Bosch RH328VC Vs. Makita HR2811F Rotary Hammer Drill (Which Is Better)

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Sometimes the type of rotary hammer drill can affect the quality of the task that you’re doing. That is why choosing the best rotary hammer that you can find in the market will help you do your jobs as accurate as possible.

More homes now have power tools of their own because owners can work on their home improvement and repair. This will not only help them save money from hiring a professional but as well as help them learn new skills. One of the most popular and in-demand power tools is the rotary hammer drill because of its versatility.

In this article, I will be discussing all you need to know about the rotary hammer drill and two of the many brands that carry this power tool.

Rotary Hammer Drill: What Is It Use For

Rotary hammer drills are perfect for doing small jobs but for bigger holes or thicker walls. The more power the rotary hammer drill has, the better it will work on thicker surfaces, including concretes. Of course, a drill bit will help you with this task, so always make sure to choose the right bit for the job.

A rotary hammer drill can be used for a different task, including driving bolts to concrete surface and such. It can also act as a hammer or drill, wherein it can drill holes to different materials when needed. If you want to maximize your rotary hammer, make sure to choose one that has three modes.

Features Of A Rotary Hammer Drill

Switch Mode

One of the features that a rotary hammer drill should have is a switch mode. This will let you choose between the different modes that your power tool has. It can either switch to hammer only, drilling only or even both. The modes will depend on the rotary hammer drill that you will purchase.

Transmission Of The Rotary Hammer

The rotary hammer’s transmission will be the one to tell the speed range of the tool that it can operate at. Typically, a transmission can contain multiple and single gears that are being driven by the tool’s motor. If your rotary hammer is using a small gear during transmission, the speed will increase, but the torque will be low and vice versa.

Motor Of The Rotary Hammer

One of the main components of a rotary hammer is the motor. This is the component that can convert the electricity given to it into motion. The power is then measured in Watts, so always check the number of Watts when purchasing a rotary hammer. Typically the Watts of a rotary hammer can range between 400 Watts and 1500 Watts.

Reverse And Forward Switch

In just one click of a switch, the rotary hammer has the power to change its direction. This will allow the tool to move in reverse and forward motion. Not all rotary hammers have this feature so if you want to have this feature, check the features of the power tool that you’re eyeing.

Lock-On Button

The lock-on button is the pushed trigger that will lock the drill to the speed that it is currently set it. You can use this function by pressing the trigger. Of course, you can pull the trigger once you’re done using this function.


The switch will let the electricity from the rotary hammer’s power source to start flowing through the power tool. All of the portable drills on the market can be activated using the trigger switch. Once the switch is pressed, the rotary hammer will start to operate.

Another switch that can be pressed is the variable speed trigger. This will help increase the speed when needed. The longer the trigger is pressed, the chuck rotates faster.

Power Source

The rotary hammer’s power source is the one responsible for providing electricity for the tool itself. Through the wired connection of the rotary hammer, the electricity will flow. It can be between 220V or 110V depending on the rotary hammer that you will purchase.

Having the right rotary hammer will not only help you with your tasks but will also save you ample time. Two of the most reliable brands when it comes to rotary hammer drills are Bosch and Makita. Both brands are known for their reliability and versatility when it comes to power tools. So to help you decide, here are rotary hammer drills from both Bosch and Makita to help you choose the best one for your tasks.

Bosch RH328VC Vs. Makita HR2811F

1. Bosch 1-1/8” SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC With Vibration Control

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Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill is packed with three modes, which are the rotary hammer, hammer only, and the rotation only. It has a variable speed of 900 RPM and a BPM of 4,100. One of the best things about Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill is that it has an auxiliary handle, which makes the grip flexible, thus making you feel comfortable.

One of the best things about Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill is that it has a two-step vibration control. The purpose of this feature is that it lessens the vibration from the impact mechanism of the rotary hammer. It helps relax the hand and avoid stressing both the hand and the arm, thus making you work longer.

The Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill has an impact energy of up to 2.6ft/lbs., which makes this tool perfect for drilling and hammering through hard surfaces. To ensure more precise drilling, you can modify this using the three-finger trigger. The torque will also be minimized because of the built-in clutch. Bosch offers a year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Three mode operation
  • Vibration control
  • Power to weight ratio is outstanding
  • Design is ergonomic


  • Pricey but worth it

Top FAQs

Q: Can the Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill be used as a regular drill?

A: Yes, you can use the Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill as a regular drill.

Q: Is it possible to drill on concrete and wood?

A: Yes, Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill can drill through concrete and wood with ease.

Q: Can I use a spade bit in the Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill?

A: Yes, a spade bit can fit perfectly in this model.

2. Makita HR2811F 1-1/8” Rotary Hammer With LED Light

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Makita HR2811F rotary hammer is equipped with a powerful 7.0 AMP motor with 0-4,500 BPM and 0-1,100 RPM to handle your most demanding tasks. It has a clutch which is engineered to limit the torque of the rotary Hamme to prevent any damages to the gear when the gears disengage automatically.

One of the best things about Makita HR2811F rotary hammer is that it can help you with both drilling and hammering. Whether you are doing professional drilling or just a home drilling, this Makita rotary hammer will surely help you out. It is also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about using it all day. This rotary hammer drill only weighs 7.29 Lbs.

Another good thing about Makita HR2811F rotary hammer is that you can adjust the tool’s vibration. Fewer vibration means reduce strain on your hand and arm, giving you more time to work on your tasks. The rotary hammer drill is made with both plastic and metal, which can help the hammer absorb impacts.


  • Includes a LED light to help you work in the dark
  • Can be gripped perfectly
  • Can change the bit quickly
  • Has a sequential impact timing which will help increase the speed by up to 50%


  • Pricey but worth it

Top FAQs

Q: Can the Makita HR2811F rotary hammer be used as a regular drill?

A: Yes, but you will need a chuck so you can hold the drill bit in a jobber style.

Q: Does Makita HR2811F rotary hammer accept SDS?

A: Yes, the Makita HR2811F rotary hammer is compatible with SDS plus.

Q: Can the Makita HR2811F rotary hammer help me install anchors in concretes?

A: Definitely, it is heavy-duty enough to work on concretes.

Difference Between The Two Rotary Hammer Drills Listed Above

With both the Bosch and Makita rotary hammer drill reviews above, some differences are too obvious. This includes the LED light that Makita has but the Bosch’s lacks. Another variation would be the vibration control, wherein the Bosch has two vibration control, which makes it more comfortable to use.

Of course, both Bosch and Makita rotary hammer drill are great models of power tools. So it will always be up to you on which to choose for your drilling tasks.


With the reviews above on rotary hammer drills from both Bosch and Makita, you surely have chosen something that will help you with your home repair and improvement. Remember to choose something that will not only get the job done right but as well as something that is comfortable to use. In this way, you can use it for as long as you want without experiencing any stresses or pain on your hand or arm.

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