Best Budget PC Gaming Chair Reviews (How To Choose 2020)

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You’re probably in need of a good gaming chair if you regularly play video games for long extended period of time. Not to mention that maintaining a poor posture and not sitting in a proper position for long period of time can lead to health issues such as back-pain, poor blood circulation, and carpal tunnel.

Additionally, having a well-built ergonomic gaming chair can help you maintain a comfortable and healthy sitting position for long hours of gaming. Aside from that, gaming chairs generally come with bold color designs, making them a cool fashion addition in your room.

There’s myriad of advantages and benefits for having the best PC gaming chair, thus getting one is a wise long-term investment especially if you’re planning to make your playing a career.

However, it’s a fact that most gaming chairs are quite expensive. But worry not, because we’ve got you covered as we’ll be sharing you our top 5 picks of PC gaming chair!

Without beating around the bush, read on!

Top 5 Best PC Gaming Chair Reviews

1. Homall Gaming Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Racing Style High Back PU Leather Chair

With its aesthetic contoured backrest, this this Homall gaming chair is a genuine comfort by design. It also provides excellent support for the entire back as it comes with a detachable back rest for the lumbar area and pillow. These are the areas that are most prone to strain when a person is seated for long period of time.

Homall gaming chair follows those natural contours of the user with a height that ranges from 5’7” to 6’0” which makes your comfortable and relaxed while you’re playing your favourite video game. Additionally, the seat is lined with premium PU leather material, which is also very easy to clean and maintain.

The gaming chair is also supported by a five-star base offering a great center of gravity that precludes the chair from tipping over or from tilting too much despite its maximum capacity weight of 300 lbs. Aside from that this chair also comes with a widely spread arm rests.

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Why We Like It

  • Comes with lumbar cushions and headrest pillow
  • Easy to move on five-point coaster wheels
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • PU leather material
  • Well-built and easy to assemble
  • Excellent lumbar support

2.Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back PC Computer Chair

With Devoko’s bright color scheme contrasted by its black frame, you’ve most likely seen this chair in many internet cafes in your area. In fact, the design of this gaming chair makes it look like it was taken out of a race car from Gran Turisom or Need for Speed.

Devoko Ergonomic gaming Chair boasts a high curved and breathable polyurethane leather bucket seat and back. It also comes with an adjustable lumbar cushion and removable headrest that support your real-life avatar while you’re personalizing your virtual one.

Its easily lockable tilt adjustment allows you to toggle between relaxing, reading, working, and lying modes, with an awesome tilt range unparalleled in most office chairs. But aside from that, this gaming chair relines all the way back to 180 degrees which is ideal for recharging your batteries after being thoroughly owned by your opponents.

And lastly with a sturdy frame that supports up to 300 lbs., a back dimensions, a wide seat, and a cutting edge design, this gaming chair is simply one of the best gaming chair you can acquire.

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Why We Like It

  • Removable lumbar pillow and headrest for extra customization
  • Large 180 degree recline for extra relaxation between gaming
  • Tried-and-tested gaming chair design for proven ergonomic support and comfort
  • Use of premium PU leather material ensures durability
  • The base is made sturdy and it comes with smooth-rolling casters
  • Comes with easy lock-tilt adjustment and recline angle adjuster
  • Pneumatic height adjustment

3.Waleaf Swivel Bucket Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support And Headrest

This gaming chair features sturdy construction and gives decent support. With this gaming chair, there would be no body aches while you’re playing your favourite video games even for extended period of time. Additionally, the included lumbar pillow is incredibly large and firm to provide comfortable sitting arrangement. Also, its headrest pillow is impressively useful and comes with a solid build.

Its comfortable cushioned seating arrangement is the primary specialty of this high back gaming chair. During intense gaming, this chair will deliver extreme and excellent comfort to your neck and lumbar region. Also, if you want to take a quick nap, you can simply use its adaptable 180-degree recliner function nap.

And lastly, when you follow the included user manual accordingly, its installation process would end really well and simple. Its eye-catching aspect is its durable and “Vitesse” pattern design.

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Why We Like It

  • Comes with premium rolling casters
  • Multi-functional and can be rotated in 360 degrees
  • Maximum load capacity of 300 pounds
  • Metal frame and broad seat and backrest
  • Explosion-proof gas lift cylinder
  • Top-notch quality sponge and foam

4.BestMassage Office Desk Gaming Chair High Back Computer Task Swivel Executive Racing Chair

Incorporated with modern style, this creative and stylish reclining gaming chair includes the latest gaming styling. Also, you’ll be relieved from back pain with the aid of its lumbar support that’s perfectly padded. In this approach, it’s quite simple to relax your mind and body while you’re playing your favourite video games. Aside from that, its versatility lets it be used as an executive chair, gaming chair, computer chair, and office chair.

Its armrest and back are ergonomically designed. Thus, you’d not feel exhausted even after playing for long hours. Since it is also incorporated with breathable premium PU leather and ergonomic design, you’d be able to play your favourite games with exceptional luxury.

Furthermore, this gaming chair is designed to hold a maximum weight of 250 lbs. so it can be used by most consumers who’re a little heavier. In addition the ample padding guarantees that you have a great time while playing. But aside from that, its material is water and oil-resistant so cleaning is a piece of cake.

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Why We Like It

  • Supports 250 pounds of weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Incorporated with soft PU leather upholstery and sufficient padding
  • Smooth-rolling casters provide exceptional mobility and stability
  • Comes with excellent appearance and densely cushioned structure
  • Comes with 360-dgrees rotatable casters for ease of mobility

5.Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair is also known as one of the best console gaming chair. This gaming chair comprises of a tubular steel frame, and its outer covering is made by faux leather and plastic.

Its swivel rotation is 360 degrees. It is also incorporated with headrest pillow for extra comfort. The gaming chairs at this price range are mostly not really comfortable especially for tall gamers. However Furmax gaming chair is manufactured in such a way that no matter how tall you are, you’re still going to feel equally comfortable.

Furthermore, you can conveniently lock it in any position so you’d be able to make a good combination of footrest and angle, making this gaming chair a great pick for those who like to nap during their gaming. Additionally, its armrests are adjustable and supports 310 pounds of weight.

Overall, Furmax gaming chair is one of the best gaming chair that comes with footrest and is designed to support the user’s back. It has an ergonomic style that makes the users to move all around their desk to find their desired comfortable mobilization.

See more information on Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair.

Why We Like It

  • Suitable for tall gamers
  • Comes with adjustable footrest
  • Easily adjustable and very comfortable
  • Provides full back support
  • Incorporated with bucket and leather seat and armrest with pads
  • Comes with adjustable arm support coated with seat pad

How Is A Gaming Chair Varies From Other Chairs?

Gaming chairs are primarily designed for people who play games a lot. Therefore, the focus of these types of chairs is to make the sitting experience of players comfortable while also supporting their body in a natural position to prevent long-term injury or harm to their bodies.

Unlike many conventional chairs, gaming chairs may have more functions that can help you maintain a sustained posture because of extra padding, and lumbar and headrest pillows.

Furthermore, certain gaming chairs may include other impressive functions that can improve your gaming experience, which include remote controls for your console or TV, built-in audio, console connectivity, and even a massage setting.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best PC Gaming Chair


This factor must be the number one consideration when looking for a budget gaming chair. Most consumers spend hours sitting in front of their computer, thus it is crucial that their gaming chair comes with excellent comfort and ample back support. Comfort features include adjustability, ergonomics, and thick padding. These three comfort factors indicate a good gaming chair.


If you want a gaming chair for different individuals while ensuring each comfortable sitting position, be sure to invest in a customizable gaming chair. The gaming chair must have adjustable height in order to make it appropriate for tall and short people to find their most comfortable sitting positions. Additionally, the gaming chair must include a reclining feature that lets you incline it backward at different angles, so that you can find the most comfortable sitting position.


You must consider the materials used in order to identify a good gaming chair from a bad one. In order for the gaming chair to last long, obviously the material used must have decent quality and durable. In addition, if you’re looking to use the gaming chair for many hours, you must opt for those gaming chairs that come with breathable material. With this, you’ll be assured of comfort without concerns of sweat build-up while you’re playing.


Obviously, the design of a gaming chair is also vital. Aesthetics, adjustability, and materials used are the three main factors in terms of design. A good budget gaming chair must last you for at least six months and must be easy on the eyes as well. Additionally, since most people don’t have similar height and weight, the design of your chosen gaming chair must also be adjustable to some extent.


Gaming chairs come in varied seating area and backrest sizes. Thus, make sure you consider the person who’ll use the chair. It’s nice to pick a gaming chair that comes with big dimensions. With this, it will certainly provide extra comfort even after prolonged hours of playing. Additionally, you must invest in a chair that can fit in your personal space. If your space is not that big, you can choose a foldable gaming chair that you can fold away when not in use.


The featured gaming chairs above are some of the best gaming chairs that you’ll find in the market today, and can certainly give you an exceptional gaming experience.

Our top 5 best PC gaming chairs, won’t lead to any backbone or health issues because of their comfortable and ergonomic design. They come with incredibly comfortable back support that also gives the necessary support for the back while sitting for long period of hours.

Now, if you’re looking to have an awesome gaming experience, then plan your budget, verify on the specifications according to your needs and go for one of the above-featured gaming chairs.

If you have any concerns or feedback about our discussion today, please feel free to comment them down below. Also, if you’ve already tried one of the featured gaming chairs listed above, please do share your experience on it, and we’ll surely give a feedback about your experience.

Happy gaming!

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