Makita Vs. Black And Decker Cordless Drill [Recommended]

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Each time power tool manufacturers release a new product, professionals and handymen can’t wait to get a hand on and try it. The new tools usually have additional features like more power, better battery technology, or more compact and lightweight.

These features make workpeople excited about new power tool models, including cordless drills.

Cordless drills have changed how people work with screws and bolts. Manual screwdrivers are no longer necessary.

Fastening and loosening screws have never been easier and faster with the use of power drills. Cordless drills also make the lives of workers less painful with their ergonomic and user-friendly designs.

What To Consider

There are a lot of things consumers look for in a power drill. Aside from torque and speed, some are after size and weight to lessen fatigue on hands and shoulders. Meanwhile, some are conscious about price and warranty, especially those who are tight on the budget.

Speed Trigger

Various drills offer different speed settings. It is measured by the head’s revolution per minute (RPM). Multi-speed cordless drills are versatile since you can choose between a faster speed to drill holes or slower option for driving screws.  It is also prudent to choose a unit with an easy-to-reach trigger to make switching speeds a lot more convenient.


For corded drills, power is measured by the tools ampere. But, for cordless ones, the devices use volts. The higher its voltage, the better it is to drive screws and penetrate solid materials quickly.

For home use, one can get a machine with 12 to 18 volts. But if you need more power for more massive jobs, you can choose between 20 to 24 volts.

Battery And Accessories

Modern cordless drills use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which run longer than NiCd batteries used in older machines. Lithium-ion batteries provide hours of drilling without running out of power quickly.

You might also want to look for add-on accessories like LED light near the chuck. It enables you to see what you are working on, even in dark spaces.

Let’s Compare

There are many available cordless drills to choose from available on the market nowadays. Most professionals prefer only top-quality tools from trusted brands.

Two of these are Makita and Black and Decker. Deciding what to get can sometimes be challenging. So here is a short comparison between these two dependable cordless drills.

Makita XFD10R Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

If you are concerned about convenience and cost, then Makita is the answer. You can efficiently work in tiny spaces without the annoying air-hose with this compact tool. It would be best if you look for an outlet and a charger to make this machine work.

Powerful Performance

Makita XFD10R has a powerful four-pole 18V motor that can deliver a maximum of 480 inch-pounds of torque for superior performance.

Designed with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), it is resistant to dust and water, making it easier for users to handle even in the harshest site conditions.

Two-Speed Transmission

This machine has an all-metal two-speed transmission that allows you to work on a variety of drilling applications. You can choose between the zero to 600 or zero to 1900 RPM. Therefore, whatever drilling and driving needs you might have, this Makita device will not let you down.

Designed for Comfort

Users’ comfort was on top of the manufacturer when they designed this power drill. It has an ergonomically designed handle, added with soft rubberized grips to prevent putting too much stress on your hands.

Additionally, the dual-LED lights can illuminate your work area much better than other products. The tool case is a bonus for you to carry it around comfortably.

Black And Decker 20V Max Cordless Drill-Driver (LDX120C)

The Black and Decker LDX120C is one of the most compact and portable drills you can find. It boasts of a durable lithium-ion battery that charges quickly. People love its tiny size making it easy to carry around.

Variable Speed

The tool also comes with the most promising feature, which is the variable speed option. A variable speed option enables you to countersink a screw without damaging the material. It is a tool you can use to drill and drive various materials like plastic, wood, and metal.

The device has a keyless chuck and is powered by a 20V motor with 11 clutch positions making it very versatile. It is a 1500-watt drill with a maximum torque of 115 inch-pound and 650 RPM speed, allowing you to work on simple to medium jobs at home.

Lightweight and Portability

Plus, this lightweight drill weighs only 3.2 pounds; thus, reducing fatigue on the user’s hand. With its compact size, you are sure to reach and work on challenging areas without any problem.

Plus, this drill driver has a built-in LED work light that can illuminate dark places for you to work more comfortably.

Extended Battery Life

A Star Protection system helps extend this tool’s battery life. The system enables the battery and the device to communicate with each other innovatively to avoid overloading and overheating.

This innovation increases the life expectancy of the battery cell. Meanwhile, the Rapid Optimum Charger quickly charges the battery without you worrying about damaging or overcharging.


To help you choose the right power drill, here are some questions that might help you arrive at your final decision.

What Is The Best Drill I Can Use At Home?

Cordless drills are compact, functional tools that you can keep at home. If you work on a lot of DIY projects, then this type of power drill comes in handy. The Makita 18V Lithium-Ion cordless drill is a versatile tool.

It has enough power for your simple to more complex jobs in your home. Drilling a hole on your concrete wall, tightening screws on your kitchen cabinet, or fixing a door can all become easy.

If you want a portable and lightweight without compromising power, get a Black and Decker 20V drill. It is ideal for use in tight corners where bulky tools cannot penetrate.

Hence, the best tool for you will not always depend on the brand or the price. It will also be based on what you need to accomplish your tasks.

What Should I Get, An Impact Driver Or A Drill?

If your budget allows, get these two powerhouse tools. But if you only have enough money for just one device, then get a drill. Why? Because if you need to bore a hole using bits, a cordless drill will give you a much smoother and cleaner finish than impact drivers.

Although an impact driver can drive fasteners faster, it creates rougher holes due to its hammer-like mechanism.

Is A 12V Drill Powerful Enough?

It all depends on your purpose of purchasing a drill. For some carpenters and installers, a 12V cordless drill is powerful enough to finish their jobs.

For DIY and home projects, a 12V model can already perform a variety of functions for different tasks. It is compact for easy transport and storage.

Further, it is a better choice if your work involves crawlspaces and overheads to avoid getting tired hands quickly. However, if you are working on high-level, heavy-duty jobs, then a drill with a higher voltage might be ideal.


Whatever you choose between the Makita or Black and decker cordless drill, make sure that the product you want is the one that you need. Expect that any of these tools will serve its purpose for a long time. Hence, you will surely be using the drill for years.

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