Dewalt 12V Cordless Drill Impact Driver & Wrench Review

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According to, cordless power tools are one of the fastest rising trends in the power tools industry since 2019.

This is evident as the market for cordless power tools continues to rise, giving professional contractors and woodworkers more tools to choose from.

But this is the very dilemma that will surely face them, as they will be awash with various tools that would surely promise them, well, everything.

To help them pick the best of what the market could offer, we’ve narrowed down on three cordless power tools from a very trusted brand: Dewalt.

Dewalt, as we all know, is already a household name when it comes to power tools, including the cordless ones.

It is only fitting to help workers on picking the best cordless power tools by choosing from a household brand. In this review, we’ll look into 3 of the most well-reviewed cordless drills from Dewalt — the DCD710S2DCF815S2, and DCF813S2.

Now that we’ve narrowed down on these three cordless power tools, the question is, which of these products should they pick to finish their projects efficiently?

Let’s find out what is the best Dewalt 12V cordless drill impact driver and wrench, but before that …

What To Consider

Dewalt has an array of products that promotes quality, portability, and ease of use for workers.

And since their cordless power tools are designed to be lightweight and compact, it provides more efficiency and freedom for professional contractors and woodworkers.

Dewalt also uses a very efficient type of rechargeable battery called Lithium-Ion battery.

This type of battery is eco-friendly, lightweight, and compact, can produce more energy, low maintenance, and has more charging cycles.

Which Dewalt Tool Is Right For You?

There’s a reason why workers are ‘picky’ with the power tools that they are using because it can either make or break their construction projects.

Whether it’s a small or big project, the quality output is always at the top of their mind, that’s why their tools must have the ability to execute their expectations.

One of the most important things that a worker needs to make is choosing a power tool with just the right power for his project. Why? Because choosing an overpowered or underpowered tool will certainly affect the project’s final output.

This review will focus on 3 12V Dewalt cordless drill impact drivers. You may think that a 12V cordless power tool may be too weak for your home projects, but these 3 prove otherwise. Despite them being in the handy and lightweight category, hundreds of users vouch for their power.

Dewalt DCD710S2 (12Volt-8 Inch Driver)

The Dewalt DCD710S2-12-Volt-8-Inch-driver has all the necessary features that a worker wants in his power tool.

Aside from being cord-free, it is also compact and lightweight, which makes one’s work more efficient and speedy.

  • It only weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • It comes with two 12 volt max Lithium-Ion battery packs, each with 1.1 Ah.
  • It has a 15-position clutch that works in conjunction with a two-speed gearbox for total precision.

What We Like

  • It’s lightweight, yet it has an impressive power that can efficiently finish a worker’s task.
  • DEWALT also took into consideration the precision side of the tool, which can be seen on its 15-position clutch and two-speed gearbox.

What We Don’t Like

  • All is well with the product, but we wish that its handle could be more ergonomically designed so workers could feel more comfortable in holding for longer hours.

The power that you need in a portable, robust, and small package. Highly recommended.

Dewalt DCF815S2 (12Volt-4 Inch Impact)

With its size, it can deliver an impressive 3,400 impacts per minute and 79-foot-pounds of torque. All these heavy-duty features are fitted inside its 2.2-pound body.

  • It measures 6-¼ long that enables it to fit in small spaces.
  • It comes with two 12 volt max Lithium-Ion battery packs, each with 1.1 Ah.
  • It has a ¼ inch chunk that can be loaded with one hand.

What We Like

  • This tool doesn’t sacrifice power for mobility — or the other way around. It conveniently offers both power and mobility in a robust package.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s LED lights are good enough, but we wish DEWALT had made them a bit brighter so workers can have a better view of what they’re working on.

If you’re seeking for the right tool that can match your heavy-duty tasks (minus the straining weight and cords that may come with it), this tool is for you.

Dewalt DCF813S2 (12Volt-8 Inch Impact)

The DEWALT-DCF813S2-12-Volt-8-Inch-Impact doesn’t compromise a worker’s view with its 3 LED lights that help with precision and better output of work.

This tool is also designed to fit into small spaces that regular impact drivers can’t reach.

  • It has 1,150 inch-pounds of torque.
  • It only weighs 2.3 pounds.
  • It has a 3/8 -inch Hog ring anvil chunk to provide a worker with a convenient way to change sockets.

What We Like

  • With its quick-charging capability of only 30 minutes to 1 hour, it provides more convenience for workers in finishing their tasks.

What We Don’t Like

  • For a tool that is designed to fit in small spaces, it would be ideal to have brighter LED lights to efficiently aid users in working on these tight spaces.

It’s not surprising that DEWALT has produced another set of quality products that are specifically designed to provide convenience for workers.

No wonder it’s still the go-to brand for workers who seek high-quality power tools.


Each tool has varying torque powers and weight, which means that these three cordless power tools are really specifically designed for different tasks.

Since they are not created equal, workers should be careful in choosing the right tool for their intended task to truly tap the capabilities of these tools.

When choosing for a power tool, especially the cordless ones, it is always right to start with a brand that has a strong track record in providing quality products to the market.

The next step is to know what you really need.

Most workers fail to tap the maximum potential of their tools (even if it comes from a reputable brand).


Because they start with the products’ features instead of what they need; as a result, they end up choosing the wrong tools for their specific tasks.

Never make the same mistake by putting your needs at the top of your list.

And whatever those needs may be, there’s a DEWALT cordless power tool ready to deliver those needs.

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