DeWalt Vs Black+Decker Cordless Drill | Ultimate Battle

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When investing in drill/drivers, users also look at the versatility of the tool for application on different kinds of materials. In this review, we bring two drill/drivers which promise flexibility plus performance when it comes to drilling and driving those fasteners in.

Both of these tools come from renowned brands in the power tools industry. DeWalt, a big name brand since 1947 gives us the DCD708C2. We’ll be comparing it with the Decker LD120VA, Black + Decker’s entry into the home power tools niche.

Although the tools will appeal to users for their lithium-ion battery technologies and their potential for use on different projects, each of these tools carry distinct advantages that brand them uniquely their own. Let’s take a look at them and see how they fare against each other.

Quick Summary

If you’re looking for two good 20v drill/drivers these offerings from DeWalt and Black and Decker both satisfy users.

The DeWalt DCD708C2 compact size and power will find good use in the hands of contractors who need a drill/driver with increased power for narrow project surfaces.

The Decker LD120VA‘s middle of the road speed plus its accessories makes it a great trusty sidekick for home renovators who need a drill/driver on standby at any time.

DeWalt DCD708C2 Vs. Decker LD120VA: Which Is Better

DeWalt DCD708C2

The DeWalt DCD708C2 packs in a solid performance despite its smallish frame. It’s good to have this in case you need to work on projects inside narrow areas like crawlspaces.

Precision Engineering

DeWalt’s brushless motor design enables the DCD708C2 to retain and even increase its power by 13% despite scaling down in size. Thanks to its frictionless energy generation, the motor is able to push further while possessing more life without brushes abrading the stator.

Battery Interoperability

The DeWalt DCD708C2 will accept batteries from the company’s Max 20V line of lithium-ion packs. Users gain more freedom in selecting batteries with different ampere-hours to suit their power and operational time needs.

2-Speed Control

Users can use the variable speed trigger with two speed settings to apply just the right torque and speed on their projects. The DeWalt DCD708C2 to reach a max speed of 1,650 RPMs to help users finish installing fasteners quickly.

Better Illumination

The DeWalt DCD708C2 sports LED foot lights  to better illuminate work surfaces. This allows users to finish fastening work fast without straining their eyes in the dark.

What We Like

  • Small compact frame that is only 6.3 inches long while weighing only 2.4 lbs for stress-free operation.
  • Nice ergonomic handle provides a good hand feel.
  • 1/2 inch ratcheting chuck counters the spinning force that can throw off bits from the drill/driver, keeping them in while the unit is in operation. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The batteries that came with the drill don’t give long operational times.

The Solution

You can buy a new set of batteries with higher AH for longer work time.

Decker LD120VA

The Decker LD120VA‘s speed and different accessories make it a good drill/driver in case you need to make renovations around the home.

Wide Variety of Applications

The Decker LD120VA comes with 30 different kinds of bits and heads to mix and match with different kinds of screws and fasteners. You can now work with different types of fasteners without having to buy a different bit for your drill/driver.

Good Speed

The Decker LD120VA revs up to 750 RPMs, giving you sufficient torque and at a good speed for any fastening jobs for your project.

Low Battery Discharge

Even if you store the Decker LD120VA away for a year and a half, you can still instantly make use of the tool in case you need it. The battery’s low discharge rate guarantees instant power for as long as 18 months.

Precision Speed Control

The Decker LD120VA’s chuck comes equipped with 24 speed settings users can set using a precision ring control. Now you can apply just the right torque for your projects.

What We Like

  • Easy plug and play with other higher AH batteries from Black and Decker’s line of lithium-ion battery packs.
  • Nice soft handles for easy grip and fatigue-free operation.
  • The drill/driver can apply fasteners on wood, metal, and plastic with ease.

What We Don’t Like

  • The drill/driver can heat up quite fast.

The Solution

Users will have to wear heat-protection gloves if they are planning to use the drill/driver for extended periods of time.

DeWalt DCD708C2 Vs Decker LD120VA: Which Is Better?

Make no mistake, Black + Decker makes good tools but for this review, we opted to go for the DeWalt DCD708C2 for its performance and user-friendliness.

The DeWalt DCD708C2 works up a solid 1,650 RPMs over the Black + Decker LD120VA’s RPMs. Although one can argue that the LD120VA provides quality application of torque thanks to its finer controls, users, especially contractors, will need more torque to work bigger fasteners through denser material like stone.

All this power and the DeWalt DCD708C2 keeps it in a tighter frame as well to allow users to drill/drive fasteners through difficult places. We’re sure the other drill can perform well but it does not provide as good a maneuverability as the DeWalt drill/driver having an 8 inch x 4 inch form factor.

We just see ourselves using the DeWalt DCD708C2 more than the Black + Decker LD120VA.

Final Thoughts

Although the DeWalt tool came out on top, the Black + Decker LD120VA has its own advantages that will appeal to home users. It’s the kind of tool you can use instantly if you need to fasten stuff around the house at a moment’s notice.

The tool has 30 accessories for different kinds of screws and fasteners and applies a good enough torque that’ll get the job done without stripping screws. Black + Decker also priced it within the reach of home users as well.

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