Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Cordless Impact Driver | Which Is Better

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Dewalt and Milwaukee are undeniably the best manufacturers of high-grade power tools in the market. Both companies are famous in mass-producing excellent and credible impact drivers that are available in almost every part of the globe and always leave consumers satisfied with their high-quality performance.

Most people find it hard to decide which brand is better to go with when looking for the ideal impact driver. It’s probably because both brands are renowned in making only the best of the best power tools that have numerous applications for different varieties of jobs.

Quick Summary

This article focuses on a thorough comparison of Dewalt DCF887D2 Cordless Impact Driver and Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Cordless Impact Driver that’ll help consumers decide on which brand is better to go with and to help them prevent from settling for less.

The Dewalt impact driver is a reliable power tool when it comes to performance and durability. However, the Milwaukee impact driver triumphs over the Dewalt drill kit because of its longer warranty coverage, and it has a more reasonable price.

It also features a four-drive mode that the user can utilize for better results, unlike the Dewalt impact driver that only has three gear power adjustability. You’ll know more when you read below!

Dewalt And Milwaukee Impact Driver Comparison Review

DEWALT DCF887D2 Cordless Impact Driver

Being proficient with handling power tools is just not good enough. A professional craftsperson must always be accompanied by high-performance tools that can match his skills. The Dewalt DCF887D2 impact driver is an excellent power tool that can accomplish a variety of tasks on different applications and materials.

Torque Power

The DEWALT impact driver boasts a brushless motor, which enables the tool to function more efficiently and have more excellent durability. In addition to this, the brushless motor also makes the device run quieter and last longer on a single battery charge.

This impact driver’s brushless motor enables the device to achieve 1825 inch per pound of force with the speed of up to 3250 RPM with 3600 IPM. It also features a 3-speed transmission and a speed trigger for more accuracy when working with a variety of materials.

Size & Weight

The DEWALT impact driver has a measurement of 5.3 inches from its front to its rear and weighs only 2.65 lbs without including the weight of its battery. It’s already surprising to notice that this impact driver is much smaller and lighter compared to other impact driver brands.

Gear Capacity

The 2nd and 3rd gears reach 0 to 2800 ROM and 0 to 3250 RPM, which has over 1500 inch per pound of twisting force in second gear, and 1825 inches per pounds on third gear. The tool also features a 3-speed transmission and a speed trigger for greater results.


The batteries of the DEWALT impact driver has 2.0Ah capacity that grants the tool to have a heavy-duty functionality with an excellent all-over performance that’ll always be convenient in working with different materials for an extended period of time.


  • The DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver is manufactured in the USA with high-quality materials.
  • It’s lightweight, and its size is convenient when working with tight spaces.
  • It features 3-LED lights with a 20-second delay after releasing the trigger.
  • The speed 1 option grants extra control and precise applications.
  • It is made with a brushless motor and XR li-ion batteries for better durability and a higher quality of performance.


  • The battery capacity is lower compared to other brands of impact drivers.
  • It’s quite challenging to adjust the power because the switch is hard to move.

Final Thoughts On DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver:

The Dewalt DCF887D2 Drill kit is one of the most convenient power tools to get specific tasks done. This impact driver features speed settings options that can help the user to adjust the drill for different applications. However, the Dewalt drill kit has a higher price compared to other impact driver brands.

Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Cordless Impact Driver

When the first products of Milwaukee impact drills were released to the market, it immediately became a huge hit. Builders and craftspersons often go with power tools that are manufactured by the Milwaukee company. It’s probably because Milwaukee is renowned in producing the world’s high-quality tools that are efficient and durable.

Torque Power

The Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Impact driver can always assure you to accomplish your home tasks with its 1,800 inches of force and no-loads speeds of 0-3,000 RPM, and 0-3700 IPM. A power tool with all these incredible features can be acquired at a very reasonable price.

This impact driver also features a brushless power motor that enables it to function efficiently. It has the capacity to generate a large amount of force to make your jobs easier and convenient.

Finding larger impact driver tools is unpractical when you have the Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 impact driver since it has a wide range of taking on many tasks on different applications.

Size & Weight

This impact driver is cordless and is only 5.25 inches in length and has over 2.1 pounds of weight. It is a very convenient tool that can accomplish many tasks in a house or a workstation. It has an enhanced grip sleeve that results in better performance when working in tight spaces.

Gear Capacity

Moreover, unlike the DEWALT DCF887D2, this impact driver features a four-mode drive gear. However, familiarization of the right power to use in specific applications must first be prioritized by the user to gain more control and have better results.

Battery Power

The Milwaukee impact driver features two Red lithium ion batteries that have the capacity to generate vast amounts of power to the drill for a long duration of time. The impact driver’s battery has the Redlink Plus technology that safeguards the power tool from malfunctioning and keeps it durable.


  • Features a four-drive mode
  • Backed up by a REDLITHIUM 18 volts battery
  • Has 1800 inches per pounds of maximum force
  • Has a reasonable warranty offer
  • It has a better ergonomic design compared to other brands of impact drivers.
  • Boasts a no-load speed of 0-3000 RPM and 0-3700 IPM


  • The reverse button has a tendency to be stuck
  • Its bit holder can quickly wear out
  • Its four-drive mode needs a thorough familiarization for great functionality

Final Thoughts On Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Impact Driver:

The Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 impact driver has almost the same performance quality as the Dewalt impact driver and offers a more reasonable price. It also covers more warranty years compared to the Dewalt drill kit. The only thing to consider when using this impact driver is to learn and familiarize the four-drive mode option because it’s a little bit complicated.


Deciding between these two brands of impact drivers can be hard since both are known to have quality standards when it comes to making power tools. The DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver is more comfortable to utilize because of its weight and size. However, the Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 impact driver has a more reasonable price.

Regarding the power tool’s warranty, the Milwaukee impact driver is a much better choice to go with since it promises five years of issued warranty while the DEWALT impact driver only covers three years.

Both impact drivers are great when it comes to generating excellent power and great product performance that can always accomplish numerous tasks within the house or a workplace.

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