimensional for some of the users’ taste and on the flip side, Norton seems to offer more than deleting and detecting viruses which include alerting the user of the threat. For sure, the winner of feature match is Norton as it comes with more beneficial features as well as utilities in its security capabilities compared to MALWAREBYTES. Additionally, Norton lays more highlight on protecting the user financial data and user identity. So obviously, we will pick Norton.

System-Performance Impact

Both brands didn’t really have much impact on the background performance of some users’ computer. However, they ended when the system acted quite slow during the process of opening the prominent software. Meanwhile, Malware was just operating. This implies that Norton has better system performance impact. Our winner for this round is Norton is MALWAREBYTES didn’t go from the performance evaluations conducted by prominent security firms.

User Interface

Both AV applications come with awesome and intuitive interface. MALWAREBYTES is pretty straightforward and very classic, so we want to give this round to MALWAREBYTES.

Customer Support Service 

For the most part, Norton support section featured interaction along with an AV experts 24/7 compared to MALWAREBYTES that doesn’t offer one. This round goes to Norton.


When it comes to popularity, Symantec is a prominent brand that doesn’t only operate Norton but also holds the majority of the stock market share, which is why Norton won this round.

Initial Verdict

For the most part, MALWAREBYTES is a very competitive AV software. However, Norton offers more solid feature-set as well as better malware protection along with less impact on the system performance. But then again, MALWAREBYTES offers better value for your hard-earned money compared to Norton.

Pricing Comparison – Malwares Vs. Norton

Pricing are quite varied for every person in the world. Moreover, there’s just no way around this kind of pricing. It’s the reason why no matter how plenty of features do the AV brand has to offer, if it’s very expensive and can’t afford, then nothing we can do. It’s why we’ve arranged this comparison to see which has better plans. These plans will vary of course with the factors which include extra feature and security, multi-platform support, and a whole lot more.

Below, we will declare who is the winner at the end of each matchup for every factor. We will ensure to assist you in purchasing the most ideal software for you.

Norton’s Pricing Offers

Found at the official site of Norton is the antivirus program by Symantec. Users will be able to find 4 various kinds of pricing packages for platforms which include iOS, smartphones, Android, and Windows. The lowest price will start at almost 40 bucks and will be billed on an annual bases that users can link one computer or device at a time. Now if you want to improve the device support and wish that some of your family or friends could also available such opportunity, then this product surely offers across limitless devices for just a price of almost 300 US dollars. You can check their different suits along with platform support found in the list below.

Norton 360 Standard

Users can get it for 39.99US dollars good for a year. It is available for download on one smartphone, one Mac, or one Windows.

Norton 360 DELUX

This one can be bought at 49US dollars and it supports up to five devices of platforms which include Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows PC.

Norton 360 with LIFELOCK

Users can acquire this suite for a mere price of 99.99US dollars good for a year and can be cover five different kinds of systems which include tablet, smartphone, Mac, and PC.

Norton 360 with Ultimate Plus

This is probably the most ideal suite if you want to use one for your business because it has an antivirus app on limitless devices of all platforms for just a price of 299 US dollars.

For now, Norton AV service offers a valid sixty day money back guarantee after you buy their suites that we discussed above, and if you don’t like their service. You can also utilize their Norton’s 30-day free trial if you want test their software first.

MALWAREBYTES’ Pricing Offers

Compared to the regular AV software in the world today, MALWAREBYTES provides a 14 day trial of its premium versions with complete features without any strings linked. As the name implies, MALWAREBYTES’ whole operation is based on getting rid of malware from every platforms of device which include Android, McOS, and Windows. Sadly, it’s not available for iOS devices out there. However, users can still use the program on platforms such as Chrome or on iPhone with Mac computer. Anyways, here are the packages from MALWAREBYTES.


This one enables users to use the program’s premium version just for free and 14 days of trial with no hidden strings at all.

MALWAREBYTES Premium for Windows 

Users can acquire the service for just 39.99 US dollars that will only serve one device.

MALWAREBYTES Premium for Mac 

MALWAREBYTES enables users of the macOS based computers to get its premium package for just 39.99US dollars.


The brand offers its Android app to its users all over the world for just free from the platform of the Google Play Store; this features things as web protection, ad block, and even calls blocking. 


This particular plan is only available for iOS users out there that live in United States and Canada. This one can be downloaded from Apple App Store for just free cost with the same features that is offered by Android devices out there.

MALWAREBYTES for Chrome Book 

Users can get this plan for free on their Chrome book by simply downloading the app from the Google Play Store


This particular service is free for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

MALWAREBYTES Premium (3-Devices)

This one is a premium package from the brand and it offers a period of 2 years. However, it is also accessible on 3 devices which include smartphones, macOS, and Windows for just a cost of 59.99 US dollars that is good for one year. 

Considering how convenient as well as generous MALWAREBYTES is in providing free trials of their premium suits, we still feel that Norton’s AV software offers more convenience. It also comes with much extensive platform support and users can utilize the program on as many devices, which ultimately provides versatile nature of their service because we can safely say that Norton is the winner of the pricing round.


Norton’s Features

Norton gives one of the best features when it comes to antimalware app. It doesn’t only provide complete protection from data-stealing threats as well as malware and ransom-ware but it also give its cloud-storage backup that ranges from 50 gigabyte up to 500 gigabyte depending on the package that you choose for yourself.

This particular feature is very convenient especially during any hardware failure or sometimes some ransom-ware attempt. The most fundamental Norton 360 standard package supports covers across many devices and also offers many packages which include firewall, ransom ware protection, malware, antivirus, and anti-spyware. Moreover, it comes with a 10 gigabytes cloud backup to aid users to store important files and documents.

Furthermore it comes with a password manager that enables you to handle the passwords of your various accounts from payment data to social media, automatically. It also comes with a static IP addresses and secure VPN with 10 gigabyte. Moreover, it has a Safe Cam to find on whether your computer’s web cam has protection from possible spy threats. Norton also features dark web monitoring which is powered by LIFELOCK. This particular feature will alert users if their information is being spread out in the dark web.

If you like to utilize more of Norton’s features, then you can simply pick its most extravagant plan which is the Norton 360 Ultimate. This particular plan expands the cloud storage facility for up to 500 gigabytes and offers extra programs which include bank and credit card activity alerts to always keep you on the lookout for any malicious activities that are happening to your cards. It also comes with fictitious identity monitoring that alerts users if someone is utilizing your identity online. Moreover, it has a 401 k and investment activity alerts which notifies users whether someone is doing something on their bank funds.


Users can just thoroughly check each of this brand’s software’s premium features by simply using the fourteen day free trial before even purchasing the package for a whole year. As the name implies, this AV software is engineered particularly to deal with threats such as malware that not only slows down the performance of the computer but also threatens every data and information stored inside the PC.

Its premium package offers the following privacy and security approaches. Also, MALWAREBYTES comes with a complete ability to get rid of new versions of spyware and malware from the computer by simply detecting and identifying many advanced threats. Additionally, if you turn on the app 24/7, then it will enable MALWAREBYTES to just find and stop malware in real-time before it even cause any kind of danger to the user’s device. Its virus protection shield also assists in halting exploit attacks as well as protecting the users’ information and the overall system.

Seeing this comparison of the security suites of both Norton and MALWAREBYTES software, you’ll immediately observe a seemingly one-dimensional nature of MALWAREBYTES as well as the all-around coverage of many Norton. Because Norton simply provides protection against identity theft and securely keeps your payment information safeguarded, we want to give the point of features to Norton Antivirus.


If the antimalware software provides you with vast options for security against malicious files and online attacks, this only implies that your data is in danger. Because of this, it must also come with an intuitive user interface. Users must be able to effortlessly access them without really checking any kind of tutorial or guides. If the user interface is nice enough, then for user more people will line up to get that particular plan. Because of this, we managed to come up with a brief comparison between Norton and MALWAREBYTES user interface, on which it will aid users pick the choice with the best app functionality.

Norton’s Software User Interface

The most ideal thing about Norton’s user interface is that the right bottom row of the software display good things and users can notice the time left of the subscription suite. It also allows the user to be ready to subscribe again if they want to the service when the package get expired. Upon opening Norton, your PC will see a central dashboard with big icons which include More Norton, Performance, Identity, and Security. It also comes with Quick Scan feature located at the forefront. If users want to see the more extensive functionality, then they just need to click on More Protection, and access the broad range of plans that Norton gives to safeguard the identity and personal info.

With its easy to the eye color display as well as its green checkmarks, for sure this software won’t let you down because it will protect your PC while having great user interface. Norton also comes with the best interface which is offered by none any other AV software brand out there.

Also, directly located at this checkmark are the certain areas of operation which include security, performance, and online safety. If you click the My Norton page to go back to a more extensive dashboard, then you’ll be able to access your personal data.


Probably, there’s nothing better option to prove that a user interface is giving any benefits of the program from the very start. Because of this, the MALWAREBYTES will show you five high-functioning icons on its left side. These are settings, reports, quarantine, scan, and dashboard. These certain icons will enable users to do what they want to perform with the software in the beginning.

Located on the right end of the dashboard, user will see options which include Real-time protection, Scan Status, and Protection History. Also, located in the middle is the Scan Now button which is ready to search the PC for vexatious malware. This MALWAREBYTES interface is also packed and loaded with amazing features at the frontend display.

Even though we are fond of the every feature that both MALWAREBYTES and Norton user interface has to offer. There’s just something good about the simplicity of MALWAREBYTES that we really like compared to Norton. Because of this, we want to give the points to MALWAREBYTES.

Customer Support Program Comparison

If the user interface didn’t deliver the right feature, the thing that will be very beneficial to you is to use a customer care program of the brand, which is for sure ready to help all the times. This particular feature normally comes with text tutorials, various audio, email ticketing system, and live chat support. For now, let’s take a look at the customer care service of both Norton and MALWAREBYTES.

Norton’s Customer Support Service

Norton’s support section features stuffs such as a phone all support, a live chat, a community forum, a customized support, and frequently asked questions. If that is not good enough, then Norton has a YouTube channel that packs with basic and necessary information you might need.

The Customer Care Service Of MALWAREBYTES

When it comes to MALWAREBYTES, they don’t really have any live chat feature and any kind of email support. Nonetheless, its support section is packed with instructive sections which include guide, troubleshoot, setup and configure, and install and activate.

These particular sections come enough deficits for the user to fix their malware-related issue. In its support section, MALWAREBYTES come with divided categories which are mentioned above for their platforms which include Browser, Android, MacOS, and Windows.

In the end, it seems like it’s not even a comparison. For the fact that MALWAREBYTES doesn’t have any kind of offer direct interaction with its customer care is a big no, and it is also the exact reason why we want to give the points to Norton’s customer care program.

Popularity And Market Share Comparison

For all we know, all the long reviews, stats, and certain features won’t really do a good thing for the company if the regular user is not purchasing the product. That’s why it is crucial to have some surveys and certain kind of communication in order to comprehend what really the users really want for their future AV software aside from their ability to fight malwares.

Now, we managed to get the popularity of both MALWAREBYTES and Norton, and based on their market share and the stats we got from METAACCESS users which is named ‘Windows Anti-Malware Market Share Report’, in January 2020 by OPSWAT, based on the stats, the Norton which is the number one place holder of all the antivirus program comes with a market share of 13 percent. Meanwhile MALWAREBYTES only got a disappointing 4.04 percent.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to make the right choice based on you own needs and affordability. Your feedback will surely matter the most alongside your budget that you carry on you. We managed to thoroughly conduct some tests and declared a winner for each factor matchup.

In the end, one can say that there was really no contest that happened between MALWAREBYTES and Norton since Norton was the superior AV service by long time especially if we base everything on the plans, features, and even the market share which indicate the popularity.

Furthermore, Norton wins our overall roundup. But still MALWAREBYTES was able to put a good match. Also, both brands come with decent interfaces. Though MALWAREBYTES is quite better in terms of bulk pricing, but Norton is much better when it comes to performance and protection and comes with slightly sophisticated features than MALWAREBYTES. Possessing such factors and features, we can say that Norton really is the superior one when it comes to paid AV subscription.

Do you agree with us? Please leave your feedback below and we’ll try to catch up with you! And by the way, if you’re looking for some coupon code, then you are able to find some license key on REDDIT.  See you.

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