Best Keypad Door Locks Reviews (How To Buy The Best In 2020)

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You’ve probably installed an advanced security system, yet you still use a carved slip of metal to get in to it. Pretty out-dated, right? However, with just a single upgrade to a keypad lock, you would be able to beef up your security business or your own home, and gain a much more significant convenience and comfort. And of course feel more secure.

Now, in this guide, we’ll take a look at the best keypad door locks that you can have in 2019.

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Top 5 Best Keypad Door Locks Reviews

1. Schlage BE365VCAM716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Schlage door hardware provides a convenient way to improve the style of a home, make it smarter, and make sure it’s always safe. Schalge is trusted in over 40 million houses, they make stylish, sophisticated products that bring the potential of every door in your house to life. In short, Schlage opens a lot more than just doors.

You can now say goodbye to your lost plain forgotten keys because of easy-to-install Schlage keypad door locks. In addition to that, their variety of electronic style and finish options pair effortlessly with their most popular trim styles, making users to easily tie together the ideal style inside and out.

According to a verified user, the installation was easy. This keypad lock comes with two bolt length options. He added that the most significant change to their old lock was the wire that feeds from their front keypad to the rear panel. He said that it was incredibly fiddly when you consider that the sprung fastened cap was only around 0.08” in diameter. But with Schlage keypad door lock, it was a simple plastic plug that you just need to press in and it snaps into place.

Moreover, the same user said that he really like that the deadbolts of this keypad lock which uses a clutch to engage the handle. You simply use its keypad to engage the clutch that lets the deadbolt work. Then after a couple of seconds, the clutch will automatically disengage and the latch spins freely.

However, the only issue you might have with Schlage keypad door lock is that the deadbolt is not the easiest to grip and pull strongly, particularly while twisting at the same time.

See more information on Schlage BE365VCAM716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt.

  • Good to use on interior and exterior doors
  • Super easy programmable codes
  • Knob and deadbolt are all in one
  • Grade two higher residential security rating
  • Lights up when you hit it
  • Customizable to fit your security needs

2. Kwikset 99140-003 914 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic UL Deadbolt

The SmartCode keypad door lock is incorporated with Home Connect technology that makes the lock to wirelessly communicate with your other devices in your house. The lock enables user to remotely check the door lock status, unlock or lock the door and receive notifications. SmartCode is a one-touch locking motorized deadbolt. Using your personalized code, you can enter your house with the convenience of keyless access and the back-lit keypad gives increased visibility. In addition to that, Kwikset 99140-003914Z deadbolt is easy to install, program and use. It also features SmartKey Security as the back-up keyway, and operates on 4 AA batteries.

According to a verified purchaser, the installation was quite straightforward. The instructions that come with it have almost no words but pictures only, and it was enough! The only detour he found was on re-keying the lock to his existing Kwikset keys since there are two small holes where the little key will fit and only one is the correct one.

He also added that the SmartThings app on his phone can really unlock and lock the door. The app can also tell the user when it was unlocked and locked, what code was used, and if the lock was electronically or manually actuated.

See more information on Kwikset 99140-003 914 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic UL Deadbolt.

  • Nice design
  • Good battery life
  • Highly reliable
  • Highly programmable
  • Works with Alexa for voice control
  • Easily installs in minutes with just a screwdriver

3. Advantage Schlage BE365PLY716

The Schlage BE365PLY616 BE365 keypad deadbolt gives extra convenience to functionality with its keyless option while keeping the integrity of a keyed deadbolt for versatility. This keypad lock is battery operated for easy installation. It is the ideal addition for both interior and exterior applications where security is crucial. Moreover, it is great for garage entry doors, back doors, side and frond doors, and many more.

According to a verified purchaser, the installation of Advantage Schlage Plymouth keypad lock was quite easy. They have an older home with a wooden door of unknown age. The same user was concerned that the installation could prove tricky but actually it only took him for about 10 minutes only and was a cinch. One thing he did while installing the lock was to put a little bit of thread locker onto the ends of the bolts that run through his door and hold together the inner and outer halves of the lock.

Another legit reviewer described the lock as heavy and seems well constructed. They’ve used it for about 3 months already but they didn’t found any issues at all. He haven’t even had to change the batteries, nevertheless even changing the batteries seems easy since it is just a matter of removing two screws holding the back-plate on the inside of the door. He added how the backlit keypad is a nice integrated feature and the aged bronzed matched their existing door hardware very well.

See more information on Advantage Schlage BE365PLY716.

  • Stores up to 19 individualized user codes at a time
  • Battery operated
  • No running wires
  • Button illuminates when pressed
  • Customizable to fit security needs
  • Easy installation
  • No programming required
  • Provides the convenience of keyless access

4. Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad

This Kwikset electronic deadbolt offers the ultimate in keyless access convenience with up to 6 individual customized user codes. It’s an ideal fit for an active lifestyle so that users won’t worry about losing or carrying their keys. Moreover, you can also provide a temporary use codes for entry to visitors or service personnel.

Based on the statement of a verified purchaser, once this keypad door lock is installed and programmed, it becomes a wonderful unit. The installation was straightforward and simple. The programming was pretty simple but for one issue, you should hold the reset button until you hear 3 beeps. The rest of the programming works as outlined, and their suggested order works fine. Just remember to write down your user codes, and your new programming code. There’s a place to do this on the inside of its battery cover. Also, users must remember that a red light on the Kwikset button implies that program didn’t work – and green light means good.

However, the same user mentioned how the battery compartment is hard to open. Users must use a flat screw driver to force it open since hands won’t do. They also added how the four AAA battery is very easy to shake up and become loose when closing the door.

See more information on Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad.

  • Easy installation
  • Excellent security features
  • Everything is programmable
  • You can add up to 6 permanent user codes
  • Comes with an adjustable latch to fit all standard door preparations
  • Motorized driven deadbolt
  • Affordable

5. HAIFUAN Right Hand Digital Keypad Door Lock

A verified user emphasized how satisfied he is on HAIFUAN keypad door lock. According to him, it’s very stout, and it has an ability to have digital codes of up to 13 digits where the correct number in the correct sequence should be inputted. Aside from that, it allows up to 9 users with different codes. It is very straightforward and easy in terms of changing the codes.

Another user complimented this keypad door lock and said that it was a pretty good setup. Though he found it odd that the battery compartment has a method of attaching to the unit and they key is not readily copyable. As for the battery piece, he rigged it up to his liking by placing a screw in the door under the battery holder and removing the pin that is supposed to hold it still. Nonetheless, he highlighted how easy it is to install and operate.

He also added how HAIFUAN’s lock body is very solid and its buttons respond accordingly well. In addition to that, its buttons do not lose the numbers to wear like any other brands. He also noted that it does have hidden bypass key opening but the key is a shape that he have never seen before and neither would any bad guys.

The battery life also seems good according to him. He only had to replace the batteries twice in 18 months and they use the lock probably an average of 20 times a day. Moreover it has a low battery alert that you can’t miss.

See more information on HAIFUAN Right Hand Digital Keypad Door Lock.

  • Keyless entry providing enhanced security and convenience
  • No wiring required
  • Comes with a video guide
  • Operates outdoor and indoor
  • Good battery life
  • Integrated with alarm when battery becomes low
  • Comes with two emergency override keys
  • Affordable

How Keypad Door Lock Works

Keypad door lock is an electronic lock that utilizes electricity to mechanically turn a locking device. It needs a numerical passcode before any user can gain entry. It can be integrated in many types of doors. They offer so much convenience for private areas such as homes and businesses for extra security.

Most of keypad door locks operate on battery power. Its installation is relatively easy since there’s no need for additional wiring. They come with backup keys just in case they malfunction.

When buying, you can pick a keypad door lock that comes with a backlight and is weather resistant so it can be used during nights. Prospects can pick their own passcode, and depending on the keypad door lock that you purchase, the code can be as long as ten digits from four.

You can also pick from different designs to suit the decor of your house, and pick a deadbolt keypad or door handle. In fact, there are some companies that offer an aesthetic design of a touch screen rather than a push-button keypad. Moreover, you have the option of remote unlocking so you won’t get up just to answer the door when guests arrive.

In addition to that, this kind of sophisticated lock gives an added element of security since you can still get inside your house even if you lose the keys while strictly preventing intruders. There are also options that come with built-in alarms to impede intruders.

Due to a vast range of options to pick from that are rather affordable, prospects can add a keypad door lock to all entrances of the user’s house, and even utilize them on certain rooms to keep your silly children.

Keypad door locks improve privacy, security, and ultimately peace of mind.

Keypad Door Locks Buying Guide


Before jumping headfirst into purchasing your first or second keypad door lock, make sure you take some time to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of this sophisticated tools in order to determine if it’s the right pick for your needs.

Now, when you have started compatibility with your door, make sure to take a look at keypad door locks’ pros and cons. And of course, the most typical advantage of a keypad door lock is the convenience of keyless access. This feature, get rids of the need to keep a spare key outside of your house, and ultimately prevents the user from getting locked out of his own house, if keys were forgotten inside.

One prominent advantage of this innovative tool is that you don’t need to worry about losing your keys when you’re away from the house. For instance, your children frequently lose things when they’re out with their buddies, they’ll still be able to access inside your house when they return home, provided they know the code.

The last advantage is that you can permit your friends to enter your house. For instance, you’re on a vacation and need someone to check on your home while you’re away, you don’t need to remember to leave them a key because a quick phone call with the code can do the thing. And of course, simply change the code after your return if you’re in doubt.


For all we know, with advantages come also the disadvantages. Thus if someone sees you entering the code, they could potentially enter your house. So you might want to take precautions in order to protect your access code. Pick a password that you can easily remember but at the same time, not one that is easy to guess.

Now the second disadvantage is about the price since keyless door locks are usually pricier than the average lock systems. Also, most locksmiths can quickly install a keyless door lock for no extra charge cost at all, provided that extra wiring is not required.

And the last disadvantage is that these locks must be maintained for a certain amount. Often, the issues are codes need to be changed, batteries need to be replaced, and numbers wear off of the push button systems.

Nonetheless, if you highly regard added security, versatility, and convenience then a keypad door lock is the right tool for your needs.

What To Look In A Keypad Door Lock

Ways Of Access

Most keypad locks support access by inputting a code; however that’s not the only option you must consider. People forget or lose their passwords, and writing them down could lead to regret. And that’s the reason why a lot of modern keypad locks still have conventional keyholes.

In addition to that, fingerprint identification technology is also now in use since it is faster than typing your password, and when it works correctly it bumps the lock’s security up greatly. Fortunately, this technology isn’t all that pricey anymore so it’s better to consider investing in a keypad door lock that has this feature.

The Keypad

Since it’s your main way of communicating with your keypad door lock, you must make sure that the keypad is up to the task. Whether touch or physical-operated, the keys have to be clearly visible in order to be pressed comfortably. In addition to that, lighting is required when you are entering after dark. Also, the keys should be robust enough to take many years of wear without turning into a mess.

Extra Security Features

An 8-digit PIN is not good enough if someone who’s observing you can figure it out immediately. In fact, even cheaper locks such as the YL 99 have ways of fooling bad guys, so make sure you go for a lock that either has the option of making the combination you’re inputting more difficult to discern, or one that can sneak your real code into a larger stream of numbers.


There are people who tend to forget to lock their own door using a physical key. That’s why there’s a feature called autolock. This feature allows users to switch between free passage when higher traffic is expected, and restricted entry whenever required. Make sure to find out how long it will take for an autolock to activate, and choose a model that’s reasonably fast about it.

User Management

If you have many people that can access your lock, then the security can be compromised eventually. And that’s the reason why it’s required for your lock to have a number of user levels, and an audit trail especially if it’s being used in a business environment. But even for home use, it’s actually a better idea to get a lock that can activate temporary codes so you can easily disable them once they’re of no use anymore.

Weatherproofing And Power

A lot of keypad door locks carry their own power source by means of a battery so that they won’t promptly shut down when power outage occurs. However, batteries will cease working after a certain time; ultimately it can become a serious issue if your lock is keyless. That’s why every battery-powered keypad door lock must have an auditory indicator or clear visual that the batteries are running out.

On the other hand, weather resistance is a primary bonus in keypad door locks especially if your area is prone to rainfall, snow, or dust. Nonetheless, remember that some models must not be set up in direct sunlight even if this feature is incorporated with your keypad lock. It’s better to take precaution first than sorry later, and waste your hard-earned money.


Selecting a keypad door lock is not always about choosing the most secure option out there and simply tacking it in your front door.

In fact, there are plenty of other factors that you should consider such as the way you interact with it, and of course the price of the lock. Nevertheless, when all factors are being considered, try to make sure that you adequately weigh the security and safety of your house. This can certainly help you pick the best keypad door lock for your home, without forsaking security.

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