Best Wireless Charger For IPhone XS (How To Buy The Best 2020)

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Have you ever wondered why most high-end phones are sheltered in glass encasement? Well, to cut to the chase, that is part of the mechanism that allows charging through magnetic induction.

While charging wirelessly sounds futuristic, it’s now happening. Yet, before you get too excited about it, please take note that wireless doesn’t mean contactless. The glass surface of the phone enables energy to pass through from the surface of a charging pad.

In a nutshell, this charging mechanism allows you to fill up your phones’ batteries by leaning the back of your phone on a charging stand or laying it flat on a charging mat.

While you don’t need to plug in your phone with a cord, the charging apparatus will need to be connected to a power source through a cable.  Nonetheless, it’s still an engineering feat.

Unfortunately, when you buy a flagship phone, it does not come readily with wireless chargers. You will need to pay extra if you want to take advantage of this cutting-edge feature. So, here, in this post, we’ll demonstrate to you our top picks and help you decide which one to get for your iPhone XS at the quickest amount of time.

Quick Summary

  • Yootech Wireless Charger – Among the three we reviewed, this charger is the only one that comes with USB-C. When you buy it, it also readily comes with to pieces of it.
  • Seneo 2 in 1 Dual Wireless Charging Pad – If you have multiple devices that you want to be charged simultaneously, then this will fill the role.
  • Anker Wireless Charger – PowerWave 7.5 Stand – If you want a premium look and design than its closest competitor here, which is the Yootech Wireless Charger, then this one the right fit.

Who Should Get This?

Before you dive into the world of wireless charging and buy the accessory, let’s talk about a few things that are worth noting.

I, myself, use it when I’m at home, most particularly when I’m on my desk or having mealtime at a dining table. Another instance that I use it is when I’m sleeping. I have a wireless charger stand right at my bedside where I put my phone on.

It’s ideal to use when I need my phone to rest on a stand so I could use my phone for watching videos, for watching time, or if I need notes or references to be readily accessible and open all the time. I find it very convenient when my phone needs to be steadily in place while I’m using it.

On the other hand, it’s not too helpful if you need to charge your phone while needing to text, make phone calls, or gaming on it. It’s best to use a cable charger if you need to simultaneously charge and use your phone with lots of movements.

Ironically, wireless charging requires your phone to stay put. Corded charging, on the opposite end, allows your phone to be more mobile and less restrained.

Buying A Wireless Charger For IPhone XS: What To Consider In 2020?


Cost is often the factor that most weighs in when buying a product. Yet, often, when it comes to technology, you pay what you get for. It’s no stranger that the more expensive the device is, the more technologically advanced it is.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you zero out on the most expensive. After all, you want the most value for your bucks. So, to help you decide, you can consider the other two succeeding factors below.

Style, Design, And Function

Keep this in mind: You also pay for aesthetics. Because of tight competition, often design is integrated with function. So, when considering getting a wireless charger, you might want to ask the following:

  1. How will you be using it?
  2. When you will be using it?
  3. And where you will be putting it?


When buying any piece of technology, more than that you need to focus on function, you need to pay careful attention to the safety standards. So, it’s important that before you even consider buying a product under a particular brand that you make sure that it’s certified by a legitimate consortium when it comes to safety and efficiency. Qi-certification is one way to check out on.

The Best Wireless Charger For IPhone XS: Our Picks In 2020

1. Seneo 2 In 1 Dual Wireless Charging Pad

The Seneo 2 in 1 is designed for wireless charging your iPhone, iWatch, and even your new AirPods. It is incorporated with advanced ATB technology that helps for faster charging rate. You should also take note that QC 3.0 wall adapter and iWatch Magnetic charging cable are needed but they’re not included in the package.

Night Mode Stand and Stability

It features nightstand mode so you can see the alarm, date, and time conveniently. Its tiny LED indicator located on the side will glow green if it’s charging and will eventually go off if you pick up your phone. Aside from that, it comes with three silicone strips on its upper part in order to preclude your phone from slipping after placing them on.

These anti-slip silicone strips also help to guide the right charging position of your phone. For stability, it is incorporated with four anti-slip mats.

Detachable Charging Holder

Furthermore, with its iWatch charging holder is perfect if you’re always on the go because it is detachable for you to slide. Additionally, it comes with an additional storage room on its backside so you can wrap and store the iWatch charging cord in, which also helps minimize the clutter.

What we like: 

  • Two charging compartments that allow Apple Watch to be charged simultaneously with either iPhone or AirPods. So, when you need to charge your Apple gadgets at the same time, it will be less cluttered. Everything is centralized in this one single charging station.
  • An extra storage compartment underneath that stores your Apple Watch’s charger.
  • Sleek and minimalist design. Its black color blends in everything. You can put it in your living room, dining area, or in a bedroom without it being overly destructive.
  • Silicon-surface that protects the device to slide and prevents it from going off of the charging space.

What we don’t like: 

  • iPhone will have to be laid flat on the surface, so you can’t use the charging mat as a stand to watch a video or read while your phone is charging.
  • It doesn’t support USB-C. It comes with a Micro USB Power Cable
  • When you are charging your iPhone XS, you need to be particular about the position of your phone. It’s great that there are silicon strips that do not only serve to secure your phone from slipping, but also to guide it for optimal positioning.

2. Yootech Wireless Charger

With this product’s two pack design, you’ll be able to charge your phone horizontally and vertically. Or you can share it with your family or friends, at home or in the office. In addition, it is incorporated with two types of cables; one C – C Cable and one USB-C Cable, which can help meet the needs of many users out there. It also features three charging modes for different phones.

Innovative Technology

Furthermore, since it is engineered with two coils, it provides you a much wide charging area compared to the general round wireless charging pad out there. This unit is also incorporated with the exclusive multifunctional intelligent protect technology that gives short-circuit protection, surge protection, as well as temperature control.

Case-Friendly and Qi-Certified

This Yootech Wireless Charger is also Qi-certified and is made of ABS material that is fire-resistance. Also, because it is case-friendly it will work with TPU, plastic, and rubber cases of up to 4 mm thickness. The unit is also sleep-friendly because its LED light will eventually turn off after your phone is fully charge, so you don’t get disturbed.

What we like:

  • It comes with two types of cables: USB-C and C-C cables.
  • Flexibility on the phone’s orientations. With this wireless charging stand, you can lean your phone either horizontally or vertically. It will not affect the charging. So, it acts as a stand while charging, which is great.
  • It comes with two charging stands. When you buy it, you will get two stands that you can use for different phones.
  • Great to put on a bedside table.

What we don’t like:

  • It doesn’t allow multiple devices to be charged simultaneously.
  • Because it can’t be folded, it’s not ideal to bring it with you when you are traveling, unlike when you have a charging pad or a mat. It’s best to be put steadily.

3. Anker Wireless Charger – PowerWave 7.5 Stand

Anker is a trusted brand. In fact, among the three, it’s the most reputed. The name speaks for the quality, but let’s be specific and check out where it wins and loses out. This wireless charger by Anker has a sleek design with rounded edges for a modern feel. Its plastic housing is quite easy to overlook. However, you must watch out for possible scratches.

Short Cord and Optimal Angle

One small issue about this unit is that the included cord along with the package seems shorter compared to its competitors in the market. This makes you place the stand close to your wall outlet in order to charge. But the good thing is that the stand is placed at an optimal angle so you can view your messages and use Face ID.

2 Charging Coils and LED Light

Additionally, it comes with 2 charging coils that operate together and enables you to position your device in portrait or landscape while waiting for it to get fully charged. Now, located at the base of the stand, you’ll see a circular LED indicator that will indicate you certain things.

LED Light Indicator

If you place your device on the stand and it start charging, the LED light will turn blue for 3 seconds and will turn off. This means that linking and charging your phone is successful. On the other hand, it will blink if it detects an incompatible cord being utilized. The manufacturer says that if the light begins flashing green, then the problem is probably because of an incompatible AC adapter.

What we like:

  • Premium look and design. With an all-black design and a blue-colored power light at the stand of the charger, you get a look of a high-end device that your iPhone will perfectly fit in.
  • It also supports multi-orientational phone positioning. You can place your phone both horizontally or vertically.

What we don’t like :

  • It doesn’t come with an adapter. Meanwhile, it comes with a cable that doesn’t support USB-C. Instead, it sports a 6-ft Micro USB cable.

Useful Tips Or Tricks Or Resources Or FAQs

All of these wireless chargers, before they made it to the best lists, we made sure that they all fit into the standards of safety and efficiency.

So, you can’t be wrong that all of them are Qi-certified, which means that it passed the safety standards of Wireless Power Consortium, an organization that standardizes the safety and efficiency of wireless charging technology.

All of them are case-friendly, too. Rest-assured your case shouldn’t be an interfering factor that will hinder your wireless charger to fully function.

Closing Words

Well, after reading this, you might still have that question at the back of your mind: What’s in it for you to have a wireless charger if you have a cord that you can use to do the same thing?

To address that, wireless chargers are considered accessories. Although they are not necessary, they are there as your option. Yes, this mode of charging has ups and downs, but remember: The goal of wireless charging is not to substitute the wired charging, but to supplement your needs and to help you get the most convenience possible when you are charging your phone.

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