Best Killabee Gaming Chair Reviews (Discount Price 2020)

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Killabee has constantly been seeking for methods to change the game of gaming chairs or at the very least put a little new development into the market.

In terms of gaming chairs, one thing that’s missing from the market is built-in massage features. While there are a number of gaming chairs that come with headrest pillows and lumbar pillows, there aren’t many of them that come with massage future for additional relaxation.

That’s why this brand of gaming chair was put on the market and gladly Killabee just discover a method to do it for very reasonable price.

Are Killabee Gaming Chairs Any Good

The Killabee brand is an invention for those who don’t only enjoy gaming but seek ultimate spiritual recovery and relaxation. Killabee gaming chairs are designed just like every other gaming chair out there. The only difference is that it comes with a massager in order to cure and relieve you from fatigue and stress after a long day of hard work or gaming.

On the side note, massage gaming chairs can absurdly overpriced and expensive. This is the reason why a number of people are shocked to find not only a gaming chair brand but also a massage chair for a very reasonable price. And that is the Killabee gaming chairs.

The motors utilized on these gaming chairs are well-placed and fit in to the chair’s comfort profile in a way that provides you vibration along most of the backboard. The gaming chair itself also utilizes top-notch memory foam just to keep the gaming chair from losing shape and deforming after long period of time.

The memory foam as well keeps the chair from deforming due to the stress it tends to receives from the haptic motors that are integrated within. In addition, the extra padding does tend to drown out some of the vibrations but it is still a very relaxing experience.

Best Killabee Gaming Chair Reviews

1. KILLABEE Reclining Memory Foam Racing Gaming Chair

This reclining gaming chair from Killabee comes in a striking black and red design. Same with the most top-notch gaming chairs, this chair has been engineered to provide maximum comfort and support.

The quality and size of this gaming chair make it ideal for almost any size and age of gamer. This chair is also wide enough to accommodate larger body types and its backrest is tall enough to cater taller users.

Furthermore, this gaming chair is nice for any kind of player and game, though it is highly recommended for racing gamers. Combine this chair with racing controller, and you’ll achieve a very immersive gaming experience.

And lastly, this gaming chair has a focus on mobility and durability. Its metal frame is durable and secure. It also swivels 360 degrees. Its backrest can also recline to 17 degrees. Aside from that, its lumbar pillow is completely adjustable. This gaming chair has adjustable height and footrest. Everything comes together to alight your spine and make sure that you’re sitting accordingly.

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2. KILLABEE Big And Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair Metal Base

This gaming chair has been designed with premium materials and outstanding design to offer you the ultimate comfort and luxury. Its adjustable armrests, seat height, swivel, and backrest angle, as well as its retractable padded footrest let you to perfectly tune the chair to your ergonomic needs. In addition to that, its nylon base provides great security and stability. Whether you’re relaxing, working, or gaming, this gaming chair will certainly take your experience to the next level.

Furthermore, this tall and big office chair is very comfortable thus it is ideal for working, studying, and gaming. Additionally it comes with adjustable components such as you can adjust its armrest and back pressure, height, and backrest tilt.

All in all, this chair is very safe to use because of its explosion-proof gas spring, premium duty gaming chair base, and integrated metal frame that comes with smooth-rolling castors. It can also accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds.

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What Features To Consider To Get The Right Killabee Gaming Chair For Your Needs

When purchasing a gaming chair, you must always check for certain factors including:

Casters and Swivel

For easy movement and turning the gaming chair, you must always consider gaming chairs that are incorporated with caster and swivel wheels. This will make the gaming chair’s movement much simpler whenever necessary. The caster wheels also make it smooth to move on the floor.

Weight Limit

It is also crucial to consider the load capacity of the gaming chair when making the purchase. The gaming chair must be able to support more weight of about 300 pounds and above. With this, your chair will be able to accommodate different sizes of users. The chair must also be multi-functional. It should be suitable for gaming, office, and other activities.


The gaming chair must also be very strong and stable. This can assure you of the best stability while working or playing. In addition, the gaming chair must be engineered using a quality metal frame which can keep it strong. An ideal gaming chair must also be covered using the best fabric or leather material out there. Also, you can check out for the size of the backrest and seat.


A good gaming chair must be easily adjusted to various heights. With such feature, you can always use the gaming chair ideally irrespective of the height. Furthermore, such version of gaming chair will be able to fit different users, which makes it ultimately convenient.

These are some of the primary things that you must consider when making a decision when selecting a Killabee Gaming Chair. Obviously, you must also check some minor considerations including color, stability, and price among others.

Essential Things You Need To Know About Killabee Gaming Chair Before Purchasing One

  1. For the most part, the most crucial feature of the Killabee gaming chairs are their electric massager built right into them, which is also powered up via USB so you can simply plug it directly into one of your PC’s USB port, lean back, and chill.
  2. Its recline locking system was engineered to let you lean back to up to 155 degrees and when the gaming chair is tilted back, its massager will still work so you can get a lumbar massage at and degree.
  3. Incorporated with memory foam padding that sits just underneath a PU leather outside material. Its memory foam will fit your certain shape and will return to original form once you stand up. The foam is very-resistant to deterioration and exceptionally soft.
  4. For tall and large-sized gamers, the backrest of Killabee gaming chair was made extra high so that the user’s neck and their spine can rest at ease while playing. In addition, the chair supports at a maximum weight of 350 lbs.
  5. And lastly, specific components of Killable Gaming Chairs are covered under a one year warranty if anything were to go wrong with the gaming chair.


​The Killabee brand is currently a powerhouse on the market as of the moment due to their gaming chairs being a massage chair and gaming chair at the same time.

With such amalgamation, you can lay back, relax, and massage the accumulated stress away while you’re playing, working, or resting. Killabee gaming chair’s seat width, armrest width, and each dimension of the gaming chair were all made for the utmost comfort of their consumers, whether they have big-built, small, short, or tall.

Overall, if you’re looking for a gaming chair that can provide top-notch comfort while playing or working then you can opt with Killabee gaming chairs.

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