Makita Vs. Milwaukee Cordless Drill (How To Choose)

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Power tools are essential machines at home and work. One of the most common handy devices we usually use at home is the cordless drill. From the boring of holes to hanging of paintings to fastening shelves, we immediately grab a cordless drill from the toolbox.

When buying a new drill, however, it is sometimes tricky what brand to choose. And when it comes to power tools, professionals and DIY enthusiasts prefer only the trusted quality brands, like Makita and Milwaukee.

But before getting one, you must first know what you need in a product. Choosing the right one for you is essential and beneficial in the long run.

What To Consider

Before spending money on a new cordless drill, you need to exactly know what you are looking for on a tool. There are some factors you need to take into consideration when buying a drill.

Whether you are purchasing a Makita or Milwaukee cordless drill, the following buying guides will help you choose the perfect one.

Size And Weight

One of the most important things you should consider when looking for a cordless drill is its size. You might want to get something that can allow you to access tight spaces like crevices and closet corners. Additionally, a compact tool is easy to carry around and keep in your storage box.

Additionally, you commonly use a single hand to hold a cordless drill. Using a sizable bulky tool might even give you a more difficult time working on your projects.

Massive cordless drills will tire your arms and shoulders quickly, while a very light one might not be powerful enough for large jobs.

Variable Speed

If you are working on several projects, it is wise to choose a drill with a variable speed trigger. It means that your tool can operate at different speeds depending on the work to be done. The more speed settings the machine has, the better the versatility and functionality the product offers.

Ease Of Use

An ergonomically designed cordless drill offers more comfort to users. This type of tool reduces fatigue on your hands, arms, and shoulders. It will also be better if your device has a fast-charging battery and easy-handling design.

Additional Features

Some drills have additional features that some users might not need but can make your work a lot easier. An example is a built-in LED light, which is useful if you are working in dark, tight spaces.

Some drills have magnetic fixtures on the side of the tool that can store bits for easy access and use. Others are capable of having grinders or sanders as attachments for higher functionality.

But remember, the more bonus features you get, the higher the possible price of the tool can be. So if you can afford it, you might want to pay extra to make your work a lot easier.


Since power drills are used frequently and on tough jobs, wear and tear inevitably happens. A tool with a good warranty will come in handy during these times. Some manufacturers offer up to five years in the warranty. You might want to look for a brand that also offers a warranty for its battery and charger.

Let’s Compare

The two most famous manufacturing companies when it comes to power tools are Makita and Milwaukee. The Makita was founded in 1915 and has come a long way ever since. It is now a world-renowned brand for quality and durability.

Not to be left behind is the Milwaukee Tool, which began in 1924. The company is known for its state-of-the-art solutions in the manufacture of professional power tools.

Popular among their product lines are the M12 and M18 cordless systems that boast of productivity and innovation.

So which one should you choose? Let us try to find out.

Makita FD05Z Max CXT Cordless Driver-Drill

If you are looking for something that will allow you to accomplish various tasks quickly and efficiently, go for Makita drills.

With their high-quality tools, you will realize that you get the most of what you paid for. You will be able to save money in the long run since you will surely use this tool for a very long time.


If you are planning to work on several projects within a limited period, this cordless tool will be a great help.

It has a variable two-speed designed to accomplish a wide range of drilling and driving activities. You can choose between zero to 450 or zero to 1,700 RPM at the maximum torque of 250 inch-pound.

With its CXT lithium-ion batteries, you will be able to use the tool longer without the need to recharge. The batteries can deliver 50% more power than other products.

Also, the 12V max CXT li-ion batteries are engineered with a power protection circuit to prevent overloading and from overheating even in extended use.

Comfort and Convenience

The tool only weighs 2.4 pounds, including the battery; thus, lessening hand fatigue even if you use it for a long time. Also, the ergonomically designed rubber handle provides a soft grip for added comfort. Additionally, it’s built-in LED light can illuminate your workspace when working in dark corners.


Makita products come with a three-year warranty. Therefore, if you find any defect in the workmanship and materials of your tool, battery, or charger, Makita will repair it free of charge. If you are not satisfied with Makita tools, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a replacement or refund.

Milwaukee 2601-22 18V Compact Drill Kit

This cordless drill from Milwaukee delivers heavy-duty functions without the need of a hammer-drill. Its high-quality is partnered with portability, making it the perfect go-to power tool anytime and anywhere.

Quality Tool

This tool is a heavy-duty two-speed drill with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. The device offers a 400 inch-pounds max torque with a low speed of zero to 350 RPM and from zero to 1,400 high. It means that you can work on a variety of works using a single tool.

You can depend on the battery to keep going even after a long period without getting hot. Also, it has a quick-charging feature for you to get the job done faster.

Portable Drill

This Milwaukee product is a compact drill that weighs four pounds, making it easy to carry around in a tool belt. It also fits suitably in your hand and does not slip easily even if your palms get oily or sweaty.

Also, one can easily access the forward and reverse control with a finger, while the speed switch is large enough to reach even with your thick gloves on.

Additional Accessories

The Milwaukee compact drill offers a lot of extra features. For one, it comes with a belt clip. It also has a LED light that turns on when you press the trigger, providing you enough illumination while working in dark spaces. The tool also has an all-plastic chuck sleeve that makes changing bits a lot easier and quicker.


To help you decide on which one to choose, here are some answers to the possible questions you might have when buying a cordless power drill.

Are Makita And Dewalt Better Than Milwaukee?

Dewalt is an American brand, which Black and Decker acquired in the 1960s. Now, the company has more than 200 power tools and almost a thousand accessories. On the other hand, Makita is a Japanese corporation. Makita products are known for being lightweight and easy to handle.

Although Makita tools are a bit less potent than Dewalt and Milwaukee, they have a powerful motor to boast. Makita batteries are designed with a Star Protection System that prevents overload and overheating.

Milwaukee Electric Tools manufactures heavy-duty tools and owned by Techtronic Industries. This feature is supported by its five-year warranty on its cordless drills. So, in summary, Milwaukee promises the most durable products, though they don’t come cheap.

Hence Milwaukee tools are perfect for professional tradespeople who need to work on multiple projects. If you need a more affordable device that can do the job at home, you can choose between Makita and Dewalt.

Which Makita Drill Is Best?

Most Makita fans recommend the Makita XFD104 18V compact lithium-ion cordless drill. It has an ergonomic grip design making it very easy and comfortable to handle even if you use it for many hours.

Further, the cordless drill has 21 clutch settings, water, and dust resistance features that enable you to work better even in dark and challenging job sites.

Whatever the Makita drill model you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product with one of the best batteries. The brand is also known for compact and lightweight power tools.

Are Milwaukee Tools Worth The Money?

You tend to pay more for Milwaukee power tools. But, as soon as you use the machine, you will realize that it is worth every penny. Milwaukee M12 and M18 devices are known for their advanced technology and increased power. It features innovations that make their tools more durable and run longer.

Moreover, the Powerstate brushless motor of Milwaukee machines offers more torque and longer motor life. So, never think twice when choosing this trusted and high-quality brand the next time you need a cordless drill.


Makita and Milwaukee have their fair share of qualities to offer to their customers. Milwaukee brags of durability and better warranty, but be ready to pay a higher price. Whereas, Makita offers one of the most convenient and easy to use tools in the market.

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