DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Cordless Drill Impact Driver & Wrench

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Mechanics and home users face the challenge of inserting screws and fasteners in very small spaces that offer little to no maneuverability for bulky power tools. Enter DeWalt, a pioneering brand, and its line of cordless kits to give these specific consumers with really space-efficient tools that also pack quite a lot of power.

Today we’ll be putting our lens on the DeWalt DCD708C2, the DeWalt DCF885C1, and the DeWalt DCF899HB. The first two are both impact drill and driver combos while the last name on the list is an impact wrench. We’ll mainly be reviewing them for their power, performance, user-friendliness, and value for money.

What do these tools offer the consumer? Which one will come out on top? Let’s find out.

Quick Summary

DeWalt tool kits we’re reviewing today will find use in most garages to aid mechanics in removing nuts and bolts from cars. These impact drivers and drills possess small form factors to help with maneuverability in confined work spaces.

The first tool kit up for review is the DeWalt DCD708C2. It’s the perfect starter kit for contractors who want both power and long battery life since the kit contains 2 battery packs.

The DeWalt DCF885C1, on the other hand, combines user-friendly features with a small compact frame plus power to take on those nut-changing jobs underneath the hood. It’s only 2.8 lbs and is the lightest of the three tools we’re looking at. This will serve home mechanics who will not use the tool heavily since it only has one battery pack included.

Finally, DeWalt DCF899HB impact wrench will serve the needs of mechanics and machinists in professional garages. It’s heavily built since it packs a lot of power to help its users remove lug nuts that lighter power tools can’t.

DeWalt DCD708C2 Vs DCF885C1 Vs DCF899HB | Ultimate Comparison

DeWalt DCD708C2

Small Footprint

The DeWalt DCD708C2 rests only at 6.3 inches long and will enable users to carry it into tight places like the underside corners of tables. It’s small form factor means you can make adjustments even in the tightest of spaces.

Extra Power

DeWalt outfitted the drill and driver kit with a brushless motor that boosts the performance of the tool and prolongs its service life. Motors with brushes suffer from friction and therefore wear – something that DeWalt DCD708C2 will not succumb to.

Good Battery Life

Aside from the two 2.0 AH batteries included with the kit, the DeWalt DCD708C2 is part of the Max XR family, meaning it can tap to different 20v DeWalt battery packs. This greatly expands the tool’s hours of operation and allows it to take on more difficult jobs thanks to its increased power from the juice.

What We Like

  • Featherweight form factor allows users to bring it around different areas and to work on projects without fatiguing the arms.
  • The charger fully charges batteries in 30 minutes, allowing users to continue working on their projects after half an hour.
  • Quiet operation for less noise pollution on the work site and less stress on the user’s ears.

What We Don’t Like

  • The DeWalt DCD708C2 may stop and stall when you’re driving a giant lag screw.

Users will have to apply a bit of elbow grease to push the giant lag screw in using the DeWalt DCD708C2. They can also try using MAX batteries with higher AH to give the drill and driver more power to handle the job.

DeWalt DCF885C1

Excellent Lighting

The 3-LED light ring outlining the base of the chuck illuminates hard to see areas for instantly better working conditions.

Unparalleled Grip

DeWalt designed the DCF885C1’s grip for better hand feel during operation. It’s overmolded plastic allows the hands to ease into the operation of the drill by reducing stress and strain.


Users can easily remove the 1 inch bits from the 1/4 inch hex with one hand, making it easy to swap from one drill bit size to another on the job.  It works using a hog-nose release system so users can easily replace and lock in a new bit fast.

What We Like

  • The power tool also boasts of a light and compact design for better access to corners and narrow project areas. Its light weight plus compact frame makes the ideal companion for car repair mechanics who have to go into cramped spaces to remove screws and nuts.
  • The drill has more power than larger 18v models while keeping things light.
  • Durable form factor enables the power tool to withstand falls and drops from users’ hands.

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery only lasts for an hour if it is used continuously.

Buy a second battery to interchange with existing one and swap when the original battery has been fully charged.

DeWalt DCF899HB

Variable Speed Control

Users can control the speed of the impact wrench from 400 RPMs to 1,200 RPMs, and to a maximum of 1,900 RPMs. This speed control allows its owners the ability to choose what speed and torque the tool will apply on screws and fasteners to avoid overturning them and destroying them in the process.

Tough Build

The DeWalt DCF899HB boasts of a sturdy casing that can endure a fall from as high as 6 feet. It can take punishment despite weighing a measly 5.8 lbs because of superior engineering and components.

Powerful Torque

This impact driver can screw in nuts and bolts using a max torque of 700 ft-lbs and works a max breakaway or nut busting torque of 1200 ft-lbs. This power enables the DEWALT DCF899HB for use on more bigger and challenging projects.

What We Like

  • The power tool feels well-balanced in users’ hands and the ergonomic handles allow users to hold the tool in a variety of angles without strain or discomfort.
  • Brushless motor for more service life and added power.
  • It’s cordless so it allows users more freedom in bringing it to places where a cord might get in the way like the underside of cars.

What We Don’t Like

  • This impact driver can be very loud when tightening bolts.

Users will have to use hearing protection to keep the noise from the impact from ringing their ears.

DeWalt DCD708C2 Vs DCF885C1 Vs DCF899HB: Which Is The Best?

If we’re talking about value for money, functionality, power, and user-friendliness, we’ll have to opt for the DeWalt DCD708C2. The tool first differentiates itself in performance duration because of the extra 2.0 AH battery pack included in its kit whereas the other two kits only contain one pack.

The DeWalt DCD708C2 drill/driver is around 6 lbs heavy, roughly twice the weight of the DeWalt DCF885C1’s power tool. Although this may be the case, it is also just 6.3 inches long from front to back and gives a good job thanks to its decent 1650 RPMs. Its brushless motor also allows it to perform 18% better while potentially outlasting its brush motor counterpart.

Power-wise the DeWalt DCF899HB beats the DeWalt DCD708C2 since the former removes lug nuts but if you’re looking to work on more delicate nuts and screws, the impact drill/driver will work better than the impact wrench can. In this sense, the DeWalt DCD708C2 is a better buy because it will see more applications than the DeWalt DCD708C2 unless you foresee changing a lot of lug nuts in your future.

Final Thoughts

All three tools have something to offer mechanics and home users alike. The DeWalt DCD708C2 will serve the needs of home users who want to carry a portable impact drill and driver across several projects like fences. The DeWalt DCD708C2’s light weight makes it a great tool around the house for DIYers who want something small for tight spaces or small projects.

Lastly, the DeWalt DCF899HB impact wrench will help mechanics remove lug nuts from cars faster and help them change parts like wheels quickly. You won’t regret buying any of these kits.

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