DeWalt Vs Bosch Cordless Drill: Which Brand Is Best?

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DeWalt and Bosch are both top brands we cannot fail to mention when talking about cordless drills. These two brands are loved by DIYers, homebuilders, woodworkers, and other professionals who might need to use power tools.

In this guide, we look at two comparable cordless drills from the two brands. Since they have been in the power tools business for decades, we expect the two models to compare well.

If you ever have to buy a cordless drill some of the factors to keep in mind include the battery life, the motor, speed settings, and overall build quality.

The Comparison

DeWalt Atomic DCD708C2 Cordless Drill

The DeWalt Atomic DCD708C2 is a complete cordless drill kit most professionals would want. Considering it is from DeWalt, we expect that it would have the best durability. Other than durability, here are more benefits of the model.

Superior visibility

The LED foot light is strategically placed on the lower section of the unit to enhance visibility. The next time you are working on any project, there is no doubt you will find it being easy to see the workspace.

The bright LED also does not take up a lot of your battery charge. There is also the option of turning the LED off so that you can only use the lights whenever it is necessary.

The Power

Whenever we are talking about the power, we must consider the type of motor. The brushless motor in this unit can deliver more power without using up most of the battery charge.

The motor is coupled to a 2-speed transmission. This means that you can run the drill at different speeds depending on power need. Some applications might need mild speeds while others higher speeds.

The maximum RPM is 1650 and at this point, we are looking at 340 UWO in terms of power output. Such torque should be enough to work on even the toughest projects.

Compact and Design

The manufacturer rates the unit as being 25% more compact than what you get with close competitors. To understand its compactness, the model is only 6.3 inches front to back.

As a result, many users find it ideal for fitting in tight spaces. Carrying it around in your toolbox should not be a problem also.

How about the weight? Well, the unit weighs 5.59 pounds with the battery attached. It might not be the lightest model in the category, but it is still a lightweight unit that you can enjoy using for extended periods.

The Battery

The kit includes two 20V lithium ion batteries and a charger. With two batteries in your tools’ arsenal, it is easy to switch between these two whenever one dies. You will continue working as the other battery recharges.

The brushless motor improves the battery use by up to 13%. This means you get more run time.

What We Like

  • The LED foot light improves visibility
  • Comes with a variable speed trigger for more control
  • It has an impressive power output

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery takes longer to recharge

The Solution: The manufacturer sells the kit with two batteries. Even if one takes longer to recharge, you will always have a backup battery to use.

Bosch Bare Tool PS130BN Cordless Drill

Whenever you get a Bosch cordless drill, you have the confidence that it has been through the quality checks to ensure it delivers the best performance. That is what you get and more with this PS130BN cordless drill as discussed below.

Overall Control

The PS130BN is a combination of a hammer drill and driver. So, it is best if you have a better control of the model while working. Luckily, the manufacturer has made sure this is the case. This is because the unit has a short head length of just 8 inches. Such a length is important for delivering a better balance and overall control of the cordless drill.

The Power

Good power always means better performance. This one delivers 265 inch-lbs. maximum torque. The torque is delivered through two speed settings. The first speed setting goes up to 350 RPM while the other up to 1300 RPM. With a variable speed trigger, it is easy to find it more versatile.

The low speed setting is good for delicate jobs and end up with a better control of the tool for precision drilling.

The Weight

We had mentioned earlier that the model is compact. We also expect it to be lightweight. Well, it weighs 2.3 pounds only. Even with the addition of the battery, the model will weigh a pound more which is not a lot for a cordless drill. For such a weight category, it will not make the user feel fatigued even when used for long sessions.


The PS130BN comes with a complete custom tool inlay important for storing your tools. It is something most tools lack at this price range. It is good to know that this one offers it.

What We Like

  • The unit has better control even for newbies
  • It delivers more torque for its size
  • It is lightweight at 2.3 pounds

What We Don’t Like

  • It is a bare tool, thus you have to spend more to get all the accessories

The Solution: The manufacturer readily sells you the additional accessories you might need to make it whole. They are still available at an affordable price.

Which Is Best?

The DeWalt DCD708C2 and the Bosch PS130BN units are easily some of the best drills for the money. They are both good in terms of torque they offer, durability, and variable speed settings. Anyone who buys either model should find them good for various tough jobs at a job site.

We have to settle on the DeWalt model as the best between the two as it is delivered as a complete kit. You can get it out of the packaging and start working on a project.

The Bosch unit is a bare tool, meaning you have to go through the process of buying additional accessories such as the batteries just to use it.

Final Thoughts

Bosch and DeWalt models are all about performance and that is what we see from the two models reviewed above. They are both tools with a high torque performance to help drill through different materials.

All professionals who might need a drill should find the two as ideal. Also, they use the latest brushless motor technology to improve the overall power output and battery use.

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