DEWALT DW713 Vs DW715 Vs DW717 Miter Saw (How To Choose The Best 2020)

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For the most part, cutting wood and carpentry can usually be fun and of course a profitable sideline. That’s the reason why need the right tools or it won’t just going to work.

But in regards to that, the biggest issue we have today is the fact that the market is currently saturated with many miter saws that we don’t really know if they’re good or not. As a result, a lot of consumers make a mistake and purchase the first item they think is worth of their hard-earned money without even knowing the good factor, features, and advantages of the item.

What you want to do is to pay attention to a lot of stuff before you choose a certain unit so you don’t regret it later. Now, if you don’t have any experience at all, then acquiring the best miter saw can be a daunting task.

But hey, you don’t need to worry because we’re here. We will give you a thorough insight of what you should be looking for. Of course, two things we will consider the most are your needs and your budget. With that said, let’s get right into it. Stay tuned!

Consequently, many people make a mistake and buy the first one they think is worth investing in without ever considering the usefulness of its features or the smoothness of performance.

DEWALT DW713 Vs. DW715 Vs. DW717 Review

1. DEWALT DW713 10 In. Portable Compound Miter Saw

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What You Will Get With This Product?

The DEWALT DW713 is powerful enough to handle complex professional employments while at the same time being straightforward enough for a DIY enthusiast to use it effortlessly and this makes it ideal for both professional and DIY users. Specialist, be that as it may, will battle with this particular model as it is by one way or another complex however on the off chance that you have related knowledge with such tools, at that point utilizing the DEWALT DW713 won’t be an issue.

The DEWALT DW713 intrigued us with its ability to generate a great deal of intensity without being too heavy and this makes it easy to move around with at the workstation. There are other noteworthy attributes of this compound miter saw and we will examine them underneath to see it is suitable for your craft needs.

Portability and Convenience

At only 35 pounds, the DEWALT DW713 is one of the lightest compound miter saws on the market. Transporting it from place to place and inside your working area won’t be a challenge and you can even use the carry handle for enhanced portability. Its lightweight structure makes it easy to use as you won’t have to battle with heavy and cumbersome parts.

Safety and Ease of Use

Power tools present a ton of hazards yet the DEWALT DW713 has been secured adequately in order to make it safe for you to use. It features a transparent guard on the blade that allows you to safely monitor the blade as it slices in order to ascertain that the cuts are being made similarly as you like them. This decreases the chances of you coming into contact with the blade and harming yourself.

Consumer Feedback

The greater parts of the individuals who have used this saw have only positive things to say about it. Its greatest selling point was the means by which powerful the saw is with the vast majority amazed at how such a compact saw can generate all that power.

A saw rated at 5000 rpm is very powerful and the DEWALT DW713 can generate all this power yet it weighs only 35 pounds. Its light and compact form was another thing that the users enjoyed about this miter saw as it made it conceivable move the saw around the workstation gracefully.

As we have already referenced, the accuracy of the saw was another reason why users picked it over other miter saws and its 11 positive stops and miter adjustment capability were the factors that made this conceivable. The DEWALT DW713, in any case, also had a few flaws that made it lose some believability focuses which a few users complaining of how boisterous the unit got at high RPMs.

All on the whole, the positive reviews exceeded the negative ones and this means that the saw has been emphatically gotten.


  • Cam miter lock for precise and fast miter table positioning
  • Machined base fences support maintains fence perpendicularly with blade for cutting precisely
  • Tall sliding fences support crown molding vertically
  • Stainless steel detent plate with 11 positive stops
  • 15 Amp and 5,000 RPM motor delivers extended durability and power 


  • Needs some slight adjustments
  • Intense vibrations at high RPM

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does the DEWALT DW713 come with a warranty?

A: Yes it  comes with a warranty that covers defects in assembly and design.

Q: Does it feature a light guide?

A: It doesn’t come with laser guide or LED.

Q: Can it cut other materials other than wood?

A: Yes, it can do that like aluminum. But don’t use it on steel. 

What Take on This Product:

Is the DEWALT DW713 a great miter saw? Is it flawless? Certainly not, yet on the off chance that you want a reliable miter saw that will slice through anything that you through at it, at that point the DEWALT DW713 is your person.

It will generate enough power for your cutting needs and make the cuts as accurately as conceivable thanks to its incline adjustment framework.

2. DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

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What You Will Get With This Product?

In the event that you’re acquainted with the market, then you’ve most likely known about DEWALT. It’s a regarded brand among the two experts and do-it-yourself enthusiasts on the grounds that a larger part of models that are fabricated by DEWALT are top of the line and top notch bits of hardware. This model isn’t a special case either. It offers all that you’ll ever requirement for precise edge cuts.

The sheer measure of intensity is magnificent. Despite the fact that numerous models share comparative highlights, this one stands out a piece. The 12-inch blade is fit for experiencing the wood of any thickness or hardness. Safety is agreeable, and the design is absolutely inventive and minimized.


Similarly as with every single other model, the safety perspective doesn’t stand out a lot. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean it is anything but a sheltered machine. The blade gatekeeper is made of hard plastic and is straightforward, which means you can pursue the blade as it slices through wood. A few people consider the blade straightforwardness immaterial, yet we figure it ought to be referenced either way. The included saw is very slight and incredibly sharp. On the off chance that you lean toward utilizing thicker blades, that won’t be an issue in light of the fact that changing blades is as simple as it very well may be.

Dust Collecting

The DW715 accompanies a dust pack, yet you shouldn’t anticipate a supernatural result. It stores some dust, yet a specific rate still escapes and can be very irritating. Additionally, the limit of the sack is disappointing, most definitely. Therefore, prepare for purging the pack as often as possible.

There is a great deal of stuff we loved about this unit. One can unreservedly say it’s a finished bit of gear for a huge swath of various applications. In the event that you choose to buy it, no further ventures are required. It’s incredible news, on the grounds that most models do require some extra stuff, for example, dust collecting packs. This one accompanies everything incorporated into the container meaning you can control it up when you unload it. Despite the fact that, read the manual first.


  • Sharp and precise cuts
  • Stainless steel miter detent plate with eleven positive stops
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • No-load speed of 4,000 RPM
  • Powerful motor and 15 Amps 


  • Poor adjustment features
  • Fences might not be parallel on all models 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: For how many volts is this saw?

A: It is 110 volts.

Q: Is there a laser attachment that can be bought for this saw?

A: Unfortunately no.

Q: How easy is the blade to change?

A: It is pretty easy. 

What Take on This Product:

As we previously stated, individuals love this compound miter saw. It’s anything but difficult to utilize while it offers mind blowing exactness and smooth execution. All things considered, what else would one be able to request? At last, one inquiry stays unanswered – Is it worth putting cash in this model?

The short answer is – Truly, it is. A more extended answer would be – Indeed, it is, however just in case you want to utilize its maximum capacity. In case you’re not an incessant client, there may be some other intriguing models for you that are somewhat less expensive and less complex. Then again, it doesn’t get a lot more straightforward than this.

3. DEWALT 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DW717)

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What You Will Get With This Product?

A powerful engine is something that make the DEWALT DW717 exceptional and a joy to use by experts and do-it-yourself enthusiasts the same. With an engine that can convey 4000 upsets in a moment, the DEWALT DW717 is very powerful to slice through whatever you toss at it. Because of its capacity, the DEWALT DW717 takes care of business in a brief timeframe and this will assist you with accomplishing a great deal as an expert skilled worker.

The power that it can create can be somewhat excessively in the event that you just have basic cutting employments to achieve and we would encourage you to pick a less difficult saw that is less expensive and simple to handle than this terrible kid.


Another selling purpose of the DEWALT DW717 is the manner by which accurate it can get when making cuts. There are 7 positive stops on the angle detent framework and a further 11 stops on the miter modification framework that enable you to make exact changes when cutting for a superior result. You can secure your alterations when cutting through wood utilizing the cam-lock miter handle and this will make your cutting as seamless as could reasonably be expected.

It does not have a laser control for added precision when cutting yet with every one of these highlights; we don’t figure you will require it by any stretch of the imagination.  As we have referenced before, how powerful the saw is was something that got clients energized and that is very understandable thinking about that the DEWALT DW717 can create 4000 rpm for effective cutting.


  • Comes with a tall fence
  • Ideal for large projects
  • Makes accurate cuts
  • Powerful motor
  • 7 positive stops on the angle detent framework 


  • Poor dust collection system
  • Quite heavy and bulky 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: What is the warranty of DEWALT DW717?

A: It comes with a 3-year manufacturers’ warranty for faulty parts and factory defects.

Q: Can you connect the DEWALT DW717 to a 110V/50Hz power supply?

A: It is recommended to use a 120V/60Hz power supply. If you use 110V/50Hz, it might compromise the functionality of the tool.

Q: Is this model durable?

A: Yes, it is very durable. 

What Take on This Product:

DEWALT stands out as perhaps the best maker of intensity instruments and their greatness in this segment is featured by how well known their devices are with experts and DIY fans. Their instruments are solid and truly strong and clients can increase colossal worth when utilizing them. Our worry right now is the DEWALT DW717 miter saw that highlights a sliding segment. 

What Is The Difference Between DEWALT DW713 Vs. DW715 Vs. DW717?

Power Output

Compared to DEWALT DW715 and DW717, the DW713 comes with a motor that keeps running at 5000 rpm without a load, the DEWALT DW713 will slice through any material that you toss at it. More power means that you will have the option to take care of business effectively and this will help you as a professional craftsman as it won’t just improve the quality of your cuts, it will allow you to make the cuts in the briefest time conceivable. 

Design and Construction

The DW715 has probably the best design than both DEWALT DW713 and DW717. But that doesn’t mean it has some especially amazing highlights. Rather, it implies that each part that is incorporated into the design has a reason and is well-made. The architects answerable for the design have worked admirably, there’s no uncertainty about that.

Tall Sliding Fence

The component that best recognizes the DEWALT DW717 from different saws like DW713 and DW715 is its tall sliding fence that enables you to work through huge bits of wood easily. Because of its tall fence, the DEWALT DW717 can oblige crown moldings of up to 6.25 in which is very broad. You can likewise utilize the saw to slice through base moldings that are 6 inches thick. This is practically twofold what other miter saws can handle and this is demonstration of the astounding capacity of the DEWALT DW717. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s admit it, features are good to have. However, if we’re not utilizing them the right way, they’re just a waste of our hard-earned money and can just drag down our task. You see, most miter saws if not all make a whole ton of sawdust and most of them are having a hard time controlling it. In fact, even the best ones are usually miss as to how much they can gather. On a side note, lasers are convenient for setting up a cut but still they’re not totally accurate.

That’s why, it’s best to pay more attention to the big features that are not necessarily flashy. Ask yourself like how easy it is to adjust the saw on miters, do the adjustments suffice your needs, and is the unit you picked powerful enough? These are just a few questions you must ask yourself if you really want to get a miter saw that is worth of your time and effort.

At the end of the day, before jumping into making a big decision, make sure to do some more research if you want to have a great purchase. It’s easy to get the best miter saw for the money if you are passionate about it.

Well, that ends our topic. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment down below. Hope to see you in another review.

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