Kaspersky Vs. McAfee – Who Is The Winner In 2020?

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This comprehensive review about Kaspersky vs. McAfee, you will see what are included in various antivirus plans for both Kaspersky and McAfee offers. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how both AV software stack up when it comes to malware detection, user interface, performance, and many more.

You see, there are a wide range of malware threats nowadays which include Trojan horses, worms, ransom-ware, spyware, viruses, etc. Simply put, malwares has become incredibly just too pervasive in the past recent years including now.

In fact, are you aware that AV-Test Institute said that they are detective around 350,000 new malware samples every day? See, hackers are usually coming up with new approaches to sneak into your private files and your personal computers. Malware can encrypt your crucial and personal files, steal your banking details, breach your privacy, and every corrupt your operating system. And if you are wondering what malware can actually harm you and your security, then you must certainly read this guide.

Now, if you follow all of the best practices today, you’re still not safe because experts say that there are huge chances that you might still get affected, especially if you don’t have any AV software integrated to your computer.

And with that said, it just makes sense to say that you must go with a premium antivirus plan particularly if you are always inputting your personal info and data online.

Remember This First

A few months ago, we analyzed and researched over fifty antivirus software and plans from the biggest brands in cyber security so we can share this guide to you. Additionally we want to share you the best AV software to protect yourself, and your family as well.

Now let’s get started.

If you’re having a hard time deciding whether to pick Kaspersky or McAfee, then good for you because we’ve carried out a complete comparison article between these AV software giants. In this guide, you’ll find information of the two prominent software company followed by the elaborated details about our test that we made on them based on certain categories. We did this so you can better understand them and invest your hard-earned money wisely.

Why Antivirus Software Are Crucial

For the most part, antiviruses are important nowadays since the digital and era is booming particularly, the internet. In fact, it is probably one major part of every individual’s life today. AV software gives one to safely shop online. Even though antiviruses come with a myriad of merits, they also feature certain cons.

Nowadays, there are a lot of viruses and malwares that are ready to destroy your system and personal files. That’s why antiviruses come into action when it comes to certain cyber issues caused by malicious files and malware. Aside from normally blocking off the dangerous malware from reaching your computer, antiviruses are also responsible for keeping your system clean especially if its prone to infection. But aside from simply scanning your computer and getting rid of harmful things, AV software also boasts a lot of features that we will discuss below.

Also, we want to focus on Kaspersky and McAfee so you can have an idea on what to pick as your reliable antivirus software.

Kaspersky And McAfee

These two companies are prominent when it comes to cyber security. Both of them give excellent security, making your system and personal information safe from getting hacked and infected. Even though they give few features by which individuals usually seem to get confused in choosing either of these two. Since they normally reduce the difference between them, they don’t have a clue what kind of AV software is better over the other, and will normally just go what’s available. That’s why we will tackle Kaspersky and McAfee and give a detailed comparison for their prospective clients.

Kaspersky And McAfee – Offered Antivirus Plans

The following elaborates about the plans offered by both Kaspersky and McAfee for home users out there:

Kaspersky Security Plans

  • The pro version of the Virus Scanner (Applicable for Mac Only)
  • Virus Scanner (Applicable for Mac Only)
  • Total Security Version – Kaspersky Total Security (Applicable for both Mac and Windows)
  • Kaspersky Internet Security (Applicable for both Mac and Windows)
  • Kaspersky Antivirus (Applicable for Windows Only)
  • Kaspersky Free  Trial Version (Applicable for Windows Only)

McAfee Antivirus Plans

  • McAfee LiveSafe Plan (Applicable for both Windows and Mac)
  • McAfee Total Security Plan (Applicable for both Windows and Mac)

The above list of plans can provide the prospective clients with the availability of all AV software which is provided by Kaspersky and McAfee.

Pre-Comparison Result

So, this pre-comparison result is for those readers who don’t want to read too long and just want to go directly to the point. However, if you’re looking for an in-depth and elaborated comparison of the two prominent AV software company, then we highly recommend until the end.

Now, based on our research, Kaspersky is almost equal to McAfee in terms of overall value. Because they offer a lot of similarities in terms of security feature as well as almost the same antivirus tools. However, Kaspersky gives number versions of features and separate choice for its clients compared to McAfee. Additionally, based on Laboratory test reports, Kaspersky surpasses McAfee in terms of protection performance and in the impact on the operation system of the personal computer aspect, with a small minute difference making it the winner of performance aspect. But still, it’s a battle.

We highly suggest you read the full comparison report for a much elaborated knowledge of what both AV software have to offer before finally choosing one of them. After all you want to use your hard-earned money wisely, right?

Starting With Kaspersky

Here’s an elaborated description of everything that comes in Kaspersky’s Security Suites. You see, Kaspersky is AV software that acquired its prominence in this industry due to its excellent results that it provided to both prospective and existing clients. Kaspersky gives its users with a lot of versions of their products to pick from that will be based on their current needs.

So, with that said, here is the elaborated description of these offers from Kaspersky:

Kaspersky Free

This particular AV software and plan from Kaspersky is a free one that gives basic protection against various kinds of malware and threats which include ransom-ware, viruses, worms, and Trojans. But you will not be able to discover any kind of innovative protection utility tools and services present in this particular plan, because again it is a free as the plan title implies.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Well, obviously, this particular suite is the upgraded version of the Kaspersky free as it gives users with protection against all types of malware as well as various kinds of threats. It is implemented with a multi-layered ransom-ware protection, Gaming mode, a vulnerability scanner, and complete web-browsing protection.

Keep in mind that a single Kaspersky Antivirus subscription protects only a single PC. But still, there are more options to add up more devices but obviously with extra price.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Of course, the next one is the upgraded version of the Kaspersky Antivirus. This time we will be discussing about Kaspersky Internet Security. This particular suite comes with all the features present from the previous suites we discussed. Aside from that it has limited parental control module, a hardened web browser, and firewall utility.

Additionally, it also features protection against microphone and webcam spying. As for this one, keep in mind that this is compatible with smartphone, Mac, and PC. You can pick protection for more than one device, but then again you need to spend more for the extra features and services.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is an upgraded suite which is classified as high-end. It comes with all the features from the previous suites we discussed above and it also comes with internet security version followed by a password management tool, an encryption tool, and a data shredder utility. Moreover, it comes with an integrated full parental control module as well as a beneficial backup utility tool which is responsible for various automatic backup copy of your personal information, data, and files.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

The Kaspersky Security Cloud is the newest addition to the Kaspersky Premium Suites. This particular plan is another high-end version that comes with all the features from the plans we mentioned above. Moreover, it gives users with patented adaptive technology that can adjust your security settings automatically. Additionally, it will also give you advices based on your activities.

Kaspersky Security Cloud comes in two packages which are Personal and Family. The first one and the only difference between these two is that the latter provides protection for up to twenty devices, hence it is called ‘family’. As for the Personal version, it only covers one device. Thus, the family version has higher price compared to the Personal version.

Now, remember that all premium suites provided by the company are compatible with Smartphones, Windows, and Mac except for the Anti-Virus provided by Kaspersky. Thus, the above content elaborates everything about all the available plans by the brand.

And that’s sums up for the Kaspersky. Let’s get into McAfee’s Suites

McAfee’s Services And Products

Now, here’s an elaborated description of every suites that McAfee offers.

McAfee is prominent antivirus software famous for its features and security. In fact, it is one of the most prominent AV brands currently distributing in the market. It gives its prospective and existing clients with various valuable products and services. That’s why those features stated above, the audience can refer to the context.

So with that said, here are the plans from McAfee:

McAfee Total Protection

The McAfee Total Protection is the brand’s most basic and best-selling product to offer. This plan provides its users with total protection from all kinds of threats. Aside from that, it features a two-way firewall, a file utility tool, and a file shredder. Additionally, it also consists of Network Manager which is responsible for the prevention of outside interference and protection of open Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, it comes with a vulnerability scanner suite as well as an anti-spam filter for blocking malicious messages and emails you receive.

Furthermore, the McAfee Total Protection comprises of a Parental Control Module, some computer optimization utilities, and a social media guard. Additionally, it provides clients license key and users with five licenses. Its single subscription on the other hand enables to protect up to ten devices regardless of the operating system.

Remember that the software also gives an extension of Web Advisor. But this one can be purchase separately.

McAfee LiveSafe

This particular suite offers everything discussed above about Total Protection offers. Moreover, it gives its clients with one gigabyte of secure cloud storage to store their files

What you should keep in mind is that both LiveSafe and Total Security by the brand offers compatibility on iOs, Mac, Android, and Windows devices. Thus, the discussion above elaborates about the available plans from McAfee.

Kaspersky Vs. McAfee – Who Provides Better Protection

Both Kaspersky and McAfee are known to be excellent antivirus brands.  It is not impossible because of the brands amazing protection and features. Nowadays, viruses are much stronger. And because there are growing quantity of internet users every single day, threats are also significantly increasing at a rapid speed. Thus, both the software gives nominal features for protection from possible treats.

That’s why the lab tests from AV-Tests and AV-Comparatives helped a lot in our research. To evaluate how well an antivirus is against such increasing possible malware we will use the data from these companies.

AV-Test (Tests)

For the most part, the latest testing of AV-Tests was made in May to June and McAfee participated in this test. The brand was tested against 225 samples of 0-day threats and 5,565 samples which are widespread threats. When it comes to performance, McAfee did totally great; because its detection capacity was a hundred percent back then. This also implies that it is ideal in detecting malware that might put the PC in danger. Additionally, McAfee was awarded a great score of six out of six in the test against 0-day malware as well as the widespread malware testing.

The Kaspersky on the other hand also got the same result as it was able to detect a hundred percent of malware and threats both 0-day malware as well as the widespread threats. Additionally, it was able to acquire a perfect rating of six out of six in the protection category.

AV-Comparatives (Tests)

The AV-Comparatives company conducted two tests. The first one is called Malware Protection Test, and the second one is known as Real-World Protection Test that was conducted from January to February of year 2018.

About the latest Real-World Protection test, both Kaspersky and McAfee acquired the highest grade which is advanced plus award. Because of such high rating, they also got 99.6% as well as 99.7% accordingly. When it comes to the false positives, McAfee gave out seven. Meanwhile Kaspersky only provided one.

When it comes to the latest Malware Protection test, which is conducted from March 2018, Kaspersky managed to acquire an advanced plus rating again with a great protection rate of 99.98 percent and gave out only nine false positives.

Furthermore, McAfee was able to bag the second best award which is ‘advanced’ with an impressive protection rate of 99.95 percent and was able to hand out ten false positives.

That’s why if you look into the results, it can easily be determined that both Kaspersky and McAfee are did very good when it comes to protection. However, in our opinion, Kaspersky did well in the test better because it displayed better protection rate scores.

Kaspersky Vs. McAfee – Impact On The System

A lot of consumers are aware the antiviruses are prominent for operating in the back-end of the computer to execute real-time scanning. Thus it’s been a serious issue for a user as antiviruses usually eat up most of the CPU performance. However, it’s not really crucial for the purpose of security and safety.

That’s why, in order for AV software to be great when it comes to performance, they should not deliver too much stress on the computer since they heavy stress can lead to delays, lag, and hanging of the system.

Moreover, lab tests were made by independent laboratories to bring out the results of how Kaspersky and McAfee fared in certain criteria. By bring out certain activities such as installing, download, launching prominent websites, copying of files, and many more.

Keep in mind that all the lab tests were conducted on both standard PC  and a high-end computer.

Kaspersky’s Impact Test

The results from Kaspersky test results once again got a six out of six score in AV-Test and got a rating of advanced plus aware which is a really good indicator. Kaspersky is good lightweight antivirus software due to this.

McAfee’s Impact Test

The brand acquired a perfect score of six out of six by the AV experts. Because it was very less in the background and didn’t really place any kind of load on the computers CPU, it was able to acquire a perfect rate in the performance aspect.

When it comes to AV-Comparatives laboratory results, McAfee is one of the best antivirus software that acquire advanced plus rating which is good considering that it is a lightweight software.

To sum it up, it is pretty obvious that both Kaspersky and McAfee is quite stable and usually give minimal impact on the computer’s system.

McAfee Vs. Kaspersky – Price And Value Factor

Both brands resulted in acquiring a good score and maintained themselves head-to-head in all lab tests and come in similar features.  However, the same could not be the case in terms of price and value of the product. That’s why in this section, we want to see which antivirus has more value for the price.

Kaspersky Antivirus Suites Pricing

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This plan is valued at $29.99 per year which is good for three personal computers protection.

Kaspersky Internet Security

This one is valued at $39.99 per year which is good for three personal computers as well.

Kaspersky Total Security

This full-fledged version is valued at $49.99 per year which is can protect up to five personal computers.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

This plan comes in 2 packages namely Personal and Family. The difference between Family and Personal is that Family can protect twenty devices.  As for personal, it can only cover one device. That’s why when it comes to pricing it is valued at $149.99 per year. On a side note, the value of the personal plan is almost the same of Kaspersky Total Security.

McAfee Antivirus Software Pricing

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is available for you to buy at cost of almost $20 which is good for a year and can protect five devices.

McAfee LiveSafe

This one cost around $18 per year that only covers one device.

Keep in mind that the prices will mostly vary based on the number of devices the plan can cover.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, it is crucial to get your own premium antivirus because they provide computer users with safety and security from possible cyber-attacks. Now, when it comes to Kaspersky and McAfee the certainly proved all the basic and advanced needs for regular and experienced users. Even though, the comparison is for users to comprehend, you must always base your decision on your needs and of course your budget.

To sum it up, both Kaspersky and McAfee are excellently functioning. Additionally, they are really good in protecting the users from malicious harms and online threats. But if we based the conclusion on the lab results, then you’ll be able to tell that Kaspersky surpasses McAfee due to its streamlined offers and price ranges available for a larger prospects.

With that said, the winner of this matchup is the Kaspersky in terms of overall value with the McAfee antivirus software.

If you’re looking for some activation code and coupon code reference, try going to Reddit and you might find some. Hope to see you in another review!

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