DEWALT DCF885M2 Vs. DCF887M2 Impact Driver (Detailed Reviews)

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If you’re a new handyman or trying to explore on DIY projects, one of the many things that would be nice and helpful for you is an impact driver kit. You see, an impact driver is a pretty versatile tool that is not only helpful for driving/loosening fasteners but may also do some drilling tasks.

As such, we presented and compared here two of DeWalt’s impressive impact driver kits. They are very much similar with one another. They perform as you would expect and their components are very durable. Both are great to have, whichever of them you choose.

At the onset, you must know that both these impact driver kits pack the same components – batteries, charger, belt hook and hard case. Their primary difference from one another is the impact driver models they feature.  Read on and we hope that you will find at least one of these as a great addition to your tool box.

Let’s Compare DEWALT DCF885M2 Vs DCF887M2

1. DEWALT DCF885M2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 1/4-Inch Impact Driver Kit

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What will you get?

The DeWalt DCF885M2 packs the DCF885 impact driver, two 20V MAX XR 4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries, a fast charger, a belt hook and a hard carrying case. It includes the major components you would need for your fastening and drilling tasks including, but not limited to, furniture assembly and disassembly, appliance repair, and house renovations.

The DCF885 20V impact driver produces up to 1400 in/lbs of torque. In terms of speed, it has the variable speed trigger that can deliver up to 3200 IPM and 2800 RPM. In addition, for more convenience, it has three built-in LED lights with 20-second delay after release of the trigger feature.

It can also be comfortably used for overhead tasks and even in tight spaces since it weighs only 2.8-pounds and its head-length measures 5.55-inches only – pretty lightweight and ergonomic for its kind. More so, it has a ¼-inch hex chuck that accepts 1-inch bit tips and is also designed for one-handed loading.

Its warranty package includes a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Kit includes two batteries, fast charger, a belt hook and a hard case
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 3 LED lights with 20-second delay
  • One-handed chuck loading
  • Great warranty package


  • Impact driver has a brushed motor
  • Some units were said to suddenly stop working after several months

Top FAQs

Q: Does it have a speed switch?

A: No, it does not. It only have a variable speed trigger.

Q: Does it have a brushless motor?

A: No, its motor is brushed.

Q: What is its maximum speed?

A: This impact driver offers the max speed of 2800 RPM.

Our Take on the DeWalt DCF885M2

DeWalt DCF885M2 provides a pretty complete and impressive impact driver kit. It did not just provide the necessary, DeWalt made sure that the included components can help/make the impact driver perform more efficiently.

Because of its max torque output of 1400 in/lbs, light to mid-range drilling and fastening applications can be done with ease. Also, the tool is compact and lightweight so you can use it even through long hours of work. The quick-release anvil and the chuck that allows one-hand loading enables you to use the tool easily and speedily.

You won’t even have to worry about the risks of buying this kit because it comes with a great warranty package that includes 90-day money back guarantee.

2. DEWALT DCF887M2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless Impact Driver Kit

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What will you get?

DCF887M2 is a DeWalt tool kit that’s composed of the DCF887 impact driver, two 20V 4.0Ah MAX XR lithium-ion batteries, a fast charger, a belt hook and a hard carrying case.

It is designed with a ¼-inch hex chuck with easy grip sleeve. It is also equipped with a brushless motor and has three built-in LED lights with 20-second delay after trigger release feature.

Powered by 20V MAX XR battery and with a brushless motor, it can produce up to 2000 in/lbs of torque. It is also equipped with a 3-speed transmission that allows you to set the max speed at 1000, 2800, or at 3250 RPM.

Lastly, this product is covered by a 3-year warranty.


  • Kit includes MAX XR batteries, fast charger, belt hook and hard case
  • Equipped with brushless motor
  • Designed with ¼-inch hex chuck
  • Delivers a lot of torque
  • Has adjustable three-speed settings


  • Forward/reverse switch is positioned inconveniently
  • Produces too loud noise.

Top FAQs

Q: Is the chuck keyless? Or you would need a chuck key?

A: The impact driver is designed with a ¼-inch keyless quick-release chuck

Q: What is the required input voltage for the charger?

A: The charger needs 110V.

Q: Does it have a battery fuel gauge?

A: Yes! The batteries are equipped with fuel gauge.

Our Take on DeWalt DCF887M2

The DeWalt DCF887M2 is a great impact driver kit that provides pretty much everything you would expect – batteries with long runtime, fast charger, brushless impact driver, a belt hook for portability, and a hard case for ease in travelling and protection to the tool.

The DCF887 impact driver in particular is versatile, reliable, convenient and comfortable to use. Its chuck allows for one-handed loading, its handle is textured and anti-slip, and it has LED lights that provides longer time of illumination.

More so, its brushless motor makes the tool more efficient and causes for longer runtime. Its 3-speed transmission, in addition, helps you work with more precision and accuracy as you can set the tool’s maximum speed so it runs just fast enough for your task.

What’s The Difference Between DEWALT DCF885M2 Vs DCF887M2

Evidently, the tools pack the same components – batteries, charger, belt hook and hard case.  Yet, Dewalt made sure that these components are also of premium quality and functionality to complete well-reliable impact driver kits.

First, the batteries are 4.0Ah MAX XR lithium-ion – meaning, they have larger capacities and can work for longer periods of time without having the need to recharge. Also, since they are lithium-ion batteries, they are compatible with most other tools as well. You may even use them for other DeWalt bare tools, should you decide to buy one.

More so, the chargers that come with the kits are perfect partners to these batteries. They are fast chargers so you can resume with your work/project after few minutes.

The belt hook, moreover, is a component that is forgotten in other tool kits. Yet, this small and simple accessory can largely ease the work of every handyman. With a belt hook, your tool becomes more portable and easy to use. It can help you save some significant amount of time as you no longer have to always look for a place where you can place your tool.

The belt hook lets you keep the tool by your waist so you can easily put it down and retrieve in quick seconds.

The hard carrying case is also worth noting because it is a better choice compared to ordinary carrying bag. The carrying bag is only for portability while the hard carrying case also provides protection for the tool and all its components inside from various outside elements such as liquids and chemicals, rats, and other pests.

Moving forward, when it comes to the impact drivers specifically, one is better compared to the other. Let’s discuss in which particular aspects they differed.

Torque and Speed

In terms of torque and speed outputs, DCF887 can deliver more torque and faster speed than DCF885. That’s specifically 2000 in/lbs of max torque for the former and only 1400 in/lbs for the latter.

When it comes to speed, DCF887 is equipped with a 3-speed transmission that, at highest gear, can deliver up to 3250 RPM. On the other hand, DCF885 only has a variable speed trigger that produces only up to 2800 RPM. As such, DCF887 has more accuracy and faster speed.

Design and Build

For this aspect, the two tools are pretty much similar. Both of them have built-in three LED lights each with 20-second delay feature and both are designed with ¼-inch hex chuck that accepts up to 1-inch bits. They also have textured anti-slip grip for comfort, and both are compact and lightweight.

However, one particular difference that also affects the tools’ performance is their motors. DCF887 is more efficient and has longer run time because it is equipped with a brushless motor. On the contrary, a brushed motor is used for DCF885.

Final Thoughts

Although you won’t go wrong with any of these two, it is still worthy to note that based on the reviews and specifications of the kit, DCF887M2 is better than DCF885M2. You would find that DCF887M2 is more convenient to use and would help you accomplish your task faster.

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