Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Walker Review: The Pocket-Friendly Toy

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Wondering if the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages walker is the best for your baby? Then keep reading to find out about it. 

In this review, you’ll discover the features and safety measures Fisher-Price has taken to make this walker engaging and safe for your baby. 

What’s more, I’ll dive into the technical details of the walker, the assembly process, and what you get in the box. You’ll also find out all the benefits and what other parents are saying about this walker.

Let’s start!

What’s included in the Package

After opening the box, you will find these pieces:

  1. Four Wheels
  2. One Handle
  3. Main puppy body
  4. Two rear wheels support
  5. Instruction manual
Technical Details
Dimensions16.2 x 19.31 x 18.19 inches
Weight‎4 pounds.
Batteries2 AA (included)
Manufacturer’s recommended agesSix months to 3 years

Key Features

Value for money4.8/5
Best for ageSix months to 36 months

Assembly and Storage

The assembly can be a little tricky as you need to use a screwdriver to attach the wheels. Although it is reasonably intuitive to put it together, you can still use the instruction manual if you need help. It takes around 10 minutes in total to get the product in running condition.

It can be a hassle to take it with you while travelling because it is not storage-friendly.


It is recommended that you use the baby walker on the carpeted floor since it can easily slide with a slight push.

The design can be made sturdier and heavier. However, it is perfectly safe to use under parental supervision.

Some parents complained that the walker glides right away when the baby plays, pushes, and pulls it in the sitting play method. To counter this, the walker should have brakes because they had to place the walker along a wall.

​Seven Hands-on Activities

The Fisher-Price Learn and Laugh Walker’s front panel provides seven hands-on activities to keep the baby engaged.

  1. Your baby can push the puppy’s nose on the front, and it will say different things
  2. One roller on the upper left paw
  3. One spinner on the lower right paw
  4. A slider that slides up and down
  5. Three buttons on the front which say different things like colour, shapes, alphabets, or songs
  6. Turnable pages on the front, which you can switch between numbers and alphabets
  7. A button on the upper right paw to adjust the three different stages

2 Play Methods

The Fisher-Price Learn and Laugh walker has two play methods:

  1. Sit and Play Method
  2. Stand and Walk Method

The Sit and Play method involves playing with the front panel. This activity panel encourages the baby to sit for longer and engage with the activities.

In the Stand and Walk Method, there is a nice handle in the back that they can hold onto, and practice standing and walking while also feeling safe. The walker’s height is 17 and a quarter inches which is perfect for a toddler.

However, the backside of the walker has no interactive buttons, so when the child starts to walk, there’s nothing to entice them to stand on the backside of the walker and push.

3 Adjustable Stages

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Play walker is compatible with multiple age groups. On its one paw, it has three buttons from where you can adjust the stages.

  • The first stage is for six months and older. In this stage, there are hands-on activities, keeping little hands busy like flipping pages and introducing the babies to colours, shapes, and numbers. 
  • Stage two is for 12 months and above. Here, they will have the puppy asking them to find different shapes and introducing them to new Spanish words.
  • The third stage is for 18 months and above. The little ones can flip the pages and hear fun phrases and songs that bring book pictures to life.  

Overall, these three stages combine 75+ activities and can teach your child many things like shapes, numbers, and alphabets.



  • Colourful
  • Lots of activities
  • Lightweight
  • Playful and durable
  • Affordable


  • Can skid on the hard floor for strong babies
  • Easy to assemble, hard to disassemble
  • No brakes and wheels lock


The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn walker has a 4.8 Amazon rating through 7000+ reviews and is a strong contender for your walker’s choice. With vibrant colours and multiple functionalities, it is sure to keep your baby entertained.

The three adjustable stages make it capable of being used for a long while without purchasing new products. The price range is also very affordable, keeping in mind the features it comes with. 

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