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Best Laptop For 10 Year Old Daughter Or Son (How To Buy The Best 2020)

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In this digital era, laptops are necessary tools for the growth as well as learning of children, especially for those 10 year old daughter and son.

And here’s the good news. You don’t actually have to spend a huge amount of money just for a laptop for your child. In this review, we will go through the top 3 child-friendly laptop choices.

We specifically mentioned 10 year old children because it’s a good age bracket for growth and new learning as it goes to being a “teen”. Now, you’re probably confused on which laptop to get for your kid.

So, without further ado, let’s check the list!

Quick Summary

If you want to acquire a laptop that primarily focuses on power and performance, and can last long, then the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 inch HD Display 32GB is what you’re looking for. This laptop comes with all the specs you’ll most likely need. Not to mention that it already comes with a blue kid-proof casing.

Now, if you’re looking for a sturdy laptop, then the ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6 inches is your perfect bit. It provides a 4 feet safe zone for accidental fall. Moreover, it features a crack and spill resistant construction. Lastly, it operates with ChromeOS which comes with various advantages over the other popular OS in the market today.

On the other hand, the Apple MacBook Air 13 inch provides the versatility of a convertible laptop and a cool 1080p screen. For sure, it will get your daughter or son through many incoming years without any issues at all.

Who Should Get This?

For the most part, not every ten year old kid must have their own laptop. The thing is, if you already got a family or shared computer or laptop that looks to be meeting everyone’s requirements and pretty much available when your kid needs it, then you can instead hold off on acquiring a brand new laptop until your kid needs it in school.

On the flip side, if your shared computer seems not cutting it, or you simply want to begin introducing your kid to what we call “electronic independence”, then acquiring a laptop is a wise decision. By having his or her own laptop, your kid will be able to work his or her typing skills, get some homework done, and even bring the laptop to school if necessary.

Even though laptop for 10 year old children will not really have the processing power of most adult’s laptop out there, and may not even do well with video games, there are still a whole lot of laptops built for children that can last for many years.

But essentially, we want you to make your kid get exposed to laptops because we’re now in the digital age where computer and technology knowledge is necessary, and sometimes crucial.

What To Consider?

1. Dimension

Since kids don’t have that much strength and have smaller hands, it is wise to get them a lighter and smaller laptop that they can bring anywhere with convenience. It’s not really suitable to get something that comes with more than 13 inch screen. Generally, a laptop that has 11 inch screen is the ideal choice. Furthermore, it’s better if it doesn’t exceed 31 pounds. But if you won’t really bring it anywhere, then around 31 pounds is fine.

2. Durability

For all we know, children are quite clumsy. That’s why, acquiring a durable laptop that won’t easily get damaged upon sudden shock or fall is the perfect choice. It’s also worth mentioning that having a laptop with delicate glass screens won’t give you a long-lasting usage. Not to mention that they will only give you extra cost because you need to acquire some kind of casing just to protect the components inside the laptop and the screen itself.

3. Specifications

Keep in mind that kids these days have various necessities in terms of laptop. If it’s mainly for web activities or schoolwork, then it’s ideal to acquire a laptop that comes with a 2 to 4 GB of RAM. On a side note, if there’s a lot of gaming involves then minimal specs won’t really be convenient. In fact, laptops that are designed for gaming are not even suitable for ten year old children.

4. Operating System

When it comes to youth as well as educational laptops, then the Chrome Operating System is most likely the ideal choice. Chrome OS is almost impossible to get infected with a malware. Not to mention that laptops with this OS are generally inexpensive. The only issue is that, laptops with Chrome OS won’t probably be able to operate most prominent programs like Microsoft Office. That’s why, if your kid don’t really have activities that isn’t web-based, then Windows or macOS are good.

Best Educational Laptop For 10 Year Old Daughter Or Son(Top 3 Child-Friendly Choices)

1. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

This laptop is the medial entry in the Amazon’s Kids Edition tablets. Similar to its other versions, this laptop centers around one of Amazon’s cheap tablets but is incorporated with a drop-proof material housing. It also comes with a year’s subscription to the Fire for Kids service. It also offers access to a host of children-friendly content.

Moreover, this laptop acts as the foundation of the Kids Edition experience. Aside from being inexpensive, it also comes with a nice 8 inch slate that is locked into Amazon’s Fire Operating System. This means to Google Play store or certain Google services.

This low-cost laptop is also good for most social needs, apps, games, and videos. Also, its built-in storage is expandable via microSD card. It also comes with additional features such as Amazon’s excellent FreeTime Unlimited service, an excellent warranty offer, and deep parental controls.

What We Like:

  • It offers a good battery life
  • The parent controls are easy to use. It can also be customized remotely
  • With its preloaded software and apps, it will keep your child entertained
  • Very sturdy because of its durable casing
  • It comes with an excellent warranty offer

What We Don’t Like:

  • This particular version doesn’t come with any screen protector
  • It would be better if it offers an offline video viewing

2. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6″ Ruggedized And Water Resistant Design With 180 Degree

This particular laptop is a 11.6 inch Chromebook. It comes with a screen resolution of 1366 by 768. Aside from having a 4 GB of memory, it also comes with a 16 GB eMMC drive. Furthermore, this laptop features an Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz processor as well as an Intel HD Graphics video adapter; however, it doesn’t come with a dedicated video memory.

The ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 features a two full-size USB ports and an integrated full-size SD memory card reader for digital photography. Its video output is an HDMI full-size port. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 also supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac, that’s why it is compatible with high-speed routers. Moreover, it is compatible with Google Play, so you can download games and apps for your kid to keep him or her entertained.

Overall, this Chromebook is a good budget laptop that is suitable for school-related stuff. It is design to endure being shared by many users. It is also ready to endure incidental wear and tear from home. Lastly, its sturdy construction makes it cool to use compared to those bargain units.

What We Like:

  • ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 features a great battery life span
  • For its price, it has a very good keyboard
  • Its chassis can easily be accessed for repairs or upgrades
  • It features cool and durable design
  • Compatible with Google Play

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not good if your kid knows and always do multiple-tab browsing
  • Its seemingly-average chip restricts it to mainstream software and applications

3. Apple MacBook Air (13-Inch Retina Display, 1.6GHz Dual-Core Intel Core I5, 256GB)

This Apple MacBook Air features a 13.3 inch, LED-backlit Retina Display. It comes with a 4K resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels that are organized in a 16:10 aspect ratio. Aside from featuring a stunning display, it also now supports True Tone. This particular feature automatically makes colors cooler or warmer based on your room’s natural light.

Its glass touchpad is high-end. It is very precise and large. Also, it features haptic feedback for a uniform clicking feel regardless of where your finger lies. It features the 3rd generation version of the Apple “butterfly” keyboard. The company claims it to provide enhanced performance especially in the noise output aspect. Because of its shallow key switches, your kid will have a great typing experience.

Furthermore, this model features a Touch ID sensor. This allows you to log in to your macOS account with the use of your fingerprint. Aside from that, users can also use their fingerprint to authenticate App Store purchases and transactions as well as the Apple Pay. This particular feature (i.e. Touch ID sensor) is placed in the upper right corner of the laptop keyboard.

What We Like:

  • It features a Fast SSD Storage and 8GB memory
  • This particular model comes with a slightly richer feature set compared to its solid predecessor
  • It is perfect for users who will not perform a lot of resource-intensive computing tasks
  • Aside from lovely design, its screen is stunning
  • Features a fantastic and long-lasting battery life

What We Don’t Like:

  • Its only two USB-C ports seems not really good and a little bit constraining
  • This particular model is quite expensive for any upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why A Child Would Like To Have His Own Laptop?

For the most part, children these days are working on various subjects in their respective school. These subjects are probably far more advanced than you think. Subjects such as working with raspberry pi, basic robotics, and so on are now usually being taught in many schools. So, if your kid doesn’t have his own laptop, it might hinder affect your child’s learning.

Aside from that, compare to the past, there’s just a huge amount of knowledge your kid can learn on the internet. Children can acquire beneficial hobbies that they will probably want to develop through the internet. And for sure, laptops can serve as testing out for certain new hobbies which include programming, drawing, photo and video editing, and many more.

Also, it is worth mentioning what we call “peers pressure” factor. See, if the majority of child’s friends have laptop, then not having one might discourage your kid to reach social rewards.

2. Are There Instances Where Getting A Laptop For Your Kid Is Bad?

No, because laptop comes with a lot of advantages especially in this digital era. You see, a laptop can be useful and functional for many years. On the flip side, it could be unwise to get your kid a laptop if he is still below 10 years old.

What you want to consider first is the social factor. If your child is the only one that has a laptop to use in his group, he will most likely lose his interest in the laptop sooner or later because there’s no shared social reward at all.

In addition, if you’re looking forward for your child to learn skills more than his or her grade, then you’re just pressuring your kid. For sure, the pressure must be compensated by a myriad of reward in return. This is not a good indication, especially in the long run.

Also, if you just want to get your kid a laptop for gaming purposes, then it’s wise not to get one for the meantime. Not unless, it could help him or her in developing his social interest like playing video games with his/her peers.

Closing Words

For the most part, getting a laptop for your 10 year old daughter or son in 2020 is certainly a crucial decision. Acquiring one can surely open many aspects for curiosity, social, and learning. On a side note, purchasing one can be a little bit confusing because of various factors, including the three factors we mentioned.

With that said, we hope that all the advice and tips in this review can aid you decide on what the ideal laptop for your 10 year old kid is. If you decide to get one, it’s wise to take care of it carefully so it could last for many years until your kid is ready for a new chapter.

How about you? Do you have any experience in getting laptop for your kids? Please kindly share your experience or feedback about our topic today. Hope to see you in another review!

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