DeWalt Vs Craftsman Cordless Drill: Who Makes Better Power Tools

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The consensus is that Craftsman tools will be of lower quality as compared to DeWalt models. However, that is not always the case as you will see with the various cordless drills we have highlighted in this guide.

Craftsman cordless drills can also be compared to DeWalt models and come out as budget buys still with many desirable features.

Buying cordless drills should not be hard even for a newbie. Always look at the top features of a product to understand what you are getting. Go for a model with more power to handle various applications, quality construction, ease of use, and other important features.

The Comparison

DeWalt DCD991P2 20V MAX XR Brushless Cordless Drill

This is a kit comprising of a high-powered cordless drill, a charger, two batteries, and a tough case for carrying the drill around. As you can see, it is ready to get to work out of the case. Here are more features about the drill.


Whenever buying a cordless drill, the first thing you look at is the power. The DCD991P2 model delivers an impressive output of 820 unit watts out. With such a torque, handling the different types of applications just got easier.

To make it possible to deliver such an amount of power, we find that it does come with a high efficiency brushless motor. This motor construction leads to having 57% more run time on the battery as compared to the brushed motors.


We find that the cordless drill comes with 3 speed settings for the user to consider switching to whenever necessary. The three speed settings include 450, 1300, and 2000 RPM. It is easy to find applications for each of the speeds mentioned. Switching from one speed to another is easy also.

The Design

The design of this unit involves ending up with a heavy duty ½” ratcheting metal chuck. This chuck is made from nitro-carburized metal, meaning you end up with a superior gripping performance better than other models.

You will also like its LEDs with their 3 modes of operation. Depending on the conditions, it is easy to change between different modes to find one that works great. The spotlight mode is common for those working in dark spaces where continuous light is necessary.

High Battery Capacity

The model comes with two 20V 5Ah lithium ion batteries. As a result, you will always have enough battery power to work on different projects. Simply switch between the batteries to keep working. No more inconveniences.

What We Like

  • Great maximum output
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Has up to three speed settings

What We Don’t Like

  • It feels heavier

The Solution: At 10 pounds, the model is heavier than most models. However, this can be subjective depending on the user. It is best to take short breaks if you have to keep working for long hours using the drill to prevent more fatigue.

Craftsman CMCD700C1 Cordless Drill

The Craftsman CMCD700C1 cordless drill is another common consideration for a quality drill. Coming from a top brand, we expect it to live up to the brand’s name. Below are the features that define the cordless drill.

Motor and Variable Speed

We always have to consider the type of motor when reviewing drills. This one features a brushless motor that is all about delivering more power while using less power. The maximum power output for this one is 280 unit watts out. It might not be much as that of the DeWalt model above, but it is enough power for multiple applications.

The motor is then combined with a 2-speed gearbox that should work for many applications. The speeds in these modes include 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1,500 RPM. The low speed is for delicate jobs while the high speed is for fastening.

Battery and Charge Time

The battery capacity of any cordless drill is important. This drill has a 20V max lithium ion battery. Such battery type is all about delivering more power that a user needs for more runtime and performance.

When it comes to recharging the battery, it will take less than 60 minutes to fully charge it. A longer run time and faster battery recharge make it better to work with this cordless drill.

Improved Visibility

Working in dark areas just got easier thanks to having the LED lights. These lights will not drain much of your battery, so do not be afraid to use them more often. They are bright enough to work great as expected.

Easy Bit Change

Having the ½-inch keyless chuck makes it easy to switch the bits without requiring special tools. It should be easy for the newbies to cordless drills to also enjoy using it.

What We Like

  • It is versatile with its variable speed trigger
  • The drill is made of quality materials
  • It recharges faster

What We Don’t Like

  • Supplied with only one battery

The Solution: It might be best to get a second battery so that you can switch the batteries whenever one dies and you are in the middle of working on a project.

Which Is Better?

The Craftsman CMCD700C1 is loved for its budget price. It is for someone who needs to work on basic projects around the house. It might be a DIYer who needs to install a few things around the house. With its power of 280 UWO, we find it good for light to medium applications.

For those with tougher projects, the DeWalt DCD991P2 model is your ideal option. It is built to be great on overall in terms of power output and variable speed settings. With a power output of 850 UWO, it should easily work great for the tough applications. We easily pick the DeWalt model as the winner between the two models.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best cordless drill is simple when you have all the information. From the features of the different models above, we find that the cordless drills mentioned above all are good for different applications. Those who want more power, then the DeWalt model is what they should buy. If you are on a budget, then the Craftsman unit is what you need.

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