DeWalt Vs. Ingersoll Rand Cordless Impact Wrench (Updated)

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Comparing DeWalt vs. Ingersoll Rand impact wrenches can be interesting as you are comparing two giant power tools manufacturers. These two brands have given us some of the best power tools over the years.

The DeWalt brand is known for making impact wrenches that have newer technology and can live up to your expectations. The Ingersoll Rand, on the other hand, makes rugged tools with more power and better durability. It is easy to see why both brands are great at what they do.

The DeWalt and Ingersoll Rands models we review both have the best nut-busting torque. Even if you have to deal with highly tightened nuts, it should be easy to break free and loosen them. The two are not just for loosening, as they also have enough speed to handle quick fastening applications.

The two differ largely in terms of the weight with the DeWalt model being slightly heavier. Also, the DeWalt model has LED lights, which the Ingersoll Rand model lacks.

DeWalt Vs. Ingersoll Rand Cordless Impact Wrench: A Review Of High Torque Power Tools

DeWalt DCF899P1 20V Max XR Impact Wrench Kit

The DeWalt DCF899P1 is a top consideration for most people who need an impact wrench for handling heavy duty applications. Let us see what more this impact wrench can do for its new owner.

The power

The impact wrench is equipped with a brushless motor. The results are that the motor can deliver more power as compared to brushed motor models. It also uses less energy, which means you can work on projects for longer without worrying and the battery life.

It is also worth checking the torque of this unit. The maximum torque of this impact wrench is 700 ft-lbs. Such torque is enough to break free even the overtightened bolts.


Anyone who is looking to buy a portable cordless impact wrench would hope for something compact. Compactness is what you get with this model as it is 8-13/16 inches in terms of length. The wrench is also within the lightweight range weighing 7.2 pounds.

Speed control

The multi-speed control is also another top feature we all like. We find that it is easy to cycle from one speed range to another. The speed settings include 0 to 400, 1200, and 1900 RPM. For those tough applications, always go for the higher speeds.

LED lights

Who would not want better visibility when working on a project? Well, there is no doubt having LED lights on the model is an ideal situation. LED lights are bright, so expect to end up with more visibility across your work area.

Battery performance

The brushless motor as suggested earlier will improve the overall battery life. Since it is also a 5.0 Ah battery, we find that it has more battery life than standard packs. The charger included in the kit will also quickly charge the battery to get you back to work.

What We Like

  • Impressive torque delivery
  • Comes with a compact design
  • Multi-speed control for multiple applications

What We Don’t Like

  • A few complaints about the charger not working correctly

The Solution: Those who complain about the battery charger claim you have to set the contacts at a certain angle to get it working correctly. However, this is not a common problem across all buyers, so you might end up with a properly working charger.

Ingersoll Rand W7129-K2 ½-Inch High Torque Impact Wrench

The Ingersoll Rand W7129-K2 model has a rugged look to it meaning it is up for more performance and durability. What about other functions? Below are features you would get whenever you buy this model.

The power

The impressive power delivery of this unit makes it worth every penny. The unit delivers an impressive 780 ft-lbs. maximum torque. With such torque, it should be easy loosening those tight nuts that seem tough on other types of wrenches.


We also find the durability is on another level. The use of high efficiency rare earth magnet for the motor is all about boosting its longevity. No more worries about replacing your cordless impact wrench every few months.

Other features that improve the overall durability of the unit include a high capacity variable speed trigger, and an all metal drive train. With a variable speed trigger, it is easy to pick the speed you want based on the job.


We cannot forget about how the impact wrench feels in the hand. It is a comfortable unit to be in your hand. This is because of the ergonomic handle and a soft touch over-molded grip. These features improve how you feel with the unit in your hand and the overall control.

Battery performance

As for the battery life, it is what you would expect from a high-end model such as this one. The battery can last longer than what you get with other standard batteries. It can also live up to the constant performance needs of an impact wrench.

What We Like

  • More torque delivery for tough tasks
  • Impressive motor durability for years of use
  • It is comfortable to feel in the hand

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks LED lights for more visibility in dark areas

The Solution: As much as it lacks the LED lights, it makes up for them in other areas such as more torque and better durability. You can always have an additional flashlight with you when working in poorly lit areas.

Which Is Better?

We cannot deny that the Ingersoll Rand and DeWalt impact wrenches mentioned above are all good in terms of power delivery. However, the DeWalt DCF899P1 model stands out as the best option for the money. It does give you the much-desired LED lights, compact design, and easier to use.

Final Thoughts

The two impact wrenches reviewed above both have an impressive amount of power to deliver to the users. If LED lights is not a deciding factor for you, then the Ingersoll Rand unit also stands a chance to be in your toolbox. It can sometimes come down to what you feel is worth your money considering they are not far apart in terms of price.

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