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If you’re having a hard time choosing which rotary hammer to get then you can simply go with Makita models. Why? You see, Makita is simply one of the most prominent power tools brands out there, if not the number one. Makita power tools and accessories boast top-notch quality while maintaining a very competitive price. Not to mention that power tools from this brand are made mostly in Japan where a number of things are world-class quality.

Makita also offers many advantageous features that even the prominent power tool brands out there can’t offer. Well, let’s go and review two of the most reliable rotary hammer from Makita: the HR4013C vs. HR4002 Rotary Hammer.

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Makita HR4013C Vs. HR4002 Rotary Hammer

Makita HR4013C 1-9/16″ AVT Rotary Hammer

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What You Will Get With This Product?

Makita HR4013C 1-9/16 inch AVT rotary hammer stars in the heavyweight division in terms of vibration control. AVT or advanced-vibration technology comprises of 3 primary parts. There’s an integrated damper spring, vibration absorbing housing, and an air-actuated counterbalance. These combinations particularly work and the effectiveness is right up there with HILTI.

Now, its LED lightings don’t actually provide you with extra light in dark conditions because there’s a power light indicator that pulls double duty to allow you know if there’s cord damage or switch failure. Obviously, if you fully sever your power connection, it will not work at all. Its service light indicator allows you to know when you need roughly eight working hours left before its brush replacement. That’s convenient, but even if you happen to forget, it comes with an automatic brush cut-off that would shut the unit down before its commutator takes any kind of harm.

With some power tools, you get a certain amount of power at every dial setting. However, Makita is quite smart and ties their dial near to the speed of the bit. Upon pushing through tougher materials and the bit needs to slow down, its motor would give extra power to keep the speed where you set it.

All in all, you’ll get a lot of valuable features from this unit, to name a few: a powerful 11 amp motor, an advance anti-vibration technology, constant speed control that automatically applies extra power to the motor to keep speed under load to complete the most daunting tasks out there.

You’ll also get soft start suppresses start-up reaction for more accuracy, soft no-load function that automatically minimizes the speed of the motor when idling to aid improve tool life as well as performances, a variable speed control dial that lets users to match the speed to the purpose for better versatility, a torque limiting clutch which is designed to preclude any possible gear damage by automatically disengaging gears if the bit binds, a sequential impact timing that gives timed hammering during rotation to minimize overlapping bit impacts for up to 50% faster drilling.

In addition to all of those, you’ll also get LED power light indicator that indicates cord damage or switch failure, automatic brush cut-off that protects commutator from damage for longer power tool life, 2 mode operation for hammering with rotation or chipping only, lock-on or trigger activation in its chipping only mode using a push button to start or stop control for more less-hassle operation, a 24 bit angle settings that let the bit to be set at various positions for operating convenience, and a one-touch sliding chuck for fast bit changes.

Top FAQs On This Product:

Q:Does the model come with the drill bits?

A:Unfortunately no because those are bought separately, and this unit uses the SDS-max bits.

Q:Will this be able to break apart ground asphalt surfaces?

A:Yes, just put a vast chisel bit on it and the power tool will do its job.

Q:Would this be a good pick for drilling 1 inch holes in granite boulders?

A:It will work great with solid concrete so it would most likely do great on granite.

Q:Where is it made?

A:Similar to all latest Makita tools, they are mostly made in Japan or China, as for the batteries for the cordless; most of them are made in Korea. 

What Take On This Product:

This unit’s powerful 11 amp motor can give you 11.4 joules of impact energy, 20 percent more than the its previous model for much faster drilling operation. An added feature is also the option of lock-on or also known as trigger-activated in its chipping only mode, with a push button start/stop control for more convenient performance.

This rotary hammer is designed for a range of concrete applications such as small chipping applications, securing tilt-wall supports, setting larger anchors, coring/drilling through-holes for pipes, and many more. It’s perfect for a range of trades like general contractors, sprinkler installers, electricians, plumbers, demolition contractors, concrete contractors, and masons looking for the best-in-class rotary hammer out there.

Its constant speed control automatically applies extra power to its motor to keep the speed under load in order to complete the most daunting tasks out you have. Its soft start suppresses start-up reaction for better accuracy and more control.

On the other hand, its LED service light lets the user to know about eight hours before the brushes must be replaced. Its LED power light also tells whether there’s cord damage or switch failure. Moreover, its variable speed control dial lets the user to match the speed of the application for better versatility.

Furthermore, its sequential impact timing provides timed hammering during rotation in order to reduce overlapping bit impacts for up to 50 percent faster drilling. When you’re looking at this model it opens up a lot of cordless options for you. Nevertheless, when you want to have the tool chiseling and drilling for a large chunk of the day, battery power might not be able to cope up without having some packs to cycle through. Thus, if cutting the cord is not the right call for your current projects, then this unit is an ideal choice.

It provides you with exceptional vibration control as well as impact energy in its SDS-Max model that is on the lighter side at around 15.1 lbs. With top-notch performance that comes in reasonable price compared to HILIT, it’s an easy recommendation to make for professionals using this size rotary hammer all the time.

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Makita HR4002 1-9/16-Inch SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer

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What You Will Get With This Product?

This rotary hammer from Makita gives 10 amp motor that puts out 2500 blows per minute in its hammer mode. It even outputs up to 6.2 Joules or 4.6 feet per pounds of impact energy. With such power, you’d be able to quickly sink holes in masonry and cinderblock, scale rust from metal, remove tiles, break up hard clay, break down old concrete, and many more.

Even with all these daunting chores, it won’t give you any excessive vibration or generate unnecessary noise. Its soft grip makes it good to hold and aids dampen vibration as well.

This model measure 18 inch from tip to handle, thus its compact size aids you work in tight areas. Its variable-speed trigger is large enough to use with the users’ two fingers and that aids minimize strain on all-day tasks.

Top FAQs On This Product:

Q:Will the Bosch SDS core bit fit into this unit?

A:Fortunately, it will!

Q:What is the difference between SDS Max and SDS?

A:SDS plus works great. SDS Max on the hand is great if you need to drill a thousand holes.

Q:Will this operate with a clay spade bit and move through hard clay?

A:Of course! This unit is a heavy duty tool.

Q:Is it capable of running a 6 inch core bit?

A:No, it has a 2 inch limit. 

What Take On This Product:

The prominent Makita HR4002 SDS Max Rotary Hammer is powerful, sleek, and comes with an ergonomic design which provides exceptional comfort and optimal performance. It also offers a very powerful 10 amp motor that will surely stand up to the most demanding jobs out there. With 2,500 BPM and sequential impact timing, this badass is engineered to give 50 percent faster drilling speeds so that you can get in and get the job done with excellent record speed.

This is quite superior to any premium rotary hammer brands out there especially if we consider the price, and in fact some of them don’t even come with anti-vibration technology even though they’re branded as premium.

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The Difference Between Makita HR4013c Vs. HR4002 Rotary Hammer

Also, Makita provides you with the common standard modes namely: hammering, rotation, and chipping. Similar to other high-end rotary hammer units out there, it comes with a 3rd stop on its dial to adjust the angle of a chisel. In this setting, you can actually choose any 24 various positions to work in.

There are also 2 handles that come with the package. A standard side handle and a D-handle. Stick with the regular handle for drilling purposes and get the D-handle for chipping if it is more comfortable during work.

This unit can give you up to 8.4 feet per pounds of impact energy which is quite solid for a relatively compact SDS-Max rotary hammer model. Its 11 maps are also willing to make a hole up to 1-9/16 inch with a typical SDS-Max bit (4-1/8 inch with a core bit). Nevertheless, the unit’s wheelhouse is really more in the 5/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch range.

Meanwhile, the Makita HR4002 1-9/16-Inch SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer utilizes SDS-Max bits in a spring-loaded chuck. On the side note, if you didn’t note what SDS means, it means the German words for Insert, Twist, and Secure, and that’s all you need to do to utilize them. SDS-Max bits are ideal choice for demolition tasks.

In addition, you can also change out bits fast with just one hand, and you can angle them into twelve varied positions. Bits can spin up to 680 rotations per minute if there’s no load when it is in hammer with rotation setting. If your bit binds, the clutch will disengage the gears. If it’s idling, the hammer action stops.


Choosing the most ideal rotary hammer for your needs is not that hard. That is if you consider which brand you’ll be getting the tool from. The catch here is that, Makita is not similar to most of the renowned brands out there. Aside from quality power tools and accessories, Makita boasts a very competitive price range for their products. And as for us, consumers, we know that our budget is the number one priority before spending a penny. And again, Makita excels on offering the most reasonable price range of products.

Aside from world-class quality and very reasonable price, Makita rotary hammers also boast myriad of features that no other branded rotary hammers out there can offer. Well, why don’t you try the Makita models we mentioned above so you can see for yourself how worth Makita products are?

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