Kaspersky Vs. AVG | Ultimate Battle

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With a whole ton of various types of internet security program these days, it is crucial to see which one is really suitable for your needs. There is AV software that comes with certain features that is particular in them, while others just perform much better.

With that said, we will be tackling two prominent brands in this review to help you with your choice and decision. We will discuss the Kaspersky and AVG that are two of the top-selling plans, and each one of them offer something that is only specific to them.

You see, impressive AV software is crucial to protect your sensitive information as well as privacy from malicious threats. For the most part, in this era of online transactions and e-commerce, we tend to spend a of time into purchasing various kinds of products through online and just writing down all of our personal information online which include our financial data.

See, a computer without any kind of AV is an easy target to any hackers, who are coming up with more and more innovative strategies to just steal your private information. In fact, based on certain estimates, there are over 800 million new malware samples that occurred in 2018 which affected millions of computers all over the world. Additionally, the numbers projected for the incoming years might be quite higher.

That’s why, taking your digital and privacy security for granted is not really a nice idea in this digital era. It is obvious that if you don’t have any kind of reliable AV software that is integrated with innovative features and secured firewall, then you might just be an easy prey.

Furthermore, you may think that a free trial AV will do you good enough. However, keep in mind that they are just ‘free’ program. Meaning, they will only come with minimal protection and flimsy features that won’t cut it nowadays as hackers are developed enough to easily break your weak defenses.

It is also worth mentioning that premium AV software is ideal way to defend your financial and personal information from getting stolen. And even though there are a lot of AV brands to pick from, it’s better to opt with prominent brands such as Kaspersky and AVG.

Anyways, make sure to read throughout the article if you want to make a wise decision.

Brief Rundown In Each Category

If you’re in a rush, you can check this brief rundown about each category we prepared for you.


When it comes to features, Kaspersky provides more impressive features that can be beneficial for individuals which include parental controls. This is perfect for families out there.

Malware Protection

When it comes to malware protection, Kaspersky can be a good choice against malware as shown by its high-scores in independent tests.

System Performance

Both Kaspersky and AVG have managed to receive the highest possible scores in independent evaluations which indicate they operate pretty much the same on most computers.


Again, both Kaspersky and AVG come with a simplistic and sophisticated one, that’s why it’s quite hard to declare a winner in this feature.


For the most part, AVG is probably the better choice if you’ve got over ten devices on your end. However, since we’re talking about pricing, then Kaspersky is certainly more inexpensive and also provides Mac-specific coverage and activation code at a very reasonable price.

Customer Satisfaction

Based on the two different review-collection websites, AVG’s customer is significantly better to compared to Kaspersky’s.

Brief Initial Verdict

For the most part, Kaspersky offers more security-related utilities and features in its security products compared to AVG. Also, independent evaluations prove that both brands are impressive when it comes to the impact on system performance. However, Kaspersky gives much better anti-malware security compared to AVG’s features.

AVG Capabilities

In the AV-Tests, AVG was able to give better protection against both unidentified and identified malware samples. In fact, the company was able to win awards as well as certifications from independent test evaluations and has been around for more than a decade. Ever since 2006, the brand has added plenty of new features to its free AV application which include the FB protection, a YouTube video accelerator, continuous update, website reports, and anti-bullying technology.

From all angles, AVG has actually done better job of giving protection, be it through external hard drives or inter applications. One of the plan’s best feature is the Link Scanner which is use to review all links on your browser as well as the rate that the safety of the websites referenced. Even though it doesn’t come with any parental controls, users can still buy these for a little bit of extra cost.

Kaspersky Capabilities

For the most part, Kaspersky was able to perform much better compared to others. However, one competitor in AV-Testing, which is a testament to its effectiveness and reliability, proves it. The plan comes with an online banking mode, a social media protection, a two-way firewall, a safe surfing, an identity theft protection, and parental controls. Within its antivirus system, users can make custom usage and profiles reports to aid you keep tabs on all computer users. Moreover, Kaspersky provides responsive 27/7 support and consistent posts new information for new clients on their social media channels.

Overall, Kaspersky outperformed AVG in both usability as well as repair. Its plan is much pricier but comes with virtual keyboard and parental controls on both which are lacking from AVG’s features; even though AVG performed much better compared to Kaspersky’s protection, Kaspersky still managed to get very high, as well as in overall performance that earned the brand a Silver Award for their internet security.

Anyways, let’s go into deeper details down below.


For the most part, the features that are offered by AV plans come in great impact to determine its overall value. Also, the best software will come with a comprehensive feature-set that will surely have good functionalities.

To see which of these two has better features, let’s see what they offer. First, let’s see AVG first.

AVG Features

AVG Antivirus Free

This free plan comes with a couple of intriguing functions which include blocking of malicious download links and files. It also comes with moderate malware defenses since it is only a free plan. Overall, it’s not the plan that you need if you want to have good peace of mind.

AVG Internet Security

This is the company’s first paid plan and comes with an impressive firewall that easily defends against ransom-ware, spyware, and viruses. Aside from that, it comes with a free version, and it sports a scanner that alerts its uses to any problems on the computer. With this plan, users will get an access to real-time security updates as well as protect the computer from phishing websites, and spies. It also comes with a file securing option to lock down sensitive information and data. Moreover, it features the antivirus pro app for Android OS.

AVG Ultimate

This is AVG’s premium antivirus plan. This one comes with the package we already mentioned above. But aside from that it features a live phone and chat support. It also comes with a tune-up package and an innovative plan that enhances the performance of one’s PC. Aside from that, users can secure and tune up all of the linked PCs that are activated under the Ultimate’s license key from only one screen. This plan also comes with apps for iOS and Android, as well as smartphones.

If users have a Mac, then good thing because AVG also offers software for Mac; also, this antivirus comes with spy and malware defenses as well as a lightning fast scanner.

Kaspersky – Features

Kaspersky Free

This one does come with a couple of advantageous features such as the ability to check USB drivers for malicious threats and the capability to protect users from phishing websites. Additionally, it comes with some rudimentary firewall. On a side note, it’s not capable of defending users from most malware threats out there. 

Kaspersky Antivirus

This one is the first paid plan of defense from Kaspersky. It comes with a solid firewall. Aside from that, users will be able to get access to its vulnerability scanner that will alert users to any potential security loopholes in the PC that might get targeted. It also features a silent mode option that suspends any kind of disruptions such as notifications to improve your user experience. It also features a multi-layered ransom-ware protection. 

Kaspersky Internet Security

This plan is the next tier subscription from Kaspersky. It works for smartphones, Macs, and personal computers. Users will get everything from the earlier tiers of plan with Internet Security as well as a two-way firewall which is much better compared to the previous versions. Moreover, it comes with a hardened Internet browser which is safer compared to a regular browser and will enable users to browse and shop online without risking their sensitive information. 

Aside from that, it comes with Internet Security plan that has an anti-spam feature which acts as an advertisement blocker for your computer and email. This feature will also stop junk and spam email from slowing the performance of your cluttering your mailbox. Also it comes with a feature of parental controls that enables users to check website activities of their children. 

Kaspersky Total Security

It is a premium plan that you’ll get everything that comes from the Internet Security. Additionally, it comes with a password manager that gathers all of your sensitive data such as passwords. It also features a file shredder that permanently deletes any kind of sensitive files that you don’t want to get stolen. Moreover, it comes with 2 gigabytes on DROPBOX Cloud server with no extra strings.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

Mainly, this plan utilizes the adaptive technology in order to place security changes in features based on the analysis of the users’ browsing and computer activities. It crafts its protection according on what the users are most vulnerable to. It comes with two different packages which are Family and Personal.

Overall, based on the facts we mentioned above. Kaspersky wins this match. Even though it’s true that AVG comes with several exciting features, those who are offered by Kaspersky are more solid and will certainly more advantageous for families out there.

Malware Protection

For the most part, antivirus protection is main purpose why AV software even exists. Thus, decent software must have exceptional protection. However, how would you be able to tell which of the two brands we’re talking about is superior in terms of protection?

Well, let’s take a look at the independent evaluations that pit top antivirus software in a head-to-head comparison and check which one of them has better capabilities.

First, the AV-test.org is one of the organizations we’re talking about. It utilizes a scoring metric of 1 to 6 with six being the ideal score. In fact, back in June 2019, an evaluation was conducted by AV-test org. and AVG comes with a score of 5.5 out of 6. Moreover, Kaspersky was able to outperformed its competitor and acquire a score of six out of six which shows better malware defense.

Aside from that, AV-Comparatives which is another good evaluation firm look to see which of the two software has better antivirus capabilities. Back in June 2918, Real-World Protection Test, the AVG acquire a two-star Advanced Award while Kaspersky manage to have a score of 3 star with advanced plus award.

Overall, the winner of this matchup is the Kaspersky as it receives the highest possible feedback from the two testers.

System Performance

Aside from the malware defense, the system performance is a crucial factor as well. It must be able to operation your computer without disturbing your everyday performance. To see which of these brands come in better system performance, let’s check out the tests from the same two independent firms we used above.

First of all, AV-test.org conducted a June 2019 Performance test utilizing the same rating metric before. And good thing to know because both Kaspersky and AVG managed to acquire six out six score. This means that the two of them have pretty much system performance similarities.

Overall, both brands were able to perform equally in both tests implying that they were able to operate on a regular PC.


The user-friendliness of AV software can drastically impact how well it is utilized and how pleasurable the users’ experience is every time they restart it. In fact, impressive user interface is intuitive but also comes with a total control over all the process that users want to do. That said; let’s compare the two user interfaces.

AVG – User-Friendliness

Firstly, AVG’s interface utilizes white and green text as well as gray background that are not too flashy. All of its buttons and texts are easy to see and come in stylish application, thus it is a good pick for many people who don’t really like cluttered interfaces. All of the primary features as well functions are marked sophisticated positions.

Nonetheless, any kind of features that users don’t have access to are also very easy to see to get you to upgrade your subscription. It comes with a lock icon on different function that users can’t access. In fact it is much better compared to advertisements but it is still quite annoying to see with certain amazing features locked out in front of the paid subscription.

On the other hand, AVG antivirus come with a very user-friendly appearance while the Kaspersky’s user interface is much easier to utilize since there’s no need to double-click and right click just to go the dashboard’s subcategories 

This one comes with a pretty simple dashboard which is dominated by both white and green hue. One main raw comes with all the major icons as well as the symbols the user needs to perform most of the major operations of the computer. This enables the beginners to make utilize of all the features that the brand has to offer. 

Sadly, there are some frustrating design that any kind of features which users don’t have access to because of acquiring a lower tier coverage might grayed out rather than miss.

This is an approach of allowing users to know what they are missing out on by not getting upgrade. It is also a subtle but consistent source of pressure that might sometimes become a little bit annoying.

All in all, both brands have very simple user interface, this only implies that both of them are tie in this category.


The price ranges of both AV brands will distinguish which provides better value for the money. A decent antivirus should be effective and affordable. Let’s see which one offers better pricing then.

AVG – Pricing

To start with, AVG Free won’t cost a fortune. But it’s still not probably worth that much. Yes, it does offer defense against all kinds of malware threats. However, the ability to block malicious links and downloads might put you at risk. It lacks the innovations which are hallmarks of much AV software.

On the other hand, AVG Security is the first page plan of the company that offers ten licenses a year. Even though this is quite the price hike, particularly compared to other AV brands out there, it is still quite good for your hard-earned money while considering how many licenses you get for the purchase. Keep in mind that AVG products only work on personal computers and certain mobile devices unless users acquire a Mac-specific product from AVG.

Kaspersky – Pricing

Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free protects against many malicious treats. However it is really nothing compared to paid versions out there that give advanced security-related utilities and features.

Kaspersky Antivirus

This one is the first paid coverage from Kaspersky. It gives you with a 3 PC only licenses as well as 29.99 US dollars.

Kaspersky Internet Security

This one is an upgraded version of the premium coverage which costs 39.99 US dollars which is good for three licenses. These particular licenses can also be utilized for smartphones, Macs, and PCs.

Kaspersky Total Security

This one is a premium plan from the company that only costs 49.99 US dollars for just three licenses for all kinds of PC.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

This one comes in two varied offers. The first one is the personal plan which only costs the same as Total Security plan and only comes at 49.99US dollars which is good for a year and can cover three licenses. Aside from that, the Family options give users with up to twenty different licenses for just 149.99US dollars which is good for a year.

To sum it up, the winner of this match is the Kaspersky as it offers Mac coverage for a very low price and can still give enough licenses for most people.

Customer Satisfaction

Now let’s take a look at the clients’ satisfaction. In this factor, it will tell us how good each brand is at handling prospective clients and trouble when using the product.

First of all, the Better Business Bureau is a review-collecting websites that usually has average client ratings of letter-based score from A to F.  AVG managed to get an A plus rating which is a really good feedback from the customers. On the other hand, Kaspersky only received a quite poor F rating from the site, displaying that its customer are not really happy with his services.

Meanwhile, consumeraffairs.org utilizes a scoring metric between one and five stars which is another nice collecting review website. In their site, AVG got a three star rating. On the other hand, Kaspersky got 2.5 stars.

If you look closer, you could tell that AVG comes with better customer service compared to the Kaspersky that only offers low scores.

Final Thoughts

For sure, this roundup is a fierce battle because both AV brands features some of their most unique functionalities to the table. But aside from that, Kaspersky is also a better choice all thanks to its good price range, better malware protection, and parental controls.

With that said, we can only deduce that the better tool is the Kaspersky, all thanks to its great features. Anyways, if you find this review helpful, kindly leave any message below. Oh, you might also want to find some coupon code on REDDIT.

Thank you so much!

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