Bitdefender Vs. ESET NOD32 | Who Defends Best In 2020?

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In a matchup to become the best AV software, reputation and branding are probably as crucial as performance. This is the reason why BITDEFENDER AV, with its powerful reputation for performance is one of our top picks for antivirus software. Now here’s a name that might spark something, ESET.

You see, a title isn’t really everything, that’s why we are going to look at what really matters for an antivirus software. In this article, we will test both BITDEFENDER and ESET in a five-round battle to see which the better overall performing antivirus is. It is also worth mentioning that Pricing is one of the biggest factors when differentiating the two prominent brands that are why you should check out for the following rounds to really determine which is better.

What Our Experts Say?

Now, our experts have managed to put together this comprehensive article about BITDEFENDER vs. ESET in order to help prospective users get better decision when choosing the best AV.

The main thing about these busy days is that it can be tempting to imaging that your data and computer are pretty safe because there are also many PC users who are using the internet all at the same time. But here’s the truth. There’s actually never been riskier moment in history to be placing your information online. But hey, we are actually doing it pretty often, almost every single day.

And truth is, dangers are only growing day by day. In fact, in year 2018, there were over ten billion malware attacks, and in the latest statistics display that this number will only grow in the near future. On a side note, in the US over eight million PCs were found infected with a virus. The sad fact is that anyone’s device can easily become infected with malwares if it’s not really protected with a system or software.

Free Trial And Premium

Nonetheless, try to keep in mind that a free trial version that is already installed on your device won’t really stand a rivalry against modern virus or malware programs. Normally, free software lacks the innovative technology to protect your device. This kind of sophisticated technology as well as multi-level security is only mostly available for paid software.

What we’re implying here is that you’d want to get premium antivirus software if you really want to stay safe. You’ve got no idea what kind of software? Well, we’re here to help you on that matter. You don’t need hours of doing research and analyzes because we did the work for you, because we know the feeling of being unguarded. We willingly spent more than hundreds of hours analyzing all the best antivirus software in the world, so you can get the best value for your hard-earned money.

And we thing that BITDEFENDER and ESET is probably the best software users can get in 2020. You see, both, especially the BITDEFENDER provides excellent anti-malware security with less impact on system performance, which are proven by the latest independent laboratory tests made by AV-Comparatives as well as the AV-TEST.

Anyways, we made this comprehensive guide in order to display the advantages and weaknesses of the two prominent antiviruses BITDEFENDER vs. ESET, who will win? We will show you the results and determine which one is worthy of your hard-earned money and effort.

A Quick Look At Comparison


For the most part, BITDEFENDER’s features are usually more varied and beneficial to most users out there, and the good thing is that you can acquire them for less cost compared to ESET’s features and pricing.

Anti-Malware Protection Capabilities

When it comes to independent evaluations, BITDEFENDER certainly outplays the ESET in regards of how well this software defends the user against virus and malware attacks.

Their Impact on OS’ Speed

In this factor, BITDEFENDER get the favor of many users and us compared to ESET. That’s why BITDEFENDER is most likely quite better when it comes to synching with the operating system’s performance.

User Interface

BITDEFENDER’s interface is really streamlined, though it comes with certain optional complexity if the user wants to. On the other hand, ESET’s interface is quite clunky in its major sections.


Well, you’ll get more licenses for less spending with BITDEFENDER’s offers, which on the other hand, ESET seems pricier when it comes to one-license deals.


Independent survey reports have displayed that ESET seems has a better market share and is more popular among many anti-malware product users in the world.

Customer Scorings

BITDEFENDER received only some average ratings, while ESET normally gets higher ratings in this matter, displaying that it probably offers better customer service.

The Winner

The overall winner of this quick summary is BITDEFENDER especially when it comes to crucial parts such as pricing, feature spread, and protection. So for us, BITDEFENDER is a better choice.

If that’s not enough of an explanation, let’s try elaborating them quickly below.


One of the most ideal approaches to see which of these two products can be fit for your protection needs is to match their overall features.


First of all, BITDEFENDER’s features come with a free version known as BITDEFENDER Free Edition. This particular AV package is mostly usable if you are a Windows user. Additionally, it offers restricted protection against possible threats and malware.

On a side note, it is also a good staple solution for present’s modern malware threats, and again, we’re not really recommending it if you are quite in a pinch.

BITDEFENDER Antivirus Plus 2020

This one is another package which is only suited to Windows. It is BITDEFENDER’s first paid plan. Aside from giving high-end protection against different types of malware, this one sports a host of sophisticated features as well as utilities which include Anti-Fraud, File Shredder, Limited-use VPN, and Password Manager.

BITDEFENDER Internet Security 2020

This package comes with everything you’ll get from AV Plus but it comes with some impressive extra features such as Webcam Protection, Parental Controls, Vulnerability Checker, File Vault, and Two-way Firewall.

BITDEFENDER Total Security 2020

This package is one of the premium offerings of BITDEFENDER, and it’s probably the best you can acquire from the company. It can be used for Macs, Windows, and mobile devices. Additionally, it comes with five licenses as a default. This package comes with everything from the Internet Security plan. Additionally it provides Optimization Tools and Anti-Theft functionality.

Thoughts For BITDEFENDER’s Features

BITDEFENDER Total Security is effortlessly the most ideal pick when it comes to value for your hard-earned money when you take all of the plans’ features into account. You can pick for BITDEFENDER Family Pack 2020 rather than a single subscription in order to take care of your safety needs for your home devices.

If you have mostly Mac devices, then just go to the BITDEFENDER Antivirus for Mac. This particular plan gives a number of key security advantages for Apple product users. All of this company’s security plans features unlimited customer service through phone call options, live chats, and even email.

ESET’s Features

Now, let’s go to ESET’s features. You see, ESET’s most essential security plan is known as the ESET NOD32 AV. This particular plan comes with Malicious Script Detector, Small System Footprint, Cloud Scanner, Exploit Blocker, Gamer Mode, Advanced Firewall, License Key Manager, and Ransom-ware Shield.

The next plan after ESET NOD32 is the company’s ESET Internet Security which is a middle-range plan. It comes ready with NOD32 and includes the following additional features: Webcam Controls, Parental Controls Suite, Botnet Protection, Anti-Spam Shield, Hardened Browser, Personal Firewall, Anti-Theft feature, and Home Monitoring System. And lastly, ESET offers the ESET Smart Security Premium that takes the previous plans offered and comes with additional features which include Secure Data Features and Password Manager.

You see all of ESET’s antivirus software and plan can be used for Macs, Windows, and some mobile devices. In addition, users can get the ESET Cyber-security Pro and the regular ESET Cyber-security for Mac-specific AV products. Moreover, users will be able to acquire free customer support from ESET in their native language.

In conclusion of the Feature Roundup, the BITDEFENDER got our approval. See, BITDEFENDER’s features are most of the time sophisticated and more accessible for your regular user. Not to mentioned that all of them are accessed in earlier tiers of the brand’s subscription listing. 

Anti-Malware Protection

This factor is probably the first and most important focus of any prominent antivirus software in the world. Because the protection directly affects how well the software can shield your computer from viral malware and viruses, it is imperative that we analyze with unbiased evidence of their protection performance.

Gladly, we have to varied independent testing companies we can consult to determine whether BITDEFENDER and ESET compare if they are place in a test for protection quality.

The first testing company is known as the AV-TEST Institute. They utilize one to six rubrics for rating their protection test.

As per the latest evaluations, we discover that BITDEFENDER was able to get a perfect score of six out of six rating. This only indicates that the software has great capabilities of fighting malware and protection your device and sensitive data and information. And as for the ESET, they didn’t participate on this protection quality test.

So the points shall go to BITDEFENDER in this part.

Another Testing

Now, the next testing company is known as AV-Comparatives. They are another beneficial unbiased testing website that can turn to for evidence as these antivirus brands effectiveness in threats protection can be determined.

For AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection Test, BITDEFENDER acquired an advanced plus award, which the highest award is offered by the testing company. On the other hand, ESET only managed to get a Standard Award, which is the bottom tier of recognition. Now, analyzing into AV-Comparative’s Malware Protection Test, our team managed to find that BITDEFENDER got the highest Advanced plus award once again. On the other hand, ESET at least displayed some great improvement and was able to secure the second-tier advanced award.

In totality of protection performance, the winner is clearly the BITDEFENDER. From the testing companies themselves, we can see that BITDEFENDER easily beats ESET in independent evaluations, displaying its better performance in terms of protecting your computer against certain kinds of virus and malware threats.

Impact on System Speed

Even though malware protection is certainly crucial, you can’t really compromise the performance or speed because download speed might also get affected. You see, certain antivirus software makes the user’s computer quite unresponsive and slow sometimes. Additionally, you will not be one you want to install, not to mention guard you.

Now, let’s try to get back to the same independent testing companies we tackled above and see what are their evaluations from their system speed testing. Now, based on the Performance Test made by the AV-test.org, BITDEFENDER managed to prove its performance once again as it acquire score of six out of six. On the other hand, AV-Comparatives performed a Performance Test, and in their test, BITDEFENDER managed to acquire an Advanced plus award from the AV-Comparatives. Meanwhile, ESET rivaled BITDEFENDER on this factor and also acquired an advanced plus award.

Overall, when it comes to this system speed factor, our winner shall be the BITDEFENDER AV. Even though ESET managed to stand toe to toe with BITDEFENDER during a particular test, if we try to see AV-test.org evaluations, unfortunately, ESET didn’t get any good results at all. Thus, without a doubt, BITDEFENDER is most likely better at keeping the optimal performance of your computer without compromising its speed.

User Interface

For the most part, the fine details of the operations for both antivirus brands are crucial. However, we can’t just neglect at how convenient both software for a regular user. See, a good user interface is most of the time a good sign of great design as well as a customer-friendly approach.

So, without further ado, let’ see how BITDEFENDER and ESET matchup in this category.

First of all, BITDEFENDER utilizes a single control panel or a dashboard that is basic and streamlined at first glance. This can appeal to beginners or new computer users out there who can find that the majority of performances and assignments are easy to comprehend and start.

Now, if you are more computer literate of a user, you will certainly appreciate the fact that BITDEFENDER’s software enables you to modify your present and past experience completely. In fact, you can customize preset action actions with some quick access slots. This can fill with the features as well as some tasks that you utilize most of the time.

Furthermore, you can craft a string of easy scans or some other functionality that you can perform weekly or daily in this kind of approach. On the same side, you can also move tasks or tiles around into some kind of organized clusters if you prefer it that way.

In summary, BITDEFENDER enables for both complex as well as streamlined use according on the user’s preference. We only think that this displays a seamless design since it is for every user out there, both beginners and experienced users.

What about ESET’s User Interface?

Well, ESET’s interface uses a fundamental dashboard that comes with a blue and gray palette. This particular user interface can be resized and operate in either full-screen modes or windowed modes. Also, an awesome bit of functionality of this software is that users can drag and drop certain files right into the ESET’s window for immediate evaluations.

On a side note, utilizing the ESET user interface to schedule certain scans or monitoring your network can sometimes takes a bunch of navigating and clicks of drop-down menus. Also, users must go through a few steps in order to operate an operation unlike those of BITDEFENDER’s more effective user interface design.

Determining your computer’s current risk or not is quite easy due to some indicator bars that can alert users of PC’s current status and security situation.

To sum it up, the overall winner of user interface matchup is none other the BITDEFENDER. Well, BITDEFENDER comes with a more intuitive and easy to use interface. But aside from that it offers better functionalities that are more complex who are suited for experienced users out there. On a side note, ESET seems quite less responsive and a little bit clunker.


We all know that pricing is another important factor of any products around the world. But above all, pricing can be the deciding aspect for certain users out there. The actual fact is that good antivirus software can provide excellent value for the money. This is the reason why you could be spending a little bit more for something not worthy of your hard-earned money.

With that said, let’s check how BITDEFENDER as well as ESET compare in this aspect.

You see, BITDEFENDER’s Total Security plan is the ultimate suite when it comes to feature spread and quality. And it costs somewhere close to fifty bucks a year along with five licenses. Keep in mind that this particular plan is also perfect for Macs, Windows, and mobile users.

Now, if you want a total security for your home, then you can opt for the BITDEFENDER Family Pack that covers fifteen devices for just near seventy bucks a year. This is a great offer for your hard-earned money as you can get as many licenses as you want. Additionally, BITDEFENDER business solutions and their respective price ranges can be evaluated there. On a side note, ESET doesn’t really have much to offer even though it’s relatively more inexpensive compared to BITDEFENDER.

This only concludes to BITDEFENDER winning the price comparison. You see, you’ll be able to get as many licenses as you want with a BITDEFENDER plan for a lesser cost and great value. It also implies that BITDEFENDER is more valuable for families out there and someone who’s looking for something that want to guard his devices all at once.


This factor is a great indicator of how well received a software is among many verified users out there. That’s why let’s turn to two prominent survey organizations for their antivirus market share report and look at the product that shines most.

The first organization is called as OPSWAT. And their Windows Anti-Malware Market Share Report during September 2019 stands BITDEFENDER at a market share of 11.2 percent. On a side note, ESET was able to get the lead in this aspect as it acquired to get the highest market share of 13.1 percent.

It’s good to see at some findings from STATISTA here. Well, according to STATISTA’s report during August 2019, BITDEFENDER was able to get 10.17 percent market share among the many Windows antivirus software around the world. Meanwhile, ESET was able to get 12.89 percent of market share.

Surprisingly, the winner for the popularity matchup is the ESET. Well, it is evident from the surveys of popular surveying company that ESET has better market share among any antivirus software out there.

Customer Ratings

How good a brand’s customers hold them in great regard can display us a whole lot about their everyday operations as well as their customer service. We can check review-collecting resources in order to determine which is better in terms of customer ratings.

First of all the BBB or also known as the Better Business Bureau – which is one of the review-collecting websites translates that customer feedback into a single grade rating of A to F. And based on them, BITDEFENDER was able to get an average rating of C score.  Meanwhile, ESET received a staggering score of A plus.

This proves that ESET’s customer services are more preferred to that of BITDEFENDER’s.

Now the other company that we’ll get results from is the Consumeraffairs.org. They are another review-collecting website that utilizes a five-star rating system. And according to them, BITDEFENDER was able to get 4 starts out of 5. Meanwhile ESET also managed to catch 4 stars out of 5, this only shows similar results from both brands’ customers.

All in all, the customer rating factor winner is the ESET. Obviously, according on the review-collecting websites, it seems that ESET’s customers are usually more satisfied with their experience using the software. On a side note, BITDEFENDER didn’t really suffer from such ratings because there’s only little difference.

Final Thoughts

Even this is a great matchup; it is for sure that BITDEFENDER is much superior in almost every aspect. First of all, BITDEFENDER offers impressive spread of sophisticated features, great scores from independent websites, reasonable pricing plans, and more.

On the other hand, ESET has actually always been business-oriented. However, it doesn’t imply that its home antivirus software is terrible. Well, if you compare it to a top-tier antivirus brand such as BITDEFENDER, then you’ll see the difference.

How about you? What are your experiences with this great antivirus software? Please share them with us in the comment box below. And by the way, if you’re looking for some activation code and coupon code, you might find some on Reddit! Anyways, have a great day!

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