DeWalt Vs. Ridgid Cordless Impact Wrench: Which One Is Better

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If you need a serious power tool for tightening or loosening bolts, then you would be looking to get one from DeWalt or Ridgid. These two brands are top tier brands with their quality products. In this guide, we want to see who offers the best value for your money.

Anyone shopping for an impact wrench would be looking at the amount of power, the overall control of the unit, price, and quality. The last thing you want is to buy new impact wrench kits every few months.

The DeWalt and Ridgid impact wrench units in this guide both are compact. This makes it better for those who might be working long hours with their devices as they are also lightweight. The use of improved brushless motors in both units ensures there is a better power delivery and the models also use less energy. Using less energy means more battery life.

They do have subtle differences to differentiate them apart. We find that the Ridgid model has more speed settings available to utilize. Also, they differ in terms of price with the DeWalt unit being more expensive.

Let’s Compare The DeWalt Vs. Ridgid Cordless Impact Wrench

DeWalt DCF880HM2 20-Volt Max Impact Wrench Kit

DeWalt impact wrench kits are ideal for multiple projects. It is the same thing you get with this DCF880HM2 model. Here are key features about the model.


Many people are always considering what kind of size they get with their impact wrench. This is a compact model as it measures 5.7 inches front to back. Portability should not be an issue. Other than being compact, the model is also lightweight at 3.4 pounds. Even if you have to keep using it for hours, you will not feel that it is a burden on your hand.

LED Lights

Considering it is compact, it should be easy to use in tight areas. However, we know that tight areas are always poorly lit. As a result, the 3 LED lights on the impact wrench are essential for illuminating your work area for you to see better. These lights also have a 20-second delay after releasing the trigger. It allows for more visibility.

Hog Ring Anvil

The hog ring anvil type on the impact wrench is ideal for a faster change of the sockets. With one hand, you can always switch the sockets with ease.

Battery Life

This model is powered by an XR lithium ion battery. The battery is good for more battery life as compared to standard battery packs. The battery lasts 33% more than what you get with competitor battery options. The fuel gauge on the battery makes it easy for you to monitor the battery level as you keep using the impact wrench.

What We Like

  • It is a lightweight impact wrench
  • The battery life is better
  • It is easy to change sockets

What We Don’t Like

  • It is expensive

The Solution: Even if the model is expensive, once you start using it, you will experience the best value for money. As a result, it is worth the amount of money you spend on it.

Ridgid R86011B Octane 18V Cordless Impact Wrench

The Ridgid R86011B model has a rugged look which gives you the assurance that you are buying a durable model. Here are more reasons why people want this unit.


This cordless impact wrench comes with four speed settings. Such speed options mean that you can handle different applications with your impact wrench. Many find it ideal for handling different types of fasteners.

Tri-Beam LED

The Tri-Beam LED lights are strategically located around the chuck. They activate whenever you press the trigger. If you want to turn them on without pressing the trigger, there is a separate trigger for you to use. Having the bright LED lights ensures you have a visible working area to avoid any accident.

Auto Mode

The auto mode is another top feature of this unit. With this feature, the impact wrench will automatically shut off when the subject if fully tight. This is crucial to avoid stripping.

Bit Ejection

Some impact wrenches make it hard to switch tools, but not this one. You will find that ejecting the bits is easier when using this unit. You eject the bits by pulling the collect back. As simple as that, you can now switch the bits.

Brushless Motor

We always have to look at the motor that you get with an impact wrench. Luckily, this model features a brushless motor. This is the new technology of motors you should get right now. The motor will deliver more power without using up a lot of energy. It is why more people are opting for brushless impact wrench kits than the brushed counterparts.

What We Like

  • Four speed settings option
  • It has an auto mode to avoid stripping
  • Bit ejection is easier

What We Don’t Like

  • The overall grip feel could be better

The Solution: The grip feel varies a lot depending on the user. Some might find the grip feel being fine while others would want more. It is always about the personal preference.

Which Is Better?

We find that using DeWalt and Ridgid models is easy. Even if you are new to using an impact wrench, you should find it easy to work on your projects. Both have LED lights to illuminate your work space and help you seeing in tight areas. However, the Ridgid model has more features for the money. The model has the auto mode feature important to avoid stripping of your bolts. It also has four speed settings and cheaper than the DeWalt model.

In this case, the expensive model is not the best.

Final Thoughts

Just because we say the DeWalt model is not the best in this comparison you should not dismiss it just yet. The DeWalt model still has multiple features that make it ideal for many projects you might have to handle. Also, the build quality is good. The Ridgid model comes out as the best simply because it offers more features, impressive durability, and remains affordable.

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