Joovy Spoon Walker Review               

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In this comprehensive Joovy Spoon walker review, you’ll discover the features and safety measures Joovy has taken to make it an ideal-for-all walker. What’s more, I’ll dive into the technical details of the walker, the assembly process, and what you get in the box.

You’ll also find out all the benefits, and what other parents are saying about this walker. So, if you’re wondering if the Joovy Spoon Walker is the right fit for you then keep reading to know more!

What’s included in the package?

·         Features a removable, dishwashable insert tray

·         Urban and practical design

·         Foldable and easy to store

·         Three Adjustable height positions

·         Extra Wide footprint

·         Big wheels and non-slip stair pads

·         JPMA certified

Technical Details:Details
Dimensions27.75 x 25.5 x 18 inches
Weight‎12.3 pounds
BatteriesNo Batteries required
Manufacturer’s recommended ages6-12 months
MaterialPlastic BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free

Key Features:

Value for money5/5
Best for (age), etc.6-12 Months

Packaging And Assembly:

The Joovy Spoon Walker comes in its own labeled box, well-packaged, and carefully put together. There is lightweight styrofoam, and cardboard pieces tucked into inconspicuous areas for more protection during shipping and delivery.

The walker is pretty easy to assemble. It shouldn’t take you more than 4 minutes in total. All you have to do is to snap on the two front wheels and put the seat on. It is practically effortless to put it together.

Still, there is an instruction manual if you want help. There are also warranty tags (2 years) if you ever need to claim it.

Simple And Minimalistic Design:

Joovy baby walker frame has a modern, good-looking design that would easily blend with your home decor and furniture. It has a white color, and if brightly colored baby gear gives you sore eyes, this is perfect for you.

The seat insert comes in six striking colors, including Blueberry, Charcoal, Greenie, Jade, Purpleness, and Red. These vibrant colors make a nice minimalistic contrast to the bright white.

The seat is made of heavy-duty fabric and is easily machine washable. The seatback is quite sturdy and padded for comfort provides excellent support for the baby.

One factor to consider is that it is a lot larger than what you might think. According to the measurements provided, you might want to figure out if it is compatible with the width of your room’s entrance so that the walker glides in and out smoothly.

Three Height settings:

The Joovy Spoon Walker comes with three height settings. After assembling the walker, when you pull it up, it automatically opens to its first setting.

According to Joovy, “The Spoon is ideal for a child who can sit upright unassisted, up to 30 lbs and/or 33.5 inches tall.”

The height setting of the walker can be adjusted depending on the baby’s height and ease. So, the walker actually grows as the baby grows.

There’s a red color push button present at the bottom through which you can change height settings. The ideal setting would be that the baby’s feet should be flat on the ground while the walker and knees slightly bent.

Some of the reviews have complained about the weight, and the height limitations as even the maximum height setting was too low for heavier and taller babies.

So, might need to keep this in mind while making a purchase.

Safety and Mobility: 

Walkers can become dangerous if they move too fast for the baby’s pace, so it is essential to have some kind of resistance against their movements. The Joovy Spoon Walker is designed keeping that in mind.

It has rubber stoppers under the frame to stop the baby from going over a step. The noteworthy point is that the walker’s front wheels are swiveling while the rear ones are fixed to constrict movement. This feature makes the Joovy Spoon Walker a perfect balance of safety and mobility.

Some parents have complained about not being able to lock the walker’s wheels to keep it stationary when they want to feed the baby. If this is something important to you, you need to consider it while making a purchase.

Storage & Maintenance:

The Joovy Spoon Walker is foldable and gets pretty flat, making it easy to store or fit in the car’s trunk while traveling.

It also has a vast, removable tray perfect for placing sipping cups, snacks, or toys. The removable tray is also dishwasher safe. The removal seat can also be thrown in the washing machine. So overall, it is easy to clean and maintain.

What do other parents think?



  • The extra-large tray
  •  Minimalistic Design
  •  Fully assembled seats
  •  No chemicals such as BPA, PVC, and Phthalate
  •  Detachable seats and tray for cleaning
  •  Adjustable seating height


  • No provision for fixing the toys
  • The wheels don’t lock
  • Narrow hallways might constrict mobility


The Joovy Spoon Walker has a rating of 4.7 based on 7k+ reviews on Amazon. Its sleek, modern design is aesthetically pleasing and built while keeping safety, maintenance, and storage in mind. The seat fabric and overall quality are visibly good, and there are no complaints regarding that.

The only factors you need to consider are if its size can be problematic for you with narrow hallways and doorways. Also, consider your baby’s height and weight to see if it is compatible with the walker’s height settings.

If you get these concerns sorted, this walker can be your baby’s first step to independent walking!

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