Best Deals On Under Cabinet Range Hood (Unbiased Review 2020)

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When you’re remodelling or building a kitchen, one crucial appliance to consider is the range hood. If your kitchen comes with a stove and you intend to use it, then a range hood is again, a significant appliance to add to the mix.

When you’re cooking, the scents, smoke, and particles released will usually hang in the air without the help of some type of air filtration system. But a range hood will move all that matter out of your room so you don’t need to worry about unpleasant odors or unhealthy smoke sticking around after or while you’re cooking.

Benefits Of Range Hoods

Aside from their main purpose of cleaning the air while you cook, range hoods also give additional advantages:

  1. An extra benefit of trapping smoke is that they essentially lessen the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if your kitchen is not properly ventilated.
  2. They make selling your house a breeze. They leave kitchen cabinets, ceilings, and walls clean therefore getting rid of the need to repaint the kitchen when selling your house.
  3. They increase your property appeal and value as the purchaser won’t need to go through the hassle of installing brand new vent hood.
  4. They trap smoke when cooking smoky foods, and therefore precluding the smoke alarms from going off.
  5. They help cool kitchens through absorbing the heat generated when cooking.
  6. Most under cabinet range hoods are incorporated with supplementary lights to give extra illumination when preparing and cooking foods.
  7. They promote cleanliness by accumulating impurities including moisture, grease, and smoke, thus keeping them from dirtying your ceilings, kitchen counters, and walls.

Overall, if you cook much at all and particularly if you do any frying, then a range hood is an impressive necessity. Fortunately, you have a number of options to consider that all vary in features, size, price, and style.

Top 5 Best Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews

1. FOTILE JQG7501 30″ Range Hood Under Cabinet

If you’ve got a modern kitchen that you are proud of, then this Fotile kitchen range hood will fit with your needs.

If offers a quality centrifugal fan system that absorbs the fumes and odours of cooking much faster compared to a standard extract hood, and it even operates quietly so you can listen to what’s happening around you effortlessly. In addition, it will automatically open upon turning it on, providing you control over how much ventilation you need at the same time.

Furthermore, it comes with a 30 inch fume inlet that covers 6 sq. ft. and offers a powerful light for excellent visuals while you are cooking. Aside from that it comes with a time delay function to ensure that all fumes are absorbed efficiently.

Overall, everything about this under cabinet range hood is made to make your cooking experience more convenient.

See more information on FOTILE JQG7501 30″ Range Hood Under Cabinet.

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2. Cosmo QS75 30-In Under-Cabinet Range Hood

If you don’t really have plenty of space in your kitchen, but you need to get a range hood for your kitchen then this product is probably the right choice for you.

Its slim profile design is meant to save significant amount of space. This stainless steel range hood comes with a 900 CFM of suction that get rids of any odours when you are cooking. Moreover, it also has two dishwasher-safe aluminium mesh filters that accumulate all of the oil and grease that float around in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, it doesn’t only come with a 3 speed motor, but it is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is push one of the 5 buttons to get it operating. You don’t have to worry about it being too noisy either.

Overall, compared to most range hoods, this one will provide you an incredibly quiet performance. It is extremely versatile too. In fact it can be used for back or top venting. And lastly, the best part of this range hood is that you can install it against a wall or under the cabinet.

See more information on Cosmo QS75 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood.

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3. Broan F403023 Two-Speed Four-Way Convertible Range Hood

This stylish and sleek under cabinet range hood from Broan is designed to impress its users. In fact, by placing this hood to your kitchen, you’re actually investing in a future where no ceiling, floors, or walls will become ingrained with cooking odors, and where airborne grease goes one way out the extract fan.

Furthermore, its blower is a feature worthy to discuss. Its speed is easy to adjust and it even comes with a memory that recalls the last setting you set it on. In addition, it can detect heat and will automatically set the blower to high. This can save significant amount of tie since you don’t need to play around with its settings.

Upon installing two 75 Watt bulbs, you can also gain from its superior levels of light around your cooking station. While most kitchens tend to have impressive lighting, above the stove is usually forgotten. However, this under cabinet range will surely illuminate your meal like never before.

See more information on Broan F403023 Two-Speed Four-Way Convertible Range Hood.

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4. Broan 413004 Range Hood 30-Inch Stainless Steel

If you’re seeking for a sturdy under cabinet range hood then this product is the ideal brand for you.

It comes with a three fan speeds that work really well. In addition, it can be turned off in two methods, one with a timer that includes set to an additional minute which you can effortlessly reprogram as you desire. The other approach is to hold down the on and off switch for a second or two, to turn it off completely. In addition, it is easy to clean, install, and has an excellent value for its price.

Now, one fascinating factor about this range hood is that it is compatible with up to 75Watt bulbs. Normally, the unit measures 30” wide x 17.5” deep x 6” high to help improve its functionality and performance. And lastly, this range hood is available in various appliance matching color and widths.

See more information on Broan 413004 Range Hood 30-Inch Stainless Steel.

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5. Chef Range Hood C190 30” Slim Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor

This range hood is the most attractive and most affordable range hood on the market as of the moment. This basic version from Chef –a leader in America’s kitchen appliance industry, gives beautiful finishes to kitchen remodels, flips, and rental homes.

Upgrade the way your kitchen looks while establishing a healthy, safe, and clean kitchen work space. Smart technology and modern stainless finishes let this 30 inch range hood to work in a number of settings. And since its design is extra slim, it can fit conveniently into your kitchen station, no matter how compact or small it is.

Furthermore, this range hood is perfect for cost-effective professional kitchen remodels. Also, it is very powerful as it comes with a 750 CFM. Its extractor’s dual motors give ventilation power with lesser noise. Its 750 CFM stove fan traps cooking odors, oil, and grease to prevent them from recirculating around your house.

See more information on Chef Range Hood C190 30” Slim Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor.

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Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Under Cabinet Range Hood 

Lighting and controls

Normally, range hoods are incorporated with lighting that is enough to light up your kitchen or at least your cooking oven. They can be either halogen or incandescent depending on the model you bought. Most modern range hoods are electronic that’s why they can be remotely controlled while the primitive ones that are electro-mechanical don’t have these particular features.

Size of Range Hoods

Range hoods come in different sizes and will also depend on the size of cooking oven you have in your kitchen as well as the model of range hood you’re going to buy. Normally, the size of the range hood matches with your cooking oven area exactly but if you’re choosing island version of range hood then you should opt a larger size.

Type of Filter Used

There are various types of filters used for many types of range hood models. The aluminium filters are the most typical filters since they can trap pollutants and grease effectively. They can also be washed with ease in a dishwasher.

They are reusable after being cleaned thoroughly. They last quite long as well. Carbon filters are the one used in recirculating or ductless range hoods and they can trap most irritant dirt and grime but are not reusable. They must be changed every four months when they’re completely soaked.

Efficiency of the Extractor Fan

This is the most essential part of range hoods since this decides the rate at which airborne grease and smoke are eliminated from your kitchen. Sometimes very powerful fans tend to generate so much noise and one is unable to stream movies in the same room. Thus you might need to strike a balance between the two by simply buying less powerful ones. However, you must see that it comes with a capacity to clean the environment completely at least eight times in an hour.

While you’ll be in dilemma as to which range hood to buy to fit your needs in your kitchen, the most deciding consideration could be the space in your kitchen and how your other furniture is placed around your cooking station.

How To Clean & Maintain Under Cabinet Range Hood

Here are some maintenance tips to make your range hood last:

Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

The most ideal way to troubleshoot your range hood is by holding a piece of white paper over its vent. If the range hood is working accordingly, then the paper must be sucked up and held in place.

Some of the most common issues that affect range hoods are excessive noise coming from the motor and not enough power to clear the odor and smoke from your kitchen station. These certain problems can be easily fixed by replacing or cleaning the filters. You can also experience electrical issues including broken buttons and lights. You can easily fix them on the control board of the vent panel.


Another method to properly maintain your range hood is by simply cleaning it. Here are the difference surfaces that require frequent cleaning:

  1. Fan – remove the fan and clean it with a degreaser to get it functioning optimally again.
  2. Vent – Cleaning the vent is a more technical task. You should reach out to a professional at least once a year to clear your vents.
  3. Surface – clean the surface after each use. Try to use a soft cloth, soap or detergent, and hot water to eliminate grease and other impurities that may have build-up on the surface.
  4. Air filter – there are two kinds of air filters when it comes to under cabinet range hoods. The steel filters and the charcoal filters. Simply remove and clean them at least once a month.


Under cabinet range hoods are not particularly cheap and not just a simple additions to your kitchen. However, if you’re establishing a new kitchen from scratch or going through a remodel, then under cabinet range hoods are well worth to include in your plans.

You have a number of options and should have no trouble in finding one that suits your certain needs and kitchen design.

Having the ideal under cabinet range hood can save you from having to do more cleaning chores, ensure that you don’t need to open all your windows each time you cook to prevent setting off the fire alarm, and keep your kitchen from smelling bad.

Overall, under cabinet range hoods are worthwhile investment for anyone who aims to use their kitchen for cooking all that frequently, especially those who love to fry foods.

How about you? Did you already have an under cabinet range hood? How’s your experience? Please share your feedback, opinions, and thoughts in the comment box below!

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