JC10 Plus VS ROLAIR FC2002HBP6 VS ROLAIR ABF Air Buddy Air Compressors

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There is no single air compressor that can do every job, so don`t worry if you find it hard to choose one perfect air compressor for your workshop. There is, however, an air compressor suitable for every pneumatic tool you may have, the trick is just finding the best one for your range of air tools. Every professional will tell you to get a quiet oil-less air compressor with a durable motor and a sufficient tank.

Rolair incorporates all those desired features in their air compressors, which is why you won’t have to search for long before someone recommends one to you. The other advantage of Rolair is its two-stage pumps and durable construction. We tested their three best sellers with varying motor power from 1/2hp to 2hp. They are powerful enough to run most tools in a workshop or construction site from small trim guns to impact wrenches.

Before selecting any of these air compressors, you need to check the CFM you need on your tools then match it to a compressor. Continuous use tools such as grinders and sandblasters need more air than just power, so you need a large tank. Rolair FC2002HBP6 is the best for those demanding tools and prolonged projects.

If you perform lots of finish projects with standard tools that only use air intermittently, such as nail guns and brad guns, then JC10 Plus will serve you well. AB5 Air buddy is a small hot dog air compressor for small air tools perfect for single user finish projects. It is also the most budget-friendly choice in this guide. Normally, we would recommend getting at least two or all of these air compressors if you need a complete, versatile workshop. You can, however, choose the one best suited to your budget and needs.

Here Is A Review Of Each Air Compressor

1. Rolair JC10 Plus 1hp Air Compressor

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JC 10 Plus is a popular small workhorse for many DIYers and professionals that need a powerful but quiet air compressor. It can be used on any finish application tools as well as a few high gauge nailers and brad guns. This air compressor is most famous for its quiet operation that releases 60db, which doesn`t irritate the workers or your neighbors when powered. It is also oil-less, which gives you an easy time because there is little maintenance required.

Pump and Motor

Rolair JC10 Plus has a two-stage pump, which means air goes through two different pistons, which build maximum pressure quickly and also reduces the load on each pump. Its oil-less ball bearing lubrication delivers cleaner air into the cylinders. The combined effort builds up a maximum pressure of 125 PSI, allowing you to use any pneumatic tool from 40 PSI to 100 PSI. The pump is fitted with coolers that disperse heat quickly.

This air compressor has a powerful Induction motor with more than 2500 hours of service. Its Motor is also powerful, drawing 7.5-Amps at 110 or 120 Volts. You can run the air compressor on a regular 15 Amps of 20 Amps breaker, so there is no additional expenditure. It is a 1hp motor with a 100% duty cycle that allows you to run non-stop until your project is done improving your productivity. It runs at a low speed of 1700 RPM reducing wearing and noise, bringing a comfortable working environment.

The Tank

JC10 Plus uses an aluminum cast tank with a powder coating, which makes it resistant to corrosion and staining. It takes 2.5 gallons of air, which is sufficient for running its range of small and standard air draw power tools. It is also fitted with a ball drain valve at the bottom for removing all the moisture. Its greatest advantage is that the cylinder is lighter than cast-iron tanks.


Its 100% duty cycle means that this air compressor can be your workshop`s workhorse working non-stop on finish projects. It delivers 2.35 CFM at 90 PSI, allowing you to use multiple nail guns driving home high gauge nails up to 3 inches. It has a start valve that reduces the amperage needed at startup, allowing the Motor to turn on quickly even at low temperatures. Its Quick relief valve also protects the tank if you don’t want it to build pressure when not in use. It is also light-weighting just 52lbs, so you can still move it around from place to place on-site.


The noise level on this air compressor is one of the lowest of any air compressor at just 60db. It is suitable to use indoors because it doesn’t interrupt a conversation or irritate your neighbors. You don’t need ear protection when using it indoors.


  • It is light and balanced for mobility
  • It takes up little space in storage
  • It runs quietly giving you a comfortable work environment
  • It has a start valve for easy startup.
  • It is oil-less making maintenance easy


  • It doesn`t support heavy-duty continuous flow tools
  • Its pump and Motor are not protected from the elements

Top FAQs

Q: Can I use this to power an impact wrench?

A: No. You need at least 4.1 CFM for that.

Q: Does it have dual outlets?

A: No. It has just one ¼-Inch quick coupler.

Q: What is the Amperage?

A: 7.5-Amps

2. Rolair FC2002HBP6 2HP Wheeled Air Compressor

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Rolair recently introduced this air compressor as an improvement to their earlier model FC2002 featuring wheels and a handle for mobility. It also stores 5.3 gallons of air and has a powerful Motor for running tougher tasks. It is suitable for any contractor that intends to use more continuous draw air tools such as large nail guns, spray painters, and impact wrenches/drills in short bursts.

Pump and Motor

Unlike JC10 Plus, which is an oil-less model, FC2002HBP6 uses an oiled pump, which is more durable. It is a single-piston pump with large steel cylinders that ensure more air is compressed with each stroke. It is also lubricated by ball bearings to reduce the rate of wearing on the cylinders. It has large air filters to deliver more clean air for compression. Its air filters are also fitted with a silencer to reduce the whistling noise common in other compressors.

It has a 2hp induction motor running at a high speed of 3400 RPM, which helps the motor to keep up with the heavy-duty pump. It is a powerful 13.8-Amp motor that runs at 115V, allowing you to use it on your regular 15-Amp breaker. It also has a start valve that reduces the amperage at startup, making it easy to start in low temperatures.

The Tank

The tank is made of solid cast iron to withstand high pressure. It carries 5.3 gallons of air, which is sufficient for most projects running within 30 minutes. A ball drain valve at the bottom helps in efficient removal of moisture. It carries a maximum pressure of 135 PSI. This tank increases the weight of the compressor to 63lbs, but it is easy to move thanks to its dolly cart carriage with large wheels.


It has a 100% duty cycle that allows you to work non-stop until your projects are completed. It delivers 4.2CFM of air at 90 PSI, which is enough to run single heavy-duty draw air tools such as an impact wrench or a high gauge nail gun. It is also suitable for running multiple standard and small trim guns, blowguns, and sprayers.

It can work on any site, including construction sites, workshops, and garages. Its quick heat dispersion cooling system means this air compressor works continuously without overheating. It is also easy to change the oil thanks to its open, transparent oil tank. It also comes filled with 12oz of oil ready for use at purchase.


It has a large motor which would naturally be expected to be noisy. It releases 79dbA of noise under normal performance, which is on the higher side compared to JC10 Plus. If you intend to use it indoors, we recommend that you get ear protection for comfort. It is, however, comfortable to use outdoors or in a spacious workshop.


  • Comfortable handle and large wheels for mobility
  • It has a silencer on its air filter to reduce noise
  • It comes filled with 12oz of oil
  • The oil tank is open and accessible
  • It has a manual reset that allows you to regulate pressure


  • Changing oil frequently can be daunting
  • The handle is not foldable; It takes up a lot of space in storage

Top FAQs

Q: What is the size of hose compatible with the air compressor?

A: It takes a universal 3/8-inch air hose.

Q: How high is the handle?

A: It is 31-Inches high.

Q: Can It be used for painting?

A: Yes.

3. Rolair AB5 Air Buddy 1/2hp Air Compressor

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Air buddy is a compact hotdog air compressor powerful but portable that can be used by any contractor, DIYer, or just a car owner that needs airpower on the go. It is not strong enough to run impact wrenches or hand drills, but it can be used for any finish tools or inflation projects. It has a 1-gallon aluminum cast cylinder that complements its lightweight build. It is also oil-free, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Pump and Motor

It has a single-piston oil-less pump with heavy-duty ball bearings to reduce wearing. The cylinders are also steel cast designed to last long, even with regular use. It is also equipped with large air filters that bring in sufficient clean air for compression. It also has a short recovery time improving your productivity when working.

Its Motor runs an amperage of 4.6-Amps, which allows you to plug it onto any breaker you have. It is also fitted with an overload protection switch with a manual reset that gives you more control. The Motor runs rapidly at high speeds of 3400 RPM to fill up the tank within 1 minute. It is also fitted with a starter valve to allow easy cranking at low temperatures.

The Tank

It is a 1-gallon aluminum cast cylinder welded onto the roll cage to improve portability and also prevent corrosion. Its powder coat finish also prevents staining to keep the cylinder in good shape. It holds a maximum pressure of 125 PSI and fills up quickly, allowing you to work more.


It is a small air compressor built for light finish applications and inflation tasks with no limits in terms of location. It is also fitted with overload protection for safety. The compressor delivers 0.7CFM at 90 PSI, which is suitable for inflating car tires, running trim guns, general blowing, and cleaning, among other finish tasks in a garage or workshop.

It also has a stable base with rubber padding that allows you to set up anywhere to work. Its power cable is also 6ft long, giving you more room for maneuvering. It weighs 22lbs only so you can lift it around in one hand.


Rolair compressors are famous for being quiet, and air buddy is not an exception. It releases only 68db, which though higher than JC10 Plus, it is relatively low compared to other oil-free compressors. It is no more than a slight buzz, and it can be used indoors without ear protection.


  • It is light (22lbs) and can be carried in one hand
  • It has a roll cage design that protects vital parts
  • It is oil-free and requires little maintenance
  • It has a durable solid construction
  • It has a short recovery time for more productivity


  • It limits you to small intermittent use tools.

Direct Comparison


JC10 Plus is the most popular unit from Rolair because of its versatility. It can be used on a wide range of finish applications as well as some tough heavy-duty projects. Its 2.35 CFM output also allows it to power a variety of heavy-duty air tools such as high gauge nailing, spraying, and short bursts of grinding.

Rolair FC2002HBP6 is the best option for a workshop that needs lots of air for tough applications. It can handle blowing, painting, trimming, and nailing. Its power, however, comes at a higher cost meaning it is the go-to option of established contractors and woodworkers with lots of heavy-duty projects.

Air buddy AB5 is a small air compressor suitable for inflating and powering light finish application tools. It is not built for heavy-duty blasting and nailing tasks. It can, however, be used to spray, paint, and clean, which makes it invaluable at home or for finish tasks in a workshop.


FC2002HBP6 is the most mobile compressor in this review. It has big flat-free wheels mounted on a doll cage carriage that makes it easy to move around the site. AB5 is also light weighing just 22lbs so you can carry it to wherever the task is. JC10 Plus is a stationery unit best used in one place. It weighs 52lbs and doesn`t have wheels, so carrying it unaided can be a daunting task.


Rolair manufactures some of the quietest air compressors in the market, and JC10 plus stands out. It produces 60db of sound despite being an oil-less air compressor. It is friendly when used indoors. AB5 produces 68db, which is rather high, considering it is smaller than JC10. It is, however, fair, and it can be used indoors without ear protection. FC2002HBP6 is an oiled unit with a large pump. It is one of the loudest air compressors from Rolair producing 79db of sound, which can get uncomfortable in closed spaces.

Final Note

Rolair has rolled out some of the most budget-friendly air compressors with versatile applications across all fields that use air power. This guide has put together a collection of air compressors with varying power. This guide has JC10 plus as our top choice because of its versatility that allows you to load almost any air tool you may have.

FC2002HBP6, however, guarantees more power, although at an increased cost. AB5 is an air compressor on the go and very friendly budget-wise. It comes in handy if you need to work on the move all the time. With these three, you have something for your task.

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