Bitdefender Total Security Vs. Internet Security Vs. Antivirus Plus 2020 Edition

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Cybersecurity has never been as essential as it is today. With the rise of powerful devices and faster internet speeds, data security has become an emergency. Data security should, however, not become a cause for panic every minute, which is why getting the best Antivirus to clean malware, manage passwords, protect your browsing and cover every vulnerability you may be exposed to on the web is always a welcome relief.

The market is also flooded with low-quality Antivirus packages, which tend to put your computer, tablet or Phone at higher risk than not having an Antivirus, which is why you should entrust your data safety with a proven anti-malware software. 2019 was recorded as one of the worst years in the security of Cybersecurity, which is why Bitdefender created a super antivirus for 2020.

This is why we have always recommended top-rated antivirus packages for all your devices, and none of our lists would be complete without Bitdefender. Bitdefender is updated 24/7, ensuring your device is protected in real-time against offline and online threats. The only problem is deciding on which of their three main packages to go for, and this review has details on how to choose.

What Makes Bitdefender Special

Bitdefender is more than just an Anti-Malware; It packs a whole combination of essential features for a device owner, some of which run on autopilot that you will never notice while they are working. The main advantage, however, is their real-time malware database update that reflects on your device every time you are online. You also get an unlimited VPN cover for all your devices once installed plus autopilot performance for all the package even during the free trial period. It is also one of the most affordable packages of device protection you can buy in 2020.

The best feature that Bitdefender 2020 has over earlier packages is the AI-supported parental control, microphone protection, and customizable anti-tracker protection for your browsing safety. One thing you should know about Bitdefender is that the price difference between their packages is always slim so buying the best internet security package should be easy.

All their paid packages, however, include real-time device protection for at least three devices, one device more than what other companies offer. That is why they are always the friendliest package if you own several devices such as a PC, a mobile phone, and a laptop or tablet.

After registering, installing, and inputting the activation code for Bitdefender on your device, you can sit back for as long as the license key lasts. The Antivirus does everything for you, clearing threats silently in the background without bothering you with upgrade requests and unnecessary notifications. It is considered the best quiet Antivirus suitable for both corporate and home users, including non-tech-savvy users.

New Features On Bitdefender 2020 Packages

Anti tracker

This is a new browser extension from Bitdefender available for all Bitdefender 2020 packages that make browsing safer. It scans the behavior of all the sites in your search results and advises you on the ones that track and store your data and details. You have to turn it off to access some websites, although it designed to track and report only, so some websites won’t even notice it is working.

AI Supported Parental Control

Bitdefender parental control is more than just a screen time timer and site tracker; it is also an anti-bullying tool. It tracks your child`s activity on social networks and advises you if they are requesting or sending inappropriate content. It also tacks and informs you if your child is being bullied, telling you the signs and the source of the actions. It doesn`t back up the media except for texts. It also scans for inappropriate language.

Microphone and Webcam Monitor

These are also new features that tell you if links or apps are accessing your tools inappropriately. It also comes in handy as a parental control tool as it allows you to know who listens in on or watches your child`s device.

Other Upgrades

Threat detection and neutralization have also been optimized to run in a cloud server that reduces the time each scan takes. It also includes an upgraded database of online and offline threats known to Bitdefender. Wi-Fi monitoring, URL safety scanning, Online banking, and network threat assessment have also been boosted significantly.

What Is The Difference Between Bitdefender Total Security, Internet Security, And Antivirus Plus 2020?

The key features you lose when you downgrade are device optimization and Mac/iOS compatibility. These are critical features for parents and offices with multiple devices, which makes it wise to buy Total security if you need cover for a wide range of devices. Antivirus plus also loses parental control making it inappropriate for parents who need a close eye on their children`s devices. Here is a detailed list of all the services attached to each package.

Bitdefender 2020 productsBitdefender Antivirus PlusBitdefender Internet SecurityBitdefender Total Security
Number Of Devices335
Anti-Theft for all devicesNoNoYes
Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS protectionWindowsWindowsYes
Device OptimizerNoNoYes
Parental ControlNoYesYes
Multi-Layer Ransomware ProtectionYesYesYes
Automatic UpgradesYesYesYes
Free online supportYesYesYes
Safe browsingYesYesYes
Online banking protectionYesYesYes
Vulnerability scanYesYesYes
Search advisorYesYesYes
Anti-phishing and antifraudYesYesYes

Here Is A Look At Each Of The Three Packages

1. Bitdefender Total Security 2020


Bitdefender Total Security is the full-cover package for multiple devices with customized protection for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices as compared to the others which are limited to Windows devices. Many users hail it as the new whip for parents featuring upgraded parental control with AI, a protected microphone from unauthorized access, and increased speed, especially for windows 10.


Bitdefender 2020 has moved almost all actions to perform in the cloud, so there is little load on your system. Its performance speed is the most significant upgrade as it allows devices to run faster while neutralizing more threats. The 2020 Total Security application is smaller and installs within 5 minutes on Windows and Mac while taking less than 2 minutes to install on both android and iOS devices.

The main advantage is that autopilot scans all your files, messages, and emails for any malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, and other threats before telling you your state of security. It acts as the police that advises on the actions you need to perform but allows you to customize your security based on your understanding of your files and device use. The real-time threat update and elimination feature mean full scans take a shorter time, reducing system slowdowns.

Devices covered

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 can be installed on five different devices, making it the cheapest package for the whole family. It is also compatible with Mac, iOS, and Android devices, making it suitable for all devices at home or work. You can customize the rights and services available for each device from your parent account. It is suitable for parents, offices, and multiple device owners that need better control of their browsing while protecting their existing files from all threats. You can always increase the number of devices at a higher cost.

Navigation is also simplified with all the important features easily accessible on the quick action interface. It also delivers microphone and webcam detection and protection services. The detection services give you alerts when someone is accessing your device remotely, your child is recording inappropriate material or using what may be considered inappropriate language.


This is the main reason why Bitdefender stands out among other top-notch antivirus software. Its multilayered firewall scans each network you access for vulnerability and limits the access of foreign links to all the files on your device. It also asses threats on your WI-FI network security, especially when connecting through a public network preventing malicious links from affecting your browser and files. This protects effectively against botnets and malicious network activity.

Threat Detection and Removal

The quick action tab allows you to scan for viruses and spyware on your device at any time, whether you are online or offline. The threat database on Bitdefender is updated in real-time for both old and new threats as well as websites known to Bitdefender to contain security threats.

The good thing about Bitdefender is that it doesn`t scan the details of the contents in your files, just scanning around content for threats and suspicious behavior.

The traditional scanning features are all delivered in the quick action interface that allows you to choose whether to conduct a full scan or a quick scan. It also has a rescue mode that restarts your computer to remove powerful threats like rootkits before your system starts for effective cleanup and preventing spread.

Other major threat-combatting features include the quarantine that blocks any suspicious files or links from interacting with the rest of your device. The Improved Safe Files feature protects folders and files individually selected by the user for extra protection.

It watches out for odd actions or changes on the files by programs, including sudden encryption, which protects against ransomware. This feature can even block some of your trusted apps unless you mark them as trusted. Its vulnerability scan also assesses your apps and hardware for vulnerabilities that may leave you exposed.


You need to install the anti-tracker extension on the browser for each device included to protect its browsing activity. Its network protection scans each URL that features in your search results and blocks any sites related to botnet attacks, phishing scams, safety compromises or inappropriate content especially for kids. The blockage is all listed on the extension, so you easily access and exempt the ones you trust. It also tells you suspicious websites accessed by other devices, which is effective for parental control.

The antitracking system is also intelligent as it goes undetected by many websites that require you to switch off traditional antitracking tools to access. You, however, have to switch it off for some new websites that have Bitdefender antitracking listed. It also comes with a VPN that makes private browsing easy.

The other additional features that make browsing with Total Security easier are the password manager and safe payment options that securely fill in your passwords and credit card details when shopping online. They also monitor websites to authenticate them as trustworthy, preventing fraud. The updated 2020 system takes you to a safe site when shopping and banking online to prevent spyware from accessing your details.

Parental control

This is the main feature that makes Bitdefender Total Security 2020 stand out. It does more than just look at websites and transactions. You can set and restrict websites, contacts, and monitor all suspicious activity on your child`s device. The social network monitor tells you when there are signs of bullying from the content in chats, texts, and social networks.

It also detects when a child is requesting or receiving inappropriate images. It also watches over the type of language your child is using. The microphone and webcam detector also tell you whether someone is watching on or listening to your child.

Link: https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/total-security.html


  • Little disturbance from notifications
  • Cloud-based threat elimination is quick and effective
  • Real-time threat detection keeps your device updated
  • It allows you to control all included devices from one account
  • Updated parental control detecting language, images, and bullying actions
  • Anti-tracker addition that scans websites in search results before being accessed
  • Anti-Theft allows you to track, wipe or lock lost devices.


  • Safe Files blocks some trusted software
  • Full scans on android make the device slow

2. Bitdefender Internet Security 2020


If you need antivirus software for your Windows computers at home or in the office on a budget, then this Antivirus will deliver the most value under $50 for three devices. It has most of the features of Total security except it doesn’t support Mac and iOS devices, which make it economical if you don’t own Apple devices.

It is also suitable for parents that need easy remote supervision of a child`s browsing and social network activity. It delivers the same multilayered threat protection of any high-end anti-malware software at a consumer-friendly price affordable for office and family computers and tablets.


Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 is effectively optimized for all windows operating systems except Windows Vista and XP. It installs quickly in the background and notifies you when done to set up the main actions you need to deliver in the quick navigation tab. It allows you to edit and customize the top features to the actions you perform most frequently.

It runs a full scan on installation or upon upgrade to ensure your device is free from all the threats in the updated database. It also starts with autopilot mode scanning your device files and activities before advising on the best cause of action to take. It is also a minimal interruption antivirus that allows you to work comfortably.

Devices covered

Internet security 2020 is created for windows devices only just like the 2019 version except for the upgraded threat database and improved speed. A single license key can be activated on three devices, one device more than other companies that come in handy for a small office or a household with multiple windows devices.

It is also fitted with Bitdefender Photon that matches your device`s hardware and operating system, allowing it to run without interrupting the speed of the device. It is easy to navigate Antivirus that reduces the number of actions required from the user to the essential ones while delivering all-around threat protection for both online and offline activity.


The VPN is the main privacy feature you get when browsing with Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 on your PC, tablet, or laptop. Windows devices are frequent victims of privacy breaches due to a limited OS firewall, which is why the Bitdefender layered firewall is vital for every windows device owner. Internet security 2020 firewall scans your network for the level of vulnerability and limits the access of external sources to your files and browsing activity even when they are connected on the same network.

Online privacy is also protected heavily with webcam and microphone detection that notify you when apps try to access them. It also notifies you if you have any apps that pose a threat to your files, recommending the cause of action such as encrypting files or blocking access. This heavy policing of the actions of apps prevents unauthorized access from phishing scams, botnet attacks, and ransomware.

Threat Detection and Removal

Real time threat detection is also activated on Internet Security 2020 so you don`t have to worry about offline and removable device threats. Bitdefender uses Behavioral analysis to pick out and destroy malicious software, files and links.

The scanning of threats is done in real-time against the latest known threats. It also looks for suspicious activity by apps and links on your device that performs sudden unauthorized actions such as encrypting your files preventing ransomware from affecting you.

This is a precautionary threat detection method that analyses files, URLs, website activity, or any app behavior and blocks any action by any of them considered harmful. It then advises you on the cause of action to take if the threat is new or considered moderate or previously marked by you as safe. Grave threats are automatically neutralized, giving your device all-round protection.


Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 was highly rated for browsing security, and the 2020 version just came with a lot more benefits. The antitracking upgrade that allows you to install the Bitdefender extension on your browser works way better than any traditional anti tracking tool.

It runs in the background without being noticed by some websites, silently blocking the trailing of your online activity. Its VPN also covers you allowing you to browse privately from any location with up to 200mb of traffic.

Internet Security 2020 also comes with a password manager and an online banking assistant that allows you to store passwords and payment information securely in cloud back up. It also includes social network protection that keeps you safe from malicious files shared in your social networks.

Parental Control

Yes, Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 also includes parental control. It protects your child from bullying activities, accessing, sending or receiving inappropriate content, and also allows you to track their activity online. You can set the screen time for the device and track it.

Link: https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/antivirus.html


  • It has game, work and movie modes to prevent interruption
  • All devices are controlled from a common account
  • It includes a Bitdefender photon that improves full scan speed
  • Customized real-time threat protection allows you to choose what to do
  • It includes a VPN protection


  • It is limited to Windows devices
  • It doesn`t include device optimization.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020


If you are simply looking to protect your browsing, files, and network from all threats on your Windows PC, Then this is the Antivirus to buy. It doesn`t include parental control and device optimization, which might be a downside for family computers and people that run heavy files and applications. It is, however, the best value option for a small office or home computer owner that needs to keep the bad guys away from your personal space online and offline.

It is also limited to Windows devices only, but it retains high-speed features, including photon, except it doesn`t have the optimizer, so you need to check your apps and hardware upgrades independently. It is also a good browsing companion since it comes with a VPN, anti-tracker, password, and online banking security.


This is still the same Bitdefender 2020 anti-malware with a few auxiliary features suppressed but not the performance. It is simple to install and navigate, and you can choose all the actions you need from scanning to safe browsing with a simple click of the quick navigation tab. It still carries a vulnerability scan that still tells you if any of your apps or hardware are putting you in harm`s way. It is also faster with zero slowdowns since no heavy operations are running in your background.

Devices covered

Antivirus Plus 2020 is also limited to Windows devices. One license covers three devices, so you can buy it for your PC, laptop, and tablet. The only key feature you lose is anti-theft and parental control, which may be a great tradeoff for people with no kids considering the lower price compared to the other packages. Its best application is on windows ten, although it covers all earlier Windows versions, including Windows 7.


Safe Files is one of the most advanced file privacy features on Bitdefender preventing unauthorized access by other device users and apps. It prevents any suspicious actions from being completed on your files without your authorization. Bitdefender`s behavior monitoring performance is precautionary and proven to catch most threats before the damage happens on the device.

Its Online privacy has also been boosted by the antitracking browser extension that prevents sites from collecting your browsing information. It also includes a vigilant anti-fraud and anti-phishing surveillance that blocks and notifies you of any threats in your search results before you even access them. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus also includes a password manager and Safepay options that protect your sensitive information online.

Threat Detection and Removal

Bitdefender`s real-time threat protection is a major advantage that ensures that no threats go undetected on your device. The first thing the Antivirus plus package does is do an autopilot run that goes around all your apps and files then advises you if any of them are putting you at risk. It then does a complete device scan to clean all preexistent threats on the device.

Afterward, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus becomes a defense mechanism for all interactions your device may have through networks and removable devices. It hovers around all your files, social network texts, and device networks for suspicious activity at all levels to detect and neutralize threats.


Antivirus plus is also a browsing partner that ensures safety from phishing and botnet URLs as well as unsafe websites that track your browsing data. It has a feature called Network Threat prevention that advises and blocks any threat that you may have on your WIFI. It also analyses your search results to wade off any threats before you click on the sites in the first place.

The main advantage is that you can still select the sites you trust, although its anti-tracker will monitor any suspicious behavior in case any underlying threats remain. It also includes a password manager that helps you create strong passwords, keeps them safe, and even suggests strong passwords for you. This package still includes Safe Online Banking that allows you to shop and bank safely online.

Link: https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/antivirus.html


  • Easy to install and navigate
  • Works lightly without overloading the system
  • It also includes a VPN with 200MB traffic cover
  • A multilayered firewall makes it safe to use public WIFI
  • It allows for remote tracking of devices
  • No interruptions when working, gaming, or watching.


  • It Doesn`t include parental control
  • Upgrades to higher packages is expensive.


Bitdefender protection is the best Antivirus to consider in 2020, whether you are looking for antivirus software for home devices or work devices. It has topped most modern vulnerability and threat assessment tests including reddit and AV-Test since 2015, which is why their upgraded system makes the best companion for any device owner. This review also includes the best price options with the latest coupon code for year-long licenses ensuring you get the best value at the most affordable price in the market.

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