Makita 18V LXT Brushless Cordless Drill Impact Driver & Wrench

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If you think 18v power tools won’t cut the cheese like 20v power tools would, the Makita power tools we’ve got lined up here for you today will prove that assumption dead wrong.

You might have misgivings about the 18-volt label because Makita’s competitors, like DeWalt, for example, use 20 volts on their products. There’s no difference between the performance and output of 18v power tools vs 20v power tools.

The 18 volts on Makita lithium-ion batteries signifies it’s nominal voltage or the average amount of electricity in a system that’ll allow the product to work. On the other, hand 20 volt on their other tools shows its maximum voltage, meaning the upper limit where the tool will work without problems.

The reason why Makita uses 18v to market its products is that the company sells 84% of its inventory to the rest of the world and 16% only in the US. It ships 40% of its products to Europe, hence the more tempered advertisement of its voltage.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing Makita’s 18V power tools which include the impact wrench, cordless drill/driver kit, and impact driver.

Quick Summary

All of the tools boast of Makita’s LXT lithium-ion battery technology that charges fast and retains more energy. They all possess brushless motors that positively impact their performance.

The Makita XFD131 will fit the needs of home users and contractors who want a drill and driver combo instead of a full-on impact driver. Since it’s a drill, it offers the user a more discreet power to avoid stripping screws or breaking nuts.

For users who can afford cutting-edge power tools, the Makita XDT16T gives a near-perfect ideal for impact drivers. It’s user-friendly without sacrificing power for tough fastening jobs.

The Makita XWT08Z presents itself as the perfect companion for steelworkers, construction workers, auto-mechanics, and carpenters. Its ability to remove the lug nuts from a tire is without equal and it will please professionals who need to add or remove fasteners fast.

Makita XFD131 Vs XDT16T Vs XWT08Z: Which 18V Power Tool Is Best?

Makita XFD131

The Makita XFD131 boasts of a brushless engine and its energy-optimized features help it last longer while working on drilling jobs.

Powerful Performance

Makita outfitted the XFD131 with a brushless motor that increases its performance while ensuring longer motor life. Users can expect 440 inch-pound of maximum torque when they power the XFD131 up.

Less Prone to Overheating

Since there are no carbon brushes on the XFD131’s motor, it’s doesn’t overheat as fast as other motors. The XFD131’s motor works through magnets and since there’s no friction involved in producing power for the tool, it heats up way less.

Longer Operation Time

The XFD131 contains electronic controls over the brushless motor that controls the amount of power output. This mechanism reduces wasted energy, helping batteries save up to 50% of their charge.

What We Like

  • LED lighting on the tool helps illuminate the surface of the work area for better working conditions in dark spaces.
  • A great ergonomic design on the grip for a better hold on the tool while drilling.
  • It’s cordless so users can work on projects in open spaces, like fences for example, where there are no electrical outlets

What We Don’t Like

  • The direction button for the drill is located on the top part so accidentally bumping it on surfaces will change where the drill is turning.

Users should be conscious of this and avoid bumping the top of the drill by accident.

Makita XDT16T

Users who want more control while remaining energy efficient will want to get their hands on the Makita XDT16T.

Power and Control

The Makita XDT16T offers users with more control through four speed settings. Users can enjoy a Quick-Shift mode, an Assist Mode, and two Tightening modes to achieve the right torque with the right speed based on the fastener and the project material.

Unparalleled Energy-Efficiency

The Makita XDT16T outpaces older nickel-cadmium cordless power tools by offering around twice the runtime while charging three times faster. Makita made sure it outfitted the XDT16T with power management controls that prevent the compact impact drill from overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

Compact and Light

Users can take the Makita XDT16T to work and around the project area without issue as the tool weighs only 4 lbs. Its only 6 inches long so it will fit into narrow confines to do the jobs bigger drills cannot.

What We Like

  • Easy bit replacement – users do not need to remove the chuck just to replace the bit for this drill.
  • The smooth, vibration-less operation that makes driving fasteners stress-free.
  • The tool itself is made for punishment and will work even if users drop it by accident a few times.

What We Don’t Like

  • The tool fetches quite a high price so it may turn off the more budget-conscious buyers.

If you want to get this tool while saving money, you should wait for its price to drop, buy the XDT12Z if it’s cheaper, or just buy the bare tool version.

Makita XWT08Z

Users who want maximum torque and power won’t be disappointed with the Makita XWT08Z. Its perfect for removing those lug nuts other tools just cannot.

High Fastening Power

Makita XWT08Z will take on industrial-level jobs thanks to its bestial max torque of 740 feet-pounds and nut-busting torque of 1,180 feet-pounds. Power users will be able to set this impact wrench to three different speed settings from 0-900, 1,000/0, and 1,800/0 RPMs to meet the demands of their project.

Great Power Management

Users can expect to run the impact wrench 50% longer than older nickel-cadmium impact wrenches. Its lithium-ion battery also only takes 40 minutes to reach a 100% charge so you’ll be

Long Life

Like the other tools in this review, the Makita XWT08Z sports electrical controls that manage its power output to keep it from overheating and overloading. Combined with the frictionless design of the brushless motor, users can expect more life out of this product.

What We Like

  • High impact plastic handle and damper absorbs the vibration of operating the tool making it safe to hold.
  • It’s cordless but it does not sacrifice power at all.
  • Space-saving. You no longer need an impact wrench attached to an air compressor thanks to this tool.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s heavy and not well-balanced at all.

Use this tool only for short jobs since its weight will strain you if you work it for long periods of time.

Makita XFD131 Vs XDT16T Vs XWT08Z: Which Is Better?

If we’re talking about the number of applications you can use the tool on, we feel the Makita XDT16T is worth checking out. The Makita XDT16T will be able to insert screws and, with the right bit, also allow you to remove lug nuts thanks to its decent torque.

It’s also very user-friendly and light compared to Makita XWT08Z. The Makita XDT16T weight in around 2.6 lbs while its impact wrench brethren weighs around 7.6 lbs.

The only thing going against the Makita XDT16T  is its price as the Makita XFD131 is definitely cheaper. You’ll just have to think of the Makita XDT16T as an investment if you’re looking for a tool you can use for professional work.

Final Thoughts

Generally, all the tools here perform different applications so you can safely invest in each one if you want a drill, an impact wrench, or an impact driver. The Makita XFD131 has a lighter touch and will help you with jobs around the house.

For professional fastening jobs, you can get the Makita XDT16T and for the heavier, industrial jobs you’ll have to wield nut-busting torque for, you have the Makita XWT08Z.

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