Kaspersky Vs. AVAST : Which One Should I Get In 2020?

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If you’re looking to acquire the most ideal antivirus software protection, then it’s necessary to look into it as an investment. Now, even though AVAST is one of the most ideal free antivirus software nowadays, this AV also provides a great set of features if the clients or customers are willing to spend some amount of money. Well, if you look at it, the price is a small price to pay if you want to protect your sensitive data and your entire PC.

On a site note, Kaspersky is quite similar with AVAST. Kaspersky also provides friendly-interface as well as reasonable price for prospective clients and users.

With that said, if you’re having hard time deciding, especially on getting a license key then worry not because we’re here to aid you pick the best AV for your needs and budget.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Kaspersky Versus AVAST – Start Of The Match

In order to aid you make the appropriate decision, we want to put Kaspersky as well as AVAST to the test of five rounds battle in different criteria.

Firstly, we will take a look at the features and pricing before proceeding on user-friendliness and the rest goes on. Moreover, we want to pick a winner and give a point for each criterion. Aside from that, we will give a brief summary of the feature/criteria to make things even clearer.


With the danger of ransom-ware possess, you must invest in AV software that comes with features capable of protecting both PC and your personal data.

With that said, let’s take a look at the features that offered by both Kaspersky and AVAST in order to aid you pick which antivirus can provide you the best value for your hard-earned money.

Kaspersky – Features

Let’s take a look the different features offered by the Kaspersky Company.

Kaspersky Antivirus

This particular product is the first antivirus offered by Kaspersky to its clients and users. It is Windows-only and is engineered with basic and necessary AV protection in mind. Aside from the regular antivirus protection, this first product is capable of protecting you against the most recent dangers such as crypto-mining. This particular activity turns your computer into a generator for crypto-currencies such as BITCOIN.

Kaspersky Internet Security

This product is the first plan to offer both mobile protection and Mac. Kaspersky Internet Security gives the same protection as the Kaspersky Antivirus. However, it comes with a couple of great features. These include protection against phishing attempts and extra privacy protection to prevent webcam monitoring.

Kaspersky Safe Money

This product is mainly used to safeguard you from the dangers of online transactions. Kaspersky Safe Money is an isolated browser that gives users with a safe web environment for their online shopping as well as banking. Moreover, Kaspersky Safe Money safeguards against screenshot capture and key-loggers.

On a side note, users can amalgamate Kaspersky Secure Connection with Kaspersky Safe Money, a limited VPN service included with Total Security and Internet Security in order to aid you safeguard against certain dangers of public connections. With a data cap of around 200 megabytes per day, this actually rivals the same VPN protection that BITDEFENDER offers with its own soft product.

Moreover, you will probably not get the same virtual private network security with Kaspersky that you would gain with a completely-focused virtual private network provided. See, the best VPN companies out there will include limitless data. This is the reason why we want to suggest you amalgamate Kaspersky with a provider such as ExpressVPN.

Kaspersky Total Security

And the last product is the Kaspersky Total Security. This particular plan offers a password manager, cloud protection for your files, and parental controls. Keep in mind that the password managers are normally basic. This password manager from Kaspersky, on the other hand is an exception. It comes with great features as well as convenient interface.

AVAST – Features

For the most part, this AV brand offers one of the largest set of features you will see in any AV plan, along with a generous free trial package that is capable of blocking normal threats such as ransom-ware and viruses. But aside from that it also comes with a vulnerability scanner for the users’ network to block possible hacking attempts. Anyways, let’s examine other AVAST packages below.

AVAST Premium

This particular package is the first paid plan that the brand offers. Aside from the features we mentioned above, with AVAST premium, you will be able to acquire the DNS protection to block phishing attacks from stealing your sensitive information. Also, it comes with a network firewall.

Moreover, this package comes with a so-called sandbox feature. The Sandbox feature is a complete isolated environment to test files on your personal computer. If an app or file seems suspicious, you can run it in sandbox mode in order to verify whether it’s dangerous or not. If the feature detected a harmful threat, the threat can easily be get rid of and stopped the program securely.

This premium package also includes with an anti-spam protection for your mailbox. Apart from that, you can implement amazing this feature to your favorite email client’s. It also comes with some privacy protection features which include the webcam blocker. This particular safety feature is really beneficial if the user don’t have a clue on how to safeguard their webcam.

This package also comes with a file protection feature, along with encryption for your most sensitive documents. Furthermore, the AVAST Premium offers a more comprehensive file-shredding mode. The brand also takes care of any outdated software that might possess some harmful threats.

AVAST Ultimate

Now, if you can afford a much better product, then the AVAST Ultimate is a great long-term investment. Aside from acquiring all the features we mentioned from the other packages above, this also comes with a Cleanup Premium feature that cleans up disk space and gets rid of unnecessary junk files. On a side note, the AVAST Secure Line provides the best subscribers VPN protection.

Lastly, the AVAST ULTIMATE also features a password manager which is known as the AVAST Passwords. Compared to the Kaspersky, this feature is not really a featured-filled of some of the most ideal password managers nowadays, this include the DASHLANE.

Round One Thought

As expected from two prominent AV brands – Kaspersky and AVAST, they sure pack some good features. You see, the more you decide to spend some amount of bucks, the more great features you’ll acquire. Kaspersky and AVAST come with many unique privacy and security features that give their clients with the most value for their hard-earned money. Essentially, this round is a draw and points will be given to both.


AV software must be inexpensive; however they must also be having good value. Thus, we are going to see their Kaspersky AVAST’s pricing plans to see if either antivirus meets certain criteria.

Keep in mind that this is not a Kaspersky Free vs. AVAST free matchup, because we want to evaluate paid plans from these brands. With this, we will be able to determine who offers the best protection.

Kaspersky – Pricing

There are 3 Kaspersky price packages that the company offers. Each of the packages comes in different pricing range mostly depending on the quantity of devices as well as the length you want the AV to cover.

There is not really any great difference in price range between Kaspersky’s three suites, which offer a yearly coverage for 3 devices. With that said, here are the plans:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This particular suite is the cheapest as it only comes with 15 US dollar which is actually less expensive compared to most expensive Total Security plans out there with a 60% new-client discount implemented to both. Additionally, this plan comes with a Windows-only suite, with plans that can cover 3 up to 5 devices for up to 3 years. Since it is only Windows-only suite, the range of coverage – which is 3-5, must be ideally acceptable for most prospective clients and users out there.

Kaspersky Internet Security

For most clients of Kaspersky, they agree that this suite offers more value as it only comes for around 8 US dollars which if compared to the first plan, they will get new Internet Security, and clients can acquire Mac and mobile coverage for up to 5 devices. Moreover, this suite comes with a far myriad of benefits compared to the regular Antivirus plan, with its isolated Safe Money browser as well as certain privacy controls.

Kaspersky Total Security

On the other hand, if you’re looking to cover more than 5 devices, then this plan is a good investment as it comes with features that offer the Internet Security plan but adds a good file protection. It also has parental controls, and a secured password manager. Aside from that, you can link Total Security to 2 user accounts and you’ll be able to cover 5 up to 10 devices for up to 3 years. Also, the user accounts can be utilized to get inside the parental controls as well as the password manager, this make it an advantageous feature.

To sum it up, Kaspersky’s price suites are very reasonable and essentially offer great value. Their 60% discounted rate across their plans make the brand an particularly good choice for prospective clients of AV software. On a side note, you can try out all of these plans for free for thirty days.

AVAST – Pricing

For the most part, AVAST offer three AV suites available.

AVAST Internet Security

The first one is the AVAST Internet Security that we reviewed as part of the article’s AVAST review. This suite has since been compared to the mid-tier Premium Security suite.

AVAST Free Antivirus

As the name implies, this particular plan doesn’t cost you a single buck. It comes with a password manager as well as Wi-Fi scanner along with a usual malware protection that the brand provides.

AVAST Premium Security

This particular suite is actually split into two components. The first one is called the Premium Security Single-Device that provides coverage for one Windows personal computer for just 69.99 US dollars a year. It provides a phishing protection, spam protection, and sandbox application. Additionally, it comes with a privacy blocking features as well as a secure-file protection. Moreover, this component is actually less than 10 US dollars compared to a non-discounted Kaspersky Internet Security. Hover, it is more than double the price of the discounted price range.

Now, if you’re looking to protect more devices which include iOS, Mac, or Android, then you must acquire and pay for the AVAST Premium Security Multi-Device. This particular AVAST Premium Security is actually pretty similar to Premium Security Single-Device. But as the name suggests, it can cover up to 10 devices for just 20 US dollars extra pay.

AVAST Ultimate

If you are looking for the most premium suite offered by AVAST, then the AVAST Ultimate is what you’re looking for. This particular suite costs 10 US dollars extra a year compared to the Premium Security Multi-Device. Additionally, it comes with the previous features we tackled about. Also, it offers VPN protection, password manager, as well as file clean up integrated in. This particular plan is actually a step back if you need coverage for more than one device. Even though it is the priciest suite, it can only protect one single PC. This makes the AVAST Premium Security Multi-Device the best AV plan deal for prospective clients who are looking to protect more than one device.

Round Two Thoughts

Even though it’s true that AVAST offers an incredible good deal free package, its paid suites are quite confusing. As you read, their priciest plan only covers fewer devices compared to the suite below it, with no new-customer promo or discounts offered.

On the contrary, Kaspersky has clearer price ranges for their prospective clients, which make them pretty generous, particularly if we compared to the full-price alternatives of the other brand. All in all, the point for the pricing round goes to Kaspersky Antivirus.

User Friendliness

If you’re an antivirus user, you must be certain that the antivirus you’re using is easy to use particularly if you’re just a newbie. To aid you with this matter, we will see if Kaspersky or AVAST offer some great user-friendly aspect on them which will include the installed to the general usage later on.

You need to be sure that the antivirus software you choose is easy to use, especially if you’re a beginner. To help you, we’re going to see if Kaspersky and AVAST are user-friendly, from installation to general usage afterward. 

Kaspersky – User Friendliness

First of all, the initial Kaspersky Installer is pretty small at less than 3 megabyte in size. It needs some interaction from its users, but most of the integrated steps involve acquiring certain terms and conditions of the installed. After getting installed, the brand doesn’t make the users jump through certain menus to find the most crucial features. Safe Money, Antivirus scanning, and certain primary Kaspersky features are all promptly available from the initial dashboard the user can see.

Now, if you’re looking to access some more features, then you can just simply press the more tools located at the bottom of the initial dashboard and it will take you to a much vaster list of options. Each option comes with a brief description found below them in order to aid you comprehend some of the brand’s jargon.

Moreover, Kaspersky users can easily modify almost every section of their protection from the settings menu which can be access through pressing the bottom-left gear icon. If you’re looking to modify the sensitivity of your AV scanning, then just click on the scan tab in the dashboard and it will enable you to modify the security level you want. This will determine the intensity of the brand’s AV scanning.

On a side note, if you like to leave Kaspersky operating in the background, then you are free to. Kaspersky will just notify you to any potential harm that you can review further by simply pressing the details button located on the main dashboard.

AVAST – User Friendliness

If we’re talking about AVAST’s installer then good thing because it is easy to use, simple, and fast. Unless you are looking to modify the installation, all you want to do is press the install button to start the running, and then wait for the operation to complete. AVAST will ask the user to confirm certain initial privacy terms after the installation process. Then will operate an initial scan to check the user’s personal computer for any possible malware as well as outdated software.

Moreover, the brand’s interface is incredibly simple to utilize, with a captivating gray background that contrasts well against primary icons and buttons. Its left-hand menu allows users to access other AVAST features. These include the AVAST Secure Line VPN as well as the Password Manager.

The settings as well as the features perfectly lay out. Pressing on the feature tab such as privacy will showcase a list of relevant features along with a brief three-word description located below each one of them.

Overall, if you want the complete set of AVAST features, then AVAST Ultimate comes with everything for just a single price.

Round Three Thoughts

Both AV software brands are actually fast to install and easy to utilize. Nonetheless, AVAST’s upselling seems to be confusing and distracting. On the other hand, Kaspersky is very easy to navigate, even with all the primary features made crucial. With that said this round goes to Kaspersky Antivirus.


As obvious as it is, protection is the most crucial aspect of this comparison review and matchup. If one or both of the software brands can’t protect you, then you must look at other AV reviews for alternatives. But we doubt that after all, they are Antiviruses to the core.

By understanding and utilizing the independent reports from 3 prominent security firms, we will judge the degree as well as the quality of protection offered by both Kaspersky and AVAST in order to you help you make the right decision.

Kaspersky – Protection

First of all, Kaspersky begins with ideal scores from AV-TEST in its July to August 2019 test evaluation. The security form awarded Kaspersky a six out of six for the protection aspect, with a hundred percent scores for protection from July to August. Also, the performance scores were the same, with lesser computer slowdowns compared to the industry’s averages.

Moreover, similar performance results were observe on AV-Comparatives February to May 2019 real-world testing. In fact, out of all the 752 samples were easily blocked with no false positive results. This implies another 100% success level.

Along with great performance scores evaluated in April 2019 tests, which was awarded to Kaspersky is the AV-Comparatives’ Advanced Plus Award – which is the highest available award out there. Kaspersky received this award for both protection and performance protection. Also, it is worth mentioning that Kaspersky was placed in the same criteria as ESET NOD32.

And lastly, the final security firm, which is the MRG EFFITAS, observed another excellent performance for Kaspersky in its Q2 2019 full-spectrum evaluation. All 398 samples were easily blocked, either using or automatically behaviors blocking. This results to acquiring the firm’s Certified Level 1 award.

AVAST – Protection

Even though AVAST protection didn’t really hit 100%, their scores during the AV-Test’s July to August 2019 evaluation were near perfect with a 99.5% success level in July and 100% during August. All in all, AV-TEST firm awarded AVAST a full six out of six when it comes to protection.

On a side note, performance scores for AVAST were not that impressive. All in all, AVAST’s performance during evaluation was a few percentage points higher compared to the regular industry average. This implies a drop to 5.5 out of 6 when it comes to performance.

Now, the AV-Comparatives’ protection evaluations from April 2019, the scores that AVAST acquire were not that great. However, they are not that terrible also.  Out of the 752 samples, only 746 were blocked which missed six malware samples for an overall success level of 99.2%. This result places the brand in the middle of the pack along with mid-tier advanced awardee such as AVG.

On the other hand, the MRG EFFITAS evaluated AVAST Business Antivirus instead of the other consumer products such as the AVAST Premium suite – in the firm’s Q2 full-spectrum evaluation. This particular evaluation went incredibly poorly for AVAST, which placed them at the bottom pile along with McAfee. MRG EFFITAS’ evaluation observed nearly 4% of 398 samples were being missed during the evaluation and around 5% being missing during the initial evaluation. Even though this was for AVAST’s business product, such poor evaluation can’t be discounted.

Round Four Thoughts

While the other rounds were pretty close, the fourth one is obviously not. Kaspersky was able to acquire almost ideal scores across the board. While AVAST was only able to acquire good ratings from two labs. However, the last evaluation that MRG EFFITAS did were quite poor, and such score can’t just be ignored. In conclusion Kaspersky got this round!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Kaspersky beats AVAST in this matchup. It was able to win perfect scores for protection. Not to mention that Kaspersky offers generous and great discounts for their prospective clients and customers. Moreover, Kaspersky features an easy-to-use interface that can certainly satisfy newbies as well as experienced AV users alike.

On a side note, we don’t want to say that AVAST is no good at all. In fact, it is one of the most prominent antiviruses out there. And even though its protections scores were not that great, it possesses great features that are almost on the same level of Kaspersky’s suites. Its pricing is not that bad as well. However, what we’re saying is that it seems lacking when it comes to discounts and such.

How about you? Do you agree with our decision? If you have any kind of opinions or feedback about his matchup, kindly leave any comment below. Also, if you’re looking to get some coupon code as well as activation code, you might want to check out REDDIT. See you!

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