DeWalt Vs Porter Cable Cordless Impact Driver [Which Is Best]

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DeWalt and Porter Cable brands have been in existence for over 60 years. These are brands that know what a customer wants and they implement it in their new products. Over the years, we have seen these two brands give us the best power tools we need for various projects.

It is interesting to see what each has to offer in our DeWalt vs Porter Cable impact drivers. We expect their impact drivers to be more powerful than competitors, easy to use, compact, durable, and have many other desirable features.

Quick Summary

Both models that we review in this guide have brushless motors. It is no secret that brushless motors are ideal for better durability and performance. Also, such motors make the impact drivers good in terms of energy efficiency. We find that both have LED lights for illuminating your workspace for you to work better.

As for differences, the DeWalt model has up to 3 speed settings. That is not what you get with the Porter Cable model as it is a single speed impact driver. The Porter Cable model comes with the battery and charger, but you will have to buy the battery and charger separately for the DeWalt model.

DeWalt DCF887B And Porter Cable PCCK647B Impact Driver | Ultimate Comparison

DeWalt DCF887B Impact Driver

This DeWalt DCF887B impact driver comes with multiple modes of operation to make it versatile. As such, it can be used for drilling holes, driving screws, and so much more. Here are more features that make the unit impressive.


The motor of any impact driver is important. This one is a brushless motor generating a peak voltage of 20V. You might be used to the 18V models, but this one should be perfect for more versatility and flexibility. For being brushless, you should find it being quieter while operating as compared to competitors. Also, it is more powerful to deliver on the ease of working on various projects.

Speed performance

The model has several options to choose from in terms of speed. The 3 adjustable speeds all provide you with variable torque settings. So, depending on the application, you can increase and decrease the speed and torque of the driver.

The 3 speed settings include running the driver at 1,000 RPM, 2,800 RPM, and 3250RPM. To make it easy to control, the unit still features a precision drive. If you have to work on delicate applications, then this drive will provide more accuracy.

The Hex Chuck

The use of a hex chuck for any owner of an impact driver is crucial. Luckily for this unit, we find that it does come with a ¼ inch hex chuck. The hex shank bits are easy to replace even with a one-hand operation. This is all thanks to the convenient grip that also makes it easy to control the driver.


The unit feels tough and solid in your hand. Coming from DeWalt, we did not expect anything less. The brand is known for making quality products. The rugged structure of this model makes it ideal for anyone looking for construction sites where you might drop it more often than you wish.


Nowadays, it is easy to overpay for most power tools. However, for this model, we find that its price compared to the features you get, it is just the perfect balance. You will get the best value for money the next time you decide to get this unit.

What We Like

  • It is strong and tough for durability
  • It is quite versatile
  • The driver has a variable speed setting
  • The 3 LED lights aid in better visibility

What We Don’t Like

  • Some feel it is heavy for using over long sessions

The Solution: It will only feel heavy if you use it for extended periods. The weight is not too much for all people, so you might just be comfortable with it.

Porter Cable PCCK647B Impact Driver

The Porter Cable PCCK647B impact driver is one of the best in the market considering it is powerful, affordable, and durable. To get all these features in one product is not always easy. Here are more reasons the unit is top rated.

The Size and Design

The overall design of the tool is modern and the same goes for the size. You will find that it does come with a small footprint as compared to other units in the market. The model feels quality when you carry it around in your hand.

For its ergonomic design, we find that working on various projects should be easy. Also, it fits in the hand well to allow for better control over the tool.

Brushless Motor

The brushless motor of this tool provides up to 50% more runtime as compared to brushed motors. With more run time, it is expected that it would be ideal for preserving the battery life.

Other than saving you on the amount of power you use, the motor is also powerful. This makes it perfect for working on tough projects that need more power.


The torque of the tool varies with the speed. The model provides with a maximum speed of 2,700 RPM and 1,400 inch-pounds for the maximum torque. With such a torque, it should be ideal for large fastening applications. The torque is self-adjusting depending on the load. As such, it would stop applying torque whenever the screw gets in tight.


You can never go wrong with having LED lights on your impact driver. The LED lights are bright and still well positioned. They are crucial for illuminating your workspace so that you can see better. They remain on for a few seconds, even after the drill is stopped.

Battery Life

The lithium ion battery is good for tasks that might take more time to complete. You can always have a spare battery to keep you working as you wait for another to charge. As for the charge time, the battery does not take more than an hour to charge.

What We Like

  • Compact for better portability
  • Impressive run time on batteries
  • The LED light is bright and well-positioned
  • Changing the bits is easy and fast

What We Don’t Like

  • It is a single speed unit

The Solution: The single speed feature is not as bad as some people think since it can still work great for multiple projects. You might only be limited to specific projects, but it will still get the job done.

Which Is Better?

The DeWalt DCF887B unit is what you need for the best durability, power, and overall quality. As such, we find it being ideal for a DIY enthusiast or even a professional mechanic. It will be an ideal addition to your tool’s arsenal. As for the Porter Cable PCCK647LB model, it is sturdy, well built, and powerful. Since it is easy to use, we can recommend it to amateurs. It is going to be an ideal tool to have in your house.

If you want to work on tough jobs, then choose DeWalt. For home use, the Porter Cable unit is perfect.

Final Thoughts

Always consider what you need the impact driver to do before buying one. The DeWalt model reviewed above is seen to be ideal for the tough tasks. For enthusiasts of DIY projects, they could opt for the Porter Cable. Considering that they do not vary much in terms of price, whichever model you choose, it will still get the job done.

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