DeWalt Vs. Kobalt Cordless Impact Wrench: What Tool Is Better

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Not many people have heard about Kobalt power tools, but DeWalt is a sure top brand. You might have been sleeping on Kobalt as it is a top brand with quality tools. We decided to compare the two to show you that Kobalt is not far behind DeWalt.

If you need the best impact wrench, always consider the power you get, durability, ease of control, quality, and battery life for a cordless model. We will discuss how the two brands integrate these features in their tools in our reviews below.

Quick Summary

The DeWalt DCF899HB impact wrench and the Kobalt 24V model both have brushless motors. The popularity of brushless motors is understandable considering such motors deliver on more power while saving on energy. The two models also have the option of choosing the speed at which you would want to run the impact wrench. This makes them both versatile.

They, however, differ in the amount of torque that each model delivers. The DeWalt model stands out as the one that has the most torque. Do not worry, the torque is not too much to worry about ignoring the Kobalt model.

DeWalt Vs. Kobalt Cordless Impact Wrench: A Challenge From The New Kid

DeWalt DCF899HB 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench Kit

The DeWalt DCF899HB impact wrench packs enough power for you to handle different types of tasks, whether at home or at a jobsite. Here are more benefits of using the unit today.


First impressions should be the ergonomics that come with the unit. It weighs only 7.2 pounds, making it lightweight for an impact wrench. Considering its weight, it is easy to see that taking it to different sites should be easy.

That is not all as it the grip is also great. The wrench feels good in the hand as if it was meant for your hand. You should always have a good grip all the time. The trigger is also within an easy reach.

The power

The power is enough to make the tool versatile. It does deliver a maximum torque of 700 feet/pound. The breakaway torque on the other hand is 1,200 feet/pound, making it a strong unit.

Tightening or loosening those bolts just got easier. Also, you get the option of running it at 3 different speeds depending on your needs.

Run time

For a cordless impact wrench, the battery life will always be an important consideration. So, how long does the 5.0-amp battery last? It always comes down to the load, but we are pleased to say that this one lasts for long as compared to competitors. The recharging might take a lot more time than what people want, but it is what you get with a cordless tool.


The LED light is now a standard feature for most DeWalt impact wrench kits. The LED light on this unit is bright to ensure you never have to worry about working in poorly lit areas.

What We Like

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Impressive torque output
  • Feels comfortable in the hand

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery takes long to recharge

The Solution: Get yourself a spare battery to use each time you recharge the battery. Two batteries will be ideal for someone working on various projects the whole day.

Kobalt 24 Volt Max-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench

If you have to work on various projects that need an impact wrench, then this Kobalt unit can be an ideal option. Below are some reasons why we say so.

The Power

The model comes with improved power as compared to others within its class. You will get up to 650 feet/pound in terms of torque. With such a torque, it is good for most projects in the shop. Also, the brushless motor delivers more power while at the same time using less power.

Variable Speed

Sometimes you might need to run the impact wrench at different speeds. So, it is good to know that this model allows for you to switch between two speed settings. You can use the 2400 IPM speed for fast loosening and tightening of bolts.

LED Work Light

A built-in LED light turns on each time you squeeze the trigger. The light is placed on the bottom part so that it is away from your hands. Many users love the light for brightening up the work area.

Unbeatable Warranty

The warranty can tell you a lot about a tool. For this one, you get up to 5 years limited warranty on the tool. This shows that the tool is durable.

What We Like

  • Good battery life
  • It is easy to use
  • Has a built-in LED work light

What We Don’t Like

  • Comes with one battery

The Solution: You should consider getting a second battery from the same manufacturer. An additional battery is crucial to keep you working even when the other battery is charging.

Which Is Better?

Both the DeWalt and Kobalt models reviewed above are good in terms of overall performance. They are powerful and both offer variable speed settings. We find the DeWalt model being better at performance in terms of torque and more speed settings. As such, it will be more versatile and ideal for a professional.

The Kobalt unit is not a slouch also. The model packs quite the punch, making it an important tool to have if you need an impact wrench. We find that it has newer high-tech features and generally easy to use. Even a newbie should find it easy to work with it.

As much as the Kobalt unit is good in various aspects, we have to settle on the DeWalt model for the overall performance and capability it offers to the user.

Final Thoughts

These two brands are all about giving you the best performance and value for your money. As much as the DeWalt unit comes out as the best, the Kobalt model is not going down easy. As expected, the DeWalt unit is more expensive. For someone who is on a budget and wants more value, then the Kobalt impact wrench mentioned above is the right one for you.

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