Best Cheap Mens Watches Review (Discount Price 2020)

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In the recent years, wristwatches are becoming underappreciated especially with the continuing rise and evolution of mobile phones and other portable devices. Most, if not all, of these devices already has a digital or analog watch as one of its basic features. So some would even ask, “why would I need a wristwatch?” With those reasons, no matter how the technology evolves, a watch is still a great investment and accessory for men.

If you are asking the similar question, here are some good reasons why you need to wear a watch (Source). With those reasons, no matter how the technology evolves, a watch is still a great investment and accessory for men.

5 Reasons To Wear A Watch

  1. A watch can make you look more mature and improves your style.
  2. Watches are the easiest and best accessory to wear for men.
  3. A watch is a versatile investment.
  4. A watch keeps you from getting fixated on your phone screen.
  5. A watch reminds you to keep your priorities in order.

If you want to start investing on one but don’t really have that much budget, well you don’t have to worry. You can start with affordable ones. You might be surprised that with less than 100 dollars, you can actually buy a good watch that’s would also look elegant and will not easily break.

We listed and reviewed the five best men’s watches for you that cost no more than a hundred dollars. Our top pick, the Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Gold Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch.

Tips On Buying A Quality Watch

Buying a watch may appear pretty simple. However, once you realize that there are lots of styles and brands to choose from, you might be overwhelmed. You might even be confused as to why some watches that look pretty much the same cost differently.

Before you go on buying a watch, here are five tips to make sure that you buy a quality watch.

  1. Educate yourself on classic watch styles.
  2. Understand the true value of a watch.
  3. Know the reputation of the manufacturer and the dealer, as well as the warranty they offer.
  4. Know the economics of watch pricing.
  5. Enjoy the watch that you bought.

Five Watch Styles For Men

As you might have realized, even from just the list of five watches, there are already many different types and styles to choose from. We would need a separate article to discuss those thoroughly. But if you really want to learn that much, you may read a full discussion here.

Anyway, to help you choose, we have simplified them and so here are the five watch styles that men should know – Dress, Field, Aviator, Dive, and Racing Watches.

  1. Dress Watches

Dress watches are perfect compliments of a business suit or formal wear. Primarily, they are for style, and to make you look good and established. This type of watches doesn’t specialize in timekeeping and as such, most of them don’t even have second hands.

A dress watch should have a balance of elegance and simplicity. They shouldn’t be too large nor too flashy so as not to draw too much attention on itself. It should also be thin enough to slip in and out of a dress shirt cuff seamlessly.

  1. Field Watches

A good field watch is rugged yet durable. It should be as tough as its wearer so as not to break during combats or missions.

A field watch is also easily readable even in extreme conditions. The bands would usually be made of canvas or leather so that you can easily swap one with another once damaged. Metal bands may seem more durable but they can easily be scratched and more expensive to replace.

  1. Aviator Watches

Unlike the previous two styles, aviator watches are not easily distinguishable from afar. Originally, the watches that pilots wear were field watches. Later on, it was acknowledge that pilots have a different set of features that they need from a watch so aviator watches became a separate category.

Aviator watches should have luminous numerals so that it’s easy to read time even under deem light. They also have chronograph since timekeeping is particularly critical for pilots.

  1. Dive Watches

From the term itself, you’d know that the first requirement of dive watches is water resistance. The case and band material must also be corrosion resistant. Also, the band must be longer than usual so the bulky dive equipment would fit.

Lastly, accuracy is also of importance for divers to make sure that they won’t stay underwater beneath they supply of air that they have.

  1. Racing Watches

Racing watches are not very similar with one another, unlike the dress watches. This style is usually flashier and comes in more unusual color. Also, the two important features of racing watches are chronograph and tachymeter.

A chronograph is a watch with a separate stopwatch function while a tachymeter is a type of bezel used to make time and distance calculations. Evidently, these two features are critical since racers value each split second.

How To Care For Your Watch

As mentioned above, a watch is an investment. So, here are some reminders on how to care for your watch:

  1. Never clean the inside of your watch; doing so may damage the mechanism and the movement.
  2. The outside of the watch may be cleaned using water, little mild liquid dishwasher soap and a soft-bristle toothbrush. Just make sure that your watch is water resistant to at least 50 meters.
  3. Cleaning the watch band depends on the material; regardless, make sure to detach the band from the watch case first to make sure that you won’t damage the internal mechanical parts of the watch.
  4. If your watch features mechanical movement, wear it every few days to ensure that its mainspring stays tightly wound.
  5. Have you mechanical watch serviced every 3-5 years.
  6. For a quartz watch, replace the battery once it dies. 


There are many different watches to choose from – various styles, materials, movements, brands, and of course, prices. If you’re not careful, you might end up buying a watch that’s not suitable to your style or need, or spending an amount that’s too much than the watch offers.

So, we hope that this post has been very informative for you, and was able to equip you as you buy an affordable watch.

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