Best Laser Pointer For Presentation – Wireless Remote Presenters (How To Buy The Best 2020)

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Are you doing a lot of presentations like in school or office? Then for sure, a laser pointer will significantly improve what you want to deliver. You see, the best laser pointer for presentations is certainly the most efficient and effective device while delivering your presentation to your audience.

 With such tool, you will be able to help your audience focus more on the subject. This is one of the reason why laser pointers are actually popular nowadays especially during lectures and conferences. Such tool simply helps the presenter to make the audience engage to the presentation without making them inconveniently close to the screen.

Now, if you are seeking for the best laser pointer you can use, then good thing because we will share you our top pick that we got from our thorough and extensive research. Well, without further ado, let’s examine what these laser pointers can provide us.

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Quick Summary

If you want to get a sleek-looking laser pointer, then the Doosl Upgraded Presentation Remote Clicker is your best bet. This is incorporated with a metallic design and a green beam. It has a 400mAh rechargeable battery as well as Hyperlink PPT office. This is particularly good for those Mac users out there.

If you’re looking to greatly improve the focus of your audience, then the DinoFire Wireless Presenter Finger Ring USB Clicker is your best bet. Aside from the unique concept of finger ring, this one comes with designated buttons as well as plug and play functionality for many OS that you want to do the presentation from.

If you want to do a whole new level of presentation, then the Doosl Wireless Presenter Laser Pointer is your perfect bet. Instead of the conventional red beam, this one features a brilliant green beam. Moreover, it comes with a sleek aluminum body as well as buttons for spicing up your presentation.

Who Should Get This?

Regardless if you are pointing to the night sky and trying to analyze the constellations or juts simply delivering a presentation across a conference hall, a laser pointer will provide you the flexibility of a physical pointer that it can’t provide.

If you always tend to deliver your presentation from a distance, then with the help of a laser pointer, you’ll be able to present what you want to present without any inconvenience.

Get one now if you’re having some trouble delivering your message to your audience. For sure, with a laser pointer, you’ll be able to get the focus of your audience and make your presentation worth it and effective.

What To Consider?

If you want to guarantee that you will get the best laser pointer for your presentation needs then make sure to keep these considerations and factors in mind.

Size And Weight

A lot of consumers say that smaller is always better when it comes to laser pointers. Well, this is actually the truth. See, it’s not only because you may need them always because you’re always on the go, but because you’ll hold them for long periods of time during presentation. This is simply the reason why you want to get a laser pointer with small size and minimal weight. You want to focus on your presentation and not the uncomfortable feeling of holding a hefty thing, right?

Range And Adjustability

This factor is highly important, and thus it’s not smart to overlook it. Treat range and adjustability in respect to the lighting intensity and size of the room where you want to do the presentation with the laser pointer. Unlike astronomy laser pointers that come with a range of up to 300 meters, the regular presentation laser pointers only covers up to 100 feet, which is perfect for conventions, halls, and conference halls.

The point here is try to make a pick based on the size of the indoor space you’re going to use the device to. Aside from that, the adjustability is also crucial. You see, modern units provide good efficiency based on the lighting conditions of the room. What you want to do is adjust the beam intensity in order to meet your requirements.

Beam Color

Laser pointers don’t only come with red beam color. They also come in a variety of colors. But most of the time, the red beam lasers are more preferred by many especially for those indoor users because they can use it for their pets, in particular their cats.

Now, some laser pointers feature a certain element for white spotlights which is meant for emphasizing or magnifying items on the screen. Of course, the white spotlights are not harmful to the human eye but only help the beam to be highly effective when pointing something out. But then again, even though red is the most used beam color, it doesn’t entirely mean that you can’t pick a new color for your next presentations.

Power Output

It is certain that this factor is most likely the most essential feature to consider when looking for the best laser pointer. You see, this factor determines the most ideal possible user of laser pointers. Pointers that come with 5mW power output should operate impressively for certain educational functions such as conventions and conference. On a side note, those lasers that come with more than 5mW are perfect for astronomy-related use.

Keep in mind that shining lasers on the eye is potentially dangerous. This is the best reason why many laser pointers only come with low power output in order to lower the harm just in case the laser beam accidentally directed to the user’s eye. Also, if you’re just going to use the laser pointer inside a room, house, or conference hall, then acquiring one with high power output is not really necessary at all.

Extra Accessories

Having some extra accessories may not be the first factor you want to consider when looking for the best laser pointers. Nonetheless, having some additional accessories can be advantageous. You see, many presenters like their laser pointer to have some accessories such as a charging USB cable, a carrying bag, and a Bluetooth compatibility. These are just the few extras that can provide you with advantage. The takeaway here is, if you’re always doing presentations; make sure to highly consider getting some extra accessories for more effective delivery of the topic.

Best Laser Pointer For Presentation – Wireless Remote Presenters: Top Choices In 2020: Our Picks

1. Doosl Upgraded Presentation Remote Clicker Green Light (Green)

This laser pointerThis laser pointer from Doosl features a green cursor that is much brighter compared to a regular red laser beam, thus it is very suitable for very well-lit rooms. Aside from that, it provides a wireless range of up to 100 meters. With such range, for sure you’ll be able to engage your audience from all corners of the room.

Doosl Upgraded Presentation Remote Clickers is also lightweight but very durable because it is incorporated with a metal aluminum alloy body. Aside from that, this pointer acts as an ideal pick for a user that delivers his presentation in long period of time because of its silicone keypad, which is very smooth and comfortable.

Furthermore, this laser pointer is easy to carry and features a plug and play wireless receiver. It is compatible with Windows 2003, Vista, XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Office, Google Slides, Keynote, Android, and even Prezi and Linux. This one works on a 2.4G RF frequency where it supports a wide range of functionalities. Also, this is ideal for LCD screens, plasma screens, and even white walls.

What We Like:

  • Simple because it is plug and play and incorporated with anti-lost design-magnetic storage
  • Features high compatibility and can reach more than 100 meters
  • Lightweight and very durable due to aluminum alloy body
  • Much brighter green beam compared to the regular red laser beam
  • Multifunctional and operates on 2.4G RF frequency

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Does require two seconds to train every time the PC is turned off
  • The position of the back and advanced buttons for presentation slides are not very intuitive

2. DinoFire Wireless Presenter Finger Ring USB Powerpoint Presentation Clicker (Red)

As the name implies, this particular laser pointer features a finger ring presenter remote that can be utilized as a unique idea in its structure. With its unique design, you can deliver your presentation in a very neat manner. Aside from being easy to carry, this model also utilizes a radio frequency technology of 2.4 GHz. Such frequency rate is similar to the other presentation removes, which ultimately make it very reliable. Moreover, its rubber loop is easy to adjust, so anyone can fit with its finger ring. When it comes to laser capabilities, this model utilizes red laser beams.

Now, with this unit, one doesn’t need any kind of software just to play. You simply need to plug and play it and you’re good to go. Furthermore, it works with all types of OS and supports all presentation software, which makes its very reliable. Aside from that, its charging time is only around an hour, but can last for one week if it’s fully charged. This only implies that users will have a long working time with the unit. When it comes to range, it can reach up to 50 feet whereas the laser control range can do approximately 328 feet, which makes it perfect for office presentations.

What We Like:

  • It is very reliable since the battery can last up to a week if the battery is fully charger
  • Features a red laser beam for main point clarification and improved audience focus
  • Perfect for all presentations software which include PowerPoint
  • Comes with a wide compatibility range for all OS
  • Features a unique and practical finger ring concept

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Some consumers wish that the finger loop is adjusted a little bit bigger
  • The range and reach is not that great

3. Presentation Remote,Doosl Wireless Presenter Laser Pointer (Green)

With this laser pointer from Doosl, you’ll be able to take full control of your presentation. This one comes with a LED display that features a silent vibrating alerts as well as timers so that users can manage their time without the need to monitor the clock all the time. Aside from that, this unit features a bright green laser which is bright enough to enable you to utilize it in very well-lit rooms.

This model’s remote features an integrated 600mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer batter that can be charged with the use of a micro USB port, or just a regular wall charger. Aside from that, this unit features a high-end microchip that allows it to offer a 100 meter wireless reach. Moreover, it works on a 2.4G RF frequency while it provides a 360 degree control.

With this laser pointer’s brilliant green laser beam, you’ll have an effective delivery even in huge conference hall.  Aside from that, you can transition your presentation smoothly because of this unit’s one-touch controls. Aside from that, with its easy-to-set timer, you’ll be able to improve your focus on your presentation delivery.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a remote, a LED display with timer as well as silent vibrating alerts to improve your time management
  • It is incorporated with high-end microchip that can reach up to 100 meters wirelessly
  • Easy to use and intuitive controls
  • Rechargeable with its 600 mAh lithium-polymer battery and can be charged using a micro-USB input port
  • Incorporated with auto frequency hopping technology

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Unfortunately, its timing function only does countdowns in minutes and not in seconds
  • It looks like the outside material is a cheap plastic which is not really good for users who have sweaty hands

Useful Tips Or Tricks

When it comes to PowerPoint presentation, users can activate an onscreen laser from the computer that you are presenting effortlessly, and the dot will also be much easier to control compared to a handheld device.

Aside from that, users can modify the size, color, and certain features through it. If you want to know how to do this trick, then make sure to check this easy tutorial by Microsoft. Or if you like to learn it from a video, check it out here.

Also, another trick is if you have your phone on hand, then you can simply turn your phone into a virtual remote for your presentation if ever you are using Google Slides. You do this by projecting your presentation with Chromecast then you can advance your slides.

Moreover, you can utilize a chrome extension like Remote for Slides if you want to have the same effect. Now, if you are utilizing Apple’s presentation software which is called Keynote, then there’s also an integrated remote that you can learn. You can find it out here.

Closing Words:

In this current era, we all know how important a laser pointer when it comes to presentation. Having one significantly improves what you want to deliver. Not to mention that it features great convenience as well as beneficial capabilities.  But the most crucial part is that laser pointers aid you to captivate your audience attention.

Regardless if you opt with the thrilling and exciting violet, green, or yellow, or simply the conventional red bema, the best laser pointer for presentation will surely have an impact for you and your audience.

With that said kindly leave any feedback or thoughts in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. See you on another review!

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